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With a history grounded in the farm, the lab and the kitchen, Deep Roots Harvest is committed to delivering Nevada customers the highest-quality cannabis products. The company is also committed to working with nonprofit organizations in each area it serves on issues of importance to the local community. Their deep passion for the plant and […]

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With a history grounded in the farm, the lab and the kitchen, Deep Roots Harvest is committed to delivering Nevada customers the highest-quality cannabis products. The company is also committed to working with nonprofit organizations in each area it serves on issues of importance to the local community. Their deep passion for the plant and a deep commitment to Nevada is second to none.  I recently sat down with Chief Operating Officer Jon Marshall to find out how the recent expansion is going and what we can expect from them in the near future.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: When did Deep Roots receive their initial licensing here in Nevada?  

JON MARSHALL: We applied for the first licensing round in 2014 and we opened our business in 2016 after building out our cultivation facility. Deep Roots Harvest is a vertically integrated company, meaning we have full “seed to sale” licensing, which includes a distribution license. So we have dispensary, cultivation and production capabilities. 

SS: The first store opened was in Mesquite, why Mesquite and is that where your cultivation is located? 

JM: Yes, our corporate headquarters, cultivation, extraction, kitchen facilities as well as our first dispensary are all located in Mesquite. We have additional stores in Wendover, Las Vegas, and Reno.

Our initial focus was to build out our cultivation license. We started looking at the requirements for a cultivation facility and during the process, we were fortunate to get turned on to a great piece of real estate with two existing, vacant 40,000 square foot warehouses available in Mesquite that would allow us to scale up over time. We put our first investment dollars to work in the grow operations, and once that project was completed we opened our store and production at the same location shortly after. Since then, we have added a lot of additional infrastructure and moved our store into the second warehouse allowing us to quadruple its size. Cultivating in Mesquite is really no different than anywhere else since it is all indoor and climate controlled. The City of Mesquite has been very supportive of the company and has allowed us to continue expanding on our site. 

SS: When did you launch your stores in West Wondover, Las Vegas and Reno? 

JM: Following the opening of our Mesquite store in 2017, we received a second dispensary license in West Wendover and opened that store in December of 2019. In 2018 we applied and won five additional licenses in the Vegas and Reno areas. Our North Las Vegas store opened in May of 2021, followed shortly after by our Reno store that opened in July. We opened our southernmost Las Vegas license on Blue Diamond Road in December of 2021 and our City of Las Vegas store opened on April 20th this year. We still have one additional store that is in the planning process and is located in Henderson. We’re hoping to get that one opened late this year or early 2023. 

SS: How has the industry changed since opening the first Deep Roots location? 

JM: The entire industry has continued to mature by leaps and bounds. Testing standards and consistency with regard to potency in products has continued to evolve and overall product quality is really top notch today. Branding and packaging have also advanced since the early days and graphics are much cleaner and more professional. Inside the stores, both the customer and our staff have become much more educated about the products. The in-store conversations about cannabis, whether for a first timer or a seasoned pro, have become much more in depth, and people have a better idea of what they want and need. After having served customers for a while now, our staff are even better equipped to provide recommendations for consumers than they could a few years ago. 

SS: Your largest dispensary is opening soon, tell me about that.  

JM: Our latest store is located in the City of Las Vegas just east of the popular community of Summerlin. We had a soft opening on April 20th and our Grand Opening is scheduled for May 18th. This new City of Las Vegas store is our flagship in Southern Nevada and is located at the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard, slightly more than a mile from the US-95 and Cheyenne interchange. The standalone dispensary is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and boasts nearly 8,400 square feet of retail space. The store is expected to employ as many as 40 new employees once fully staffed and is a testament to our community commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Cheyenne store Grand Opening event will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony, a tour of the new facility, and pop ups featuring our in-house Deep Roots Harvest brands from the farm, kitchen and lab operations as well as vendors from around the state. Deep Roots Harvest leadership and local officials will be in attendance, including Ken Evans, president of the Urban Chamber of Commerce of Las Vegas.

SS: What discounts and/or rewards programs do your stores offer?  

JM: Deep Roots Harvest offers a lot of everyday deals including discounts for medical patients, veterans, and industry discounts at 15% off with valid ID. We also offer discounts to customers when they sign up for our rewards program and for first-time shoppers. Customers can earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for a variety of cannabis and non-cannabis merchandise and products. Additionally, we feature a Deep Roots Harvest brand each month with steep discounts highlighting those products, and we constantly run random daily deals like buy one, get one free offers and category-specific sales like Wax Wednesday. We also work with our other vendors to run specials and promotions periodically throughout the month and those sales are usually accompanied by a popup or vendor-sponsored booth in stores. 

SS: What are your hopes for the industry moving forward? 

JM: Deep Roots is active in the Nevada Cannabis Association and we enjoy working with other industry partners and the Cannabis Compliance Board to advocate for improved patient and customer access, help to create best practices for existing and new operators, and improved quality and transparency of products for end users. We advocate for responsible regulation that creates beneficial tax revenue for the State while pushing to streamline regulations and oversight so the industry isn’t suffocated with overregulation. We are also supportive of reduced penalties for minor cannabis offenses and expungement of cannabis convictions for past cannabis convictions. 

SS: How can readers follow you online and/or on social media? 

JM: Our website is and our Instagram and Facebook @deeprootsharvestnv



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