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In the heart of our community, a local herbal business, High Tech Healing, stands as a testament to the power of passion, entrepreneurship, and the rich tapestry of flavors and benefits that botanicals can offer. High Tech Healing is not only deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of using herbal remedies for wellness, it is […]

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In the heart of our community, a local herbal business, High Tech Healing, stands as a testament to the power of passion, entrepreneurship, and the rich tapestry of flavors and benefits that botanicals can offer. High Tech Healing is not only deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of using herbal remedies for wellness, it is also proudly a minority and woman-owned business, and has become a rich resource for those seeking support on their wellness journey.  

Tea but not Tea

In an era where consumers are increasingly seeking natural alternatives for their well-being, High Tech Healing has emerged as a beacon of herbal excellence, offering a diverse range of drinkable blends designed to cater to the nuanced needs of everyday consumers. This company’s herbal infusions (that are brewed the same as tea) transcend the conventional, with each blend meticulously curated to support specific health goals, while also adding fruits for flavor. Their offerings include blends that support everything from hormone balancing to promoting gut health, bloating, reducing cortisol levels, and sleep support and more, their offerings stand as a testament to the marriage of traditional wisdom and modern science. High Tech Healing’s herbal tisanes are not merely beverages- they are a holistic approach to health, all while offering rich flavors.

Vision and Mission

At the core of High Tech Healing, are Reminders of the Divine Design. This philosophy is a commitment to helping individuals achieve optimal health and vitality through personal awareness and tools, such as teas, to help see improvements. “Our bodies are so beautifully created that so much of our internal functions require no effort on our part, that’s what I call High Tech! Then when we look at the nature around us and explore the studies and results of their beneficial contents, it’s something that’s worth being reminded of regularly.” Their mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health through education, personalized guidance, and the implementation of effective cleansing programs from beginner to high level. 

Founded by a visionary woman with a profound love for all things earth related, Saba Tesfay of High Tech Healing, states she began studying herbs 15 years ago and has been experiencing and witnessing the tremendous benefits of their applications. Over the years Saba has been offering regiments and formulas to support friends and family, until they finally encouraged her to offer these services to the public. Herbalism has stayed a part of Saba’s journey as she continued her education in the field while simultaneously offering international consulting in sustainability. Saba also served as the former Vice President of the US Hemp Building Association and worked with natural builders and farmers all throughout the country as the organization got hemp-lime, also known as hempcrete, accepted as an approved methodology within national building codes through the ICC as a natural building material. So while tending to the wellness of the earth is always a part of this business owner’s path, she has dedicated to support individuals as interest in personal health is on the rise. Saba explains, “Sustainability or Regenerative solutions are not limited to our outer environment, this also is based on the sustainability of our energy in any given relationship. The relationships we have with co-workers, family, ourselves, or even things such as time or money. When we optimize our sustainability in these areas, using things such as teas or cleanses that incorporate mental awareness, I’m positive that our outer environment and systems will also follow suit with a lot more ease,” she goes on to say, “We are extensions of the earth, so our wellbeing reflects in our environment. As within, so without.” 

A Commitment to Quality and Authenticity

Central to the ethos of this woman-owned company is an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Unlike mass-produced teas, often found on supermarket shelves, this company sources its teas from sources that adhere to sustainable and organic practices. The emphasis on quality is evident in the carefully curated selection of blends, each chosen for its unique flavor profile, aroma, and health benefits.

Tailored Cleanse Programs

In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices have become the norm, individuals are increasingly seeking ways to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. One avenue that has gained significant popularity is the incorporation of cleansing programs offered by health and wellness companies. Amidst the plethora of options available, this particular company stands out for its commitment to offering cleanses designed to work on the body from the inside out. High Tech Healing offers a monthly “cleanse” program designed to enhance individuals’ physical and mental health.

Unlike fad diets that may deprive the body of essential nutrients, the programs are crafted with a focus on providing the body with a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Understanding Cleanses

Cleansing has long been recognized as a practice to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body. The human body is exposed to various pollutants, processed foods, and stressors in daily life, leading to the accumulation of harmful substances. A cleanse, when done effectively, aims to reset the body’s natural balance, supporting organs like the liver and kidneys in their detoxification processes.

Tailored Cleansing Programs

What sets High Tech Healing apart is its emphasis on personalized approaches to cleansing. Recognizing that individuals have unique health profiles and goals, the company offers a range of cleanses that can be personalized to address specific concerns. Whether someone is looking to boost energy levels, lose weight, or improve digestion, High Tech Healing is committed to supporting their clients.

Health is not just about the physical body; it encompasses mental and emotional well-being as well. This company adopts a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating practices that promote mental clarity and emotional balance alongside physical cleansing. From mindfulness exercises to expert guidance on stress management, the programs offered are designed to foster a comprehensive sense of well-being.

High Tech Healing is often doing pop-ups at events around town and is present at the local farmer’s markets every Saturday at Downtown Summerlin and Sunday at St. Rose Parkway Fresh 52 Market.




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