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By: Stephanie Shehan Cohen Medical Centers Web:           Phone: 702-564-6420 IG: cmcnvlv        FB: Cohen Medical Centers Nevada Cohen Medical Centers has been in business for twelve years.  The business was established in Colorado in 2009 and then expanded to Nevada in 2015. The birth of the dispensary […]

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By: Stephanie Shehan

Cohen Medical Centers


Phone: 702-564-6420

IG: cmcnvlv       

FB: Cohen Medical Centers Nevada

Cohen Medical Centers has been in business for twelve years.  The business was established in Colorado in 2009 and then expanded to Nevada in 2015.

The birth of the dispensary system in Colorado opened many opportunities for the Cohen Medical team. They needed a business they could grow from the ground up with little money. Very few doctors wanted to help patients.  Many felt uncomfortable about recommending cannabis as they knew very little about it…this fact holds true today as well. Robert Cohen teamed up with his father, a retired doctor and his wife Noel to help patients through a complicated state system. They initially started inside a dispensary and soon after, were able to get an office of their own.

Cohen Medical is a true family business that guides medical cannabis patients through the state process to become legal patients. They help patients and consumers understand how to use cannabis as medicine. They also developed a whole plant hemp medicine line that they rolled out in 2016 here in Las Vegas.

Robert Cohen believes that “the right medicine can and will work…do it right, get the right medicine…whole plant.  We have seen so many people be able to lead better lives because of cannabis medicine. Getting off prescription drugs that they have been taking for years. Medication means a measured and consistent dose with breakthrough medicine as needed.  I take a whole plant CBD and CBG daily and have seen less pain, and improved physical and mental abilities.  I also smoke flower and use medicine topically for breakthrough issues.”  He would also like to stress that “Nothing we do is guaranteed to work. We all have unique and different endocannabinoid systems which we must learn and understand how to use…it takes work, but the work is worth it. It’s your responsibility to figure out what works best for you.”

One of the challenges Cohen Medical faces within the industry is that so many medicines look the same and just aren’t.  According to Cohen, isolates, distillates, broad spectrum and full spectrum are not whole plant. Whole plant means they do not add or remove anything.  People are not smarter than the plant. Cohen’s line of hemp medicine is simply hemp and coconut oil. The team at Cohen would like to stress that social media is not where to find medicine. Dispensaries concentrate on and sell THC, not CBD, they have few choices and not always what is best for medicine.

The Cohen Medical team has found that more and more parents are willing to try cannabis to help their children.  They have advocated for this since they started in business in 2009…the kids are the most rewarding work they do. Cohen can help guide them through the state process. The effects and changes can be profound and life changing. It’s not about getting kids high, it’s about using medicine to heal them so they can evolve and grow.

Cohen offers whole plant hemp medicine in both CBD and CBG varieties. They have capsules and tinctures as well as a salve, all made with their oils. They also offer smokable hemp flower and all certificates of authenticity are available on their website. You can purchase locally at 3650 S. Decatur Blvd, #23 in Las Vegas or online at  Use coupon code vegascannabis for a discount at checkout.


Fruit Slabs

Web: and   

IG & FB: @fruitslabs and @fruitslabscbd

The team at Fruit Slabs is dedicated to providing a healthy, vegan, real fruit edible that feels more like a functional snack than like a candy and that is safe for all consumers, regardless of their diet or dietary restrictions.   

Brandon Dorsky is the CEO of Fruit Slabs and in the late 90’s and 00’s he worked in music and entertainment, first as a talent buyer and promoter and later as an attorney and artist manager.   In 2009, he helped launch the clothing brand Grassroots California and began attending trade shows with the company, including CHAMPS in Vegas and High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, where he began connecting with lots of individuals in the cannabis and cannabis culture accessories industry.  Soon after, he started representing his first cannabis industry clients.     

CBD and THC have multiple benefits for Dorsky.   He is deathly allergic to over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications like Aspirin and Bayer and ibuprofen, so THC and CBD products are much preferred alternatives to no medication at all or unnecessarily strong narcotic level pain medication.   In addition to managing pain and inflammation, he also finds CBD to be helpful for dealing with anxiety.  According to Dorsky, “THC is great for not only relaxation and mood enhancement, but also for promoting creativity and appetite stimulation.”

Dorsky and the team at Fruit Slabs is looking forward to releasing some new flavors later this year and getting their products into more states.  They debuted some new flavors at the G4 Live Budtender Awards in Las Vegas in May 2021, gave a peek to attendees at their new sour line, and got some really great feedback on a few flavor ideas.   They will be launching their first sour product, Aqua Melon, later this summer and may introduce the winner of their Vegas taste test, the Peach, before the end of the year.  


