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A breakdown of what Rosin is and why BaM thinks it is the future of solvent free concentrates.

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What is Rosin and is it better than other concentrates?

Admit it.  If you could get a quicker and longer-lasting high that offers stronger pain relief, you’d go for it, right? But what if it came with traces of chemicals that could potentially be harmful. Would it be worth it?

That’s the conundrum with most forms of marijuana concentrates. They’re made using processes that involve chemical solvents, and these chemical solvents contain compounds that are at best unnatural, and can be potentially harmful in high concentrations.

One of the exceptions is a relatively new type of concentrate called rosin, which is made using only heat and pressure.  The result is a pure, high-potency concentrate with absolutely no chemical solvents or additives.

Let’s back up and talk about the science involved. An extract is made from the leaves, flowers or stems of the cannabis plant. Something has to be used to extract the benefit-giving essence of the plant from its plant matter. Usually, that something is a solvent. The most common one is probably butane, which is used as a solvent to strip the plant material of its benefits. These extracts are called BHO or (Butane Hash Oil). Potentially, some chemical residue can remain in BHO and other solvent extracts. Carbon dioxide, propane, hexane and alcohol are other common solvents used in the extraction process.

Cannabis extracts have a variety of physical forms, from a brittle slab to a dry wax-like crumble, but all of them are highly potent and concentrated forms of marijuana. Extract consumption usually involves heating a small amount of the extract until it vaporizes and then inhaling the potent vapors. With solvent extraction, the user can potentially inhale some of the chemicals used in production.

Rosin is different. The name is derived from the word “rosin,” the substance that’s extracted from pine trees and other natural plants.  Rosin is produced by compressing marijuana between hot metal plates. Because only heat and pressure are used, the resulting extract is entirely solventless. It offers a potent, long-lasting effect that is clean and flavorful. It is also free of the carcinogens associated with the flowers, leaves and stems of the plant itself and of the chemical solvents used to produce other extracts. It is therefore much healthier and safer to consume.

Of course, like everything in the marijuana world, there are several types of rosin. The three main types are Flower Rosin, Dry Sift Rosin and Ice Wax or Hash. Each type has specific characteristics and corresponding benefits so the choice depends on the needs and objectives of the consumer. However, all types of Rosin share the attributes of being chemical-free, potent and flavorful, while being very easy, safe and pleasant to consume.

As marijuana use laws have expanded and relaxed over the past several years, rosin has become commercially available to more and more consumers.  Nevada recently legalized medical marijuana. The market quickly became flooded with concentrates, but perhaps the most popular concentrate available is Body and Mind (BaM) Rosin.  BaM, a provider of small-batch, award-winning medical marijuana strains, uses this unique heat and pressure process to extract pure, high-quality rosin in large quantities. Not only were they the first supplier of rosin in Nevada, but BaM remains the largest and most consistent producer of the solvent free concentrate.

Don Decatur, BaM’s Director of Product Development, has this to say about rosin, “Our new 100% solvent free Tangerine Power Rosin just received one of the highest THC test results in the state of Nevada! It’s made using ice water extracted trichomes and is one of the most clean and potent extracts we have ever seen. We are extremely proud of this product so far and it will only get better as we refine our processes. NV MMJ patients finally have a no solvent option for their beloved concentrates and we couldn’t be more excited!”

Whether you choose to dab, vape or smoke, you owe it to yourself to try rosin next time you use an extract.

By: Annie Sliman and Don Decatur



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