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Peppermint is one of natures natural cures for many different ailments.

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Where would we be without Peppermint and Peppermint Oil? This hearty little plant has been around for thousands of years, being used for everything from tea, gum and food & drug products, to hair treatments and muscle aches. Pure peppermint oil has also been known to be highly antiseptic in nature.

But did you know, peppermint is also known to be a mood lifter?  One way to get a little peppermint into your life is by adding a few drops to an oil diffuser. It really helps the overall mood in the house. It relaxes nerves and it feels refreshing.

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are an ideal way to support the body naturally to get you through life’s ups and downs. So remember, if the oils are not pure, the extra chemicals that make up a bottle could give you very adverse effect and feelings. Be very careful when choosing essential oils for inhalation use. Babies, or children and people with compromised immune systems can be especially sensitive to these harmful toxins.

Peppermint in its’ purest form, has been studied over and over again by scientists, publishing their studies on PubMed. Studies include: the effects that peppermint has on exercise performance (; on hair growth (; on virus’ (; for headaches (; and the list goes on and on. Peppermint was found in all of these studies to have helped support the body naturally in every situation. As you can see, peppermint is such an amazing oil to have in your arsenal at home.

Many people have been known to use peppermint for nausea, and stomach and digestive issues. If you’ve ever used a little mint tea after dinner to help with the digestion process, you understand what I am talking about. This is one potent plant! A little goes a long way. Medicinally, pure therapeutic grade peppermint oil has been utilized in many over-the-counter digestive helpers.

The uses for pure peppermint are vast, but it’s an oil that should definitely be included in your homeopathic tool kit. Put a few drops into a spray bottle and fill the rest with water.  This method is great to spray on the back of your neck when you’re hot. Put a couple drops in a roller ball and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil to use for a little peppermint under a stuffy nose or roll across the forehead to help the body naturally bring down a fever.

Let’s not forget that peppermint is also great to use in cooking. Try peppermint tea, peppermint chocolate brownies, a drop of peppermint and basil in lemonade or peppermint ice cream. Make your own mint lip balm, drop some peppermint in your hair conditioner or drop a little into your next foot spa.    

Hopefully I have given you some ideas for peppermint use in your home. Have a happy and safe Independence Day and give thanks to the brave that keep us free.

By Shelly Berkowitz, Reflexologist & Holistic Health Counselor

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