Happy Hemp Pharm


FB: @Happy Hemp Pharm

IG: @happyhemppharm  

Happy Hemp Pharm was established in August 2019. However, Daniel Asarch and Todd Ewing took their time coming to market as the hemp scene had just exploded and they wanted to see how the market trended.  They spent a lot of time phenotype hunting for their hemp flower as well as looking for potential quality products to source. It wasn’t until July 2020 that they made it to market and launched their very first product, Happy Hemp Pharm Wholeflower Hemp Oil.

Happy Hemp Pharm is a boutique style hemp business that prides itself on the quality and care it provides to its customers. The company was started by a pharmacist that believes in the potential medicinal benefits of hemp derived cannabinoids. Since the market has become saturated, Happy Hemp is growing, sourcing, and formulating products that will help the brand stand apart from existing companies. They want their customers to feel better, be happier, and be educated about the products they are using.

For Daniel Asarch, seeing documentaries on Charlotte’s Web and the wonders that cannabis was doing for Charlotte Figi spurred an interest in learning more about the medical benefits of cannabis. As a pharmacist, Asarch has dispensed medications for various types of conditions and disorders and they all had one thing in common: side effects. He wanted to be able to dispense a “medicine” that made people feel better without causing side effects that would then need another medication to help with those side effects. The easiest way for him to pursue this potential dream was by entering the hemp industry. The hemp industry was easier and more affordable to participate in. Also, he would be able to send products to all 50 states which allows him and his team to help more people.

Todd Ewing, the head cultivator at Happy Hemp had grown cannabis for 18 years and found himself travelling to Vegas in hopes of entering the industry.  Through networking, he met Daniel Asarch at a NORML meeting and they discussed helping others by growing hemp.  Prior to meeting Asarch, Ewing had gained a dissatisfied feeling about the cannabis industry. His heart and spirit felt most comfortable sharing the properties of this beautiful plant in a healing way, not in a money-making, industry-driven way.  

When asked about hurdles within the hemp industry, Asarch replied “Besides not being able to attend any live events this past year, we have had a little trouble being able to spread the word about our products online via Instagram and Facebook due to their algorithms. Also, it has been difficult trying to educate people on the differences between CBD and CBDA since all of our products our CBDA dominant. People are still hesitant about trying CBD as they are worried about getting high and not being able to function. More education is needed to help people understand the differences and benefits between CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum.”

Happy Hemp Pharm has a variety of products including hemp oil, a relief roll on, smokeable flower, a muscle rub,  hemp-infused sugar scrubs,  hemp infused soaps and bath soaks and healing stone intention jar necklaces. All products can be ordered online at



One Love CBD


IG: @onelovecbd

One Love CBD has been in business for three years.  Run by husband and wife team Vincenzo and Mollie Amato, the couple began the business after Vincenzo spiral fractured his right femur in 2006 and turned to CBD instead of the opioids he was prescribed for pain. 

One Love CBD provides the best in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD tinctures and topical balms. Their “broad spectrum” CBD is good for you and safe for your pets too, hence the name One Love CBD.  When asked about their business practices, Vincenzo replied “We don’t believe in the gimmicks of other CBD companies that try to convince the public you need a “pet” CBD, or you need a “sleep” cbd, you need an “uplifting” CBD. CBD is CBD… it’s the other ingredients that you have to pay attention to.   One Love CBD keeps it simple by providing the best CBD with 3rd party test results to back it up along with an epically affordable price point.”

Vincenzo feels comfortable knowing that people can now experiment with a safe, non psychoactive product instead of the normal physician prescribed opioids to help manage their issues.   After his spiral fracture in 2006, he has continued to use One Love CBD products daily in the 50mg-200mg range depending on what he is doing to manage his chronic pain. His wife Mollie is an RN specializing in the mental health and detox fields of nursing.  That experience and an unwavering dedication to expand her knowledge base through classes, community events, and research, makes her an invaluable member of the One Love CBD team.

We encourage CBD users to please take the time to review our 3rd party test results and pricing on our website against ANY other brand on the market. 

For the Amatos, banking has been a nightmare since they have “CBD” in their name.  So has “corporate” cannabis. They have come to find it is not about quality products in dispensaries but who has the most money to pay for “shelf” space these days. They are only in Nevada dispensaries that truly care for their customers by giving them the best options in CBD.  

