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This month, we spotlight local artist Dan Hernandez to find out why he became an artist, what type of art he specializes in and the reasons he supports medical cannabis.

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This month, we spotlight local artist Dan Hernandez to find out why he became an artist, what type of art he specializes in and the reasons he supports medical cannabis.

VEGAS CANNABIS: What led you to become an artist?

DAN 45: I’ve been interested in art my whole life and I’ve always drawn or created stuff for as long as I can remember. I also love the process of thinking up an idea and watching as it forms, from just a thought to a physical object. I love that anyone can do art and you can do it on your own. Your progression is solely based on you.

VCM: What type of art do you specialize in?

DAN 45: I generally like making things out of wood. Such as turning my 2D drawings into 3D pieces of art, custom furniture, or custom boomboxes.

VCM: How would you describe your art?

DAN 45: I’m heavily influenced by comics, cartoons, my childhood in the 80’s, graffiti, pop art, pizza, Star Wars and bright colors. I’d say that my artwork is a reflection of my love for all those things. I try to make my artwork fun and lighthearted. I always hope my art will conjure up memories of the viewers youth and bring a smile to their face.

VCM: Do you have a studio or gallery here locally?

DAN 45: I have a studio at home. I do all my work there and sell items online through

VCM: What is your favorite thing about the Vegas art community/scene?

DAN 45: I love that in a city this size I can go to a gallery showing or an art event and see tons of artist and people I know. I think it’s a great feeling.

VCM: Do you consume cannabis?

DAN 45: Actually I do not. I have been involved in the straight edge (means I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs) scene since I was 14, I’m now 39. I do support the use of cannabis 100%. Which some people find weird but I’ve seen the effects of cannabis on friends and loved ones. I have seen the benefits and how much it has helped with pain, depression, migraines, and so many other things. In my personal life it has helped my wife. She was in a pretty bad car accident about 11 years ago and she has chronic back pain and headaches. The pain doctors prescribed her lortabs and other pills for years which made her cold and emotionless. She became a whole different person. Eventually she was able to switch to medical cannabis and get off the pills. This has helped her to become the person she used to be and helped give her a better way of life. I have tons of stories like this. It’s just further proof of how much cannabis can do.

VCM: Any inspiring words for our readers or recommendations for young people trying to break into the art scene?

DAN 45: Doing art full time requires a LOT of work but the benefits of working for yourself and being able to create new things daily is so worth it. All I can say is don’t give up, keep progressing and keep creating what you love. Submerge yourself in art. Become active in the art community. Meet people. See as much art as you can. Do as much art as you can.

VCM: Any Final Thoughts?

DAN 45: I’m always open for commission work and Cult33 (YouKilledMeFirst, ThereSheIs, SNIPT, and Dan45) is always open to doing events. Be sure to check out my zine Social Coma and my band Unfair Fight. Thank You!
>>>> >>>> Instagram: @xdan45x


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