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By 2 weeks ago

A Penny Dreadful  By: Ed Note  A true horror story begins with some earth shattering and totally unexplainable event.  From there, some unknown force or entity takes over the populous and somehow only a handful of ‘survivors’ see the truth that the people have been hypnotized and manipulated subliminally through hype, fear, and sensationalism.  Now […]

10 Ways Cannabis Contributes to Women’s Health

By 2 weeks ago

By: Veronica Castillo With legalization of hemp at the federal level and state level legalization sweeping the nation, Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted. Cannabis is also becoming popular on the topics of health and wellness. It’s definitely a topic of discussion amongst women and women’s health. Recently, I read a piece published in […]

Finding Economical Vape Deals | A Comprehensive Guide 

By 2 weeks ago

Whether you are purchasing a vape or anything else, your first and foremost consideration is usually the affordability. You fancy great value for money, and that is what makes the selection challenging, especially when you have no insight into the industry. Researching from scratch will be backbreaking, even more so when you are new in […]

Daily Dose: Apple Cider Vinegar Infusions

By 2 months ago

By Sharon Letts Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a good base for salad dressings and preserving and pickling foods, but it’s also an age-old remedy previously used by our grandmothers and their grandmothers before us for hundreds of years for prevention and maintaining good health.  ACV aids in homeostasis, helping to build the immune system, […]

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