Currently, One Love offers an array of products that includes 1500mg full spectrum tinctures in peppermint and unflavored, 500mg broad spectrum tinctures in peppermint and unflavored, 500mg broad spectrum topical balm, and chapstick.  They are currently working on a disposable vape pen.  One Love CBD is currently available at Silver State Relief Dispensaries in Sparks and Fernley, Nevada and at Jade Dispensaries in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada.


Steve’s Goods


IG: @StevesGoodsCo and @StevesGoodsOnline

Steven Schultheis started Steve’s Goods in Colorado back in 2017.  The company began as a simple website for purchasing products online, but now they’re a full service white label, and private label company with a three acre farm in Fort Collins, Colorado. They handle custom formulations, and custom orders in their state of the art clean room with updated technologies to bring and their wholesalers the best hemp products on the market.  When asked why he entered the hemp industry, Schultheis said “to help individuals find safe and easy access to cannabinoids like CBG.”

As a hemp company, Steve’s Goods has encountered a few challenges.  According to Schultheis, “Recently, a lot of our clients went out of business.  We need more clients that want to do consistent long term business with us.”

Their flagship products include CBD Concentrates, CBD Oils, CBD Edibles, and even a CBD Beauty line called EndoBloom which is a skincare line.  They are currently working on their Delta 8 and other psychoactive cannabinoids. They are also working on removing 15ml sizes and half gram sizes and adding 4 gram sizes and 4oz sizes for retail bulk.

Steve believes all cannabinoids should be legal.  Steve’s Goods was the original maker of CBG Oil which is now a mainstay in many other CBD companies lines.


TerraVita CBD


IG: @TerraVita_CBD

TerraVita CBD has been in business for just over two years. They are based in Orange County, California and after years of perfecting their formulas, they launched in April 2019.  

Co-Founder Justin Matoesian and the team at TerraVita have a passion for holistic wellness and natural remedies. They believe in the benefits of cannabinoids and how, when mixed with other natural ingredients, can create effective, natural treatments for many issues such as stress and anxiety, pain, and lack of focus.  TerraVita CBD is the pioneer in creating benefit-specific, functional CBD blends. They combine potent, plant-based ingredients with premium quality CBD to create a unique, customizable collection of wellness products. Their original three CBD oils are their Focus, Relax, and Sleep tinctures. Each is blended with CBD and natural ingredients to produce the result described by the product name. Their team is made up of people who have two things in common: A passion for CBD and a passion for innovation.

TerraVita was born out of years of experimenting with mixing CBD and other natural ingredients. Matoesian has been taking CBD and mixing CBD with other natural ingredients since 2015.  He believes it has been the best natural remedy he’s come across in his many years working in nutrition and supplements. TerraVita has over 3000 verified 5 star reviews on their website. Customers are experiencing natural relief from anxiety, pain, and more with their products. Matoesian uses the Sleep CBD tincture (CBD + Melatonin and Terpenes) every night. He measures his recovery score on his Whoop band and he consistently averages an 85% recovery which is very good.

When asked about challenges within the industry, Matoesian replied “Even though hemp derived CBD was federally legalized in 2018 after the passing of the Farm Bill, the rest of the infrastructure necessary to run a thriving e-commerce business was slow to catch up. We have run into hurdles with merchant processing, banking, and even website hosting. Thankfully, major merchant processors, banks, and web hosting platforms have all realized how powerful CBD is and have opened their arms in accepting CBD brands. Another hurdle we had to overcome was manufacturing. Being the first CBD brand to blend CBD and natural ingredients, it was a challenge to create quality products that were blended properly, tasted amazing, and performed as advertised. Many of the major dietary supplement manufacturers were not touching CBD products but we persisted and have an amazing manufacturer now with GMP certification, NSF certification, and a strict adherence to quality control procedures.”

If you have a specific ailment such as poor sleep quality, anxiety, or lack of focus, TerraVita has a product for you. Unlike other CBD brands, the team at TerraVita sees CBD as a powerful natural remedy that, when mixed with other ingredients, can create a very potent, effective result. They are a direct-to-consumer CBD brand and the only place you can purchase their products is on their website In addition, customers who take advantage of their “subscribe & save” program can get products shipped to their door monthly for 45% off and free shipping.   Matoesian believes that transparency and quality are two important elements when choosing a CBD brand to take. Him and his team pride themselves on an adherence to both. They have a scannable QR code on the package of all their products that bring up the most recent lab tests. They test each batch of their CBD products to show the quality and purity. All TerraVita products are pesticide-free and heavy metal-free.









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