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Daily Dose: Prevention with Plants

By 1 month ago

By Sharon Letts It’s easy to say, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” to bolster your immune system. But, what if most of the produce we eat is tainted, genetically modified, or grown in soil laden with toxins and water with an equally damaging profile? More than 25 years after the groundbreaking film Erin Brokovich was […]

Dear Mary Jane

By 2 months ago

Dear Mary Jane: According to my old friend Wayne Newton, Halloween is your favorite holiday. Is this true? It seems a little strange to enjoy such a scary holiday, doesn’t it? While I personally favor Arbor Day (trees are cool), I enjoy learning about the habits and beliefs of others, no matter how strange they […]

THC or CBD?  Which One is Best? 

By 2 months ago

By: Christine Watkins  Both THC and CBD are natural compounds, found in a natural plant, that produces a natural chemical, that our own bodies mimic naturally!  When compounds like CBD and THC are introduced into our system, our own endocannabinoid system replicates it and begins producing more healthy cells, all on its own. “The endocannabinoid […]

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