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Many of the potent parts of the very things you think just smell good may ultimately hold some very real help for what ails you

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There are so many different, amazing and beautiful flowers in the world. Roses, are my favorite, how about you? Many of the potent parts of the very things you think just smell good may ultimately hold some very real help for what ails you.

Geranium flowers, when turned into essential oils, promote great skin, nails and hair and have been used in the perfume industry for centuries.

Ylang Ylang flowers have also been used for centuries in perfumes, religious ceremonies, aromatherapy and wedding events. Ylang Ylang supports a healthy circulatory system and according to the Mercola website, has been known to help to fight infections in the gut and urinary tract, has been used as an antidepressant, will speed up wound healing, can support hair growth, can help the body with supporting healthy blood pressure levels, and may even be helpful to some for fighting insomnia and restless sleeping.

Roses are some of my favorite flowers, as I mentioned before. They just smell so amazing and take me back to my grandmother’s garden. Roses over the years have been heavily farmed for perfumes as well as for helping promote beautiful skin. In a recent PubMed study, Rose essential oil reportedly showed a significant impact on people in regards to less anxiety, less depression, more calm feelings and lower rates of blood pressure, breathing and pulse rates.

The clove bud flower could possibly be one of the most special flowers of all. This potently packed little bud when distilled has been seen in the science communities as one of the highest in antioxidant and also antimicrobial properties. Antioxidant compounds are important for treating memory deficits due to oxidative stress, and have been shown to help to revert memory and learning deficits. This study shows both short term and long term memory issue improvements utilizing clove essential oil. It also includes cloves’ amazing antimicrobial properties and how they work on things like eColi and other microbes in our midst.

Some interesting factoids: It takes approximately 220 pounds of lavender flowers to make one pound of essential oil. Rose, jasmine, helichrysum, ylang ylang and clove essential oils are all extracted from the flower/petal part of the plant. The rediscovery of essential oils involved an accident in which chemically burned hands were plunged into a bucket of lavender essential oil. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist who worked in his family’s perfume business, is considered the “Father of Aromatherapy” and had sustained severe burns in a chemical fire. He decided to test out the reputed pain-relieving properties of lavender oil on his burns. To his surprise, he found that the lavender oil not only relieved his pain, but also helped heal his wounds without scars or infection. If you don’t believe the father of aromatherapy, believe me, I have used lavender oil many, many times when I am in the kitchen – love how it loves my skin back to natural health!

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