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Art & Music in Nevada

By 3 weeks ago

John Benko Benko Art Gallery John Benko is a contemporary artist who lives and works in South Lake Tahoe.  His work can be identified by his use of colorful backgrounds overlaid with highly stylized tight line work.  John was classically trained in art school at Kent State University in Ohio and then went on to […]

Bringing Hemp to the Musical Mainstream

By 3 weeks ago

By Stephanie Shehan        Photos By Backstage Flash   Morris Beegle & Silver Mountain Hemp Raised on a farm in Colorado, Morris Beegle tried cannabis recreationally as a teen.  Fast forward to 2001 when Beegle endured back surgery to correct a herniated disk in his back and was given a multitude of prescriptions […]

Mixing Mediums: Where Cannabis and Art Collide

By 3 weeks ago

By: Jordan Lams   Close your eyes and envision art. What do you see? From oil paintings to sculptures to music and dance, humans love to create. That’s why Moxie thought it would be excellent to meet cannabis and art right at their intersection: the heart of community.  Recently, cannabis brand Moxie set out on […]

The Harvest Foundation Las Vegas – Cannabis, Music, Activism

By 3 weeks ago

By: Veronica Castillo   “Our entire staff is made up of black people and other minorities, and not that we wish to segregate ourselves, we just hope to provide an example and business model as well as dispel any stereotypes about the ability of black people to operate and thrive in a legal cannabis industry.” […]

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