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Nevada Hemp: An Interview with Susan Harris of CBD of NV

By 3 days ago

Hemp is a rapidly being grown in areas throughout Nevada.  This month we had the chance to sit down with Susan Harris from CBD of NV to find out what led her to the hemp industry and the obstacles she has encountered along the way. VEGAS CANNABIS MAGAZINE: Are you originally from Las Vegas?  What […]

Kyler Nipper is Not Your Average 14 Year Old

By 3 days ago

Kyler Nipper is not your average 14 year old.  Compassionate, caring, hard-working, yes. But average, not at all.   Just a few years back while living in Colorado, Kyler showed up at school and was met with his worst nightmare.  Having been bullied by fellow middle-school students over his worn-out shoes, one of the bullies attacked […]

Daily Dose: Prevention with Plants

By 1 month ago

By Sharon Letts It’s easy to say, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” to bolster your immune system. But, what if most of the produce we eat is tainted, genetically modified, or grown in soil laden with toxins and water with an equally damaging profile? More than 25 years after the groundbreaking film Erin Brokovich was […]

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