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VERANO Verano’s Encore edible line encompasses a wide array of options.  Their new product, the Encore Sativa Espresso Caramels are infused with hints of espresso from local coffee roastery Makers & Finders.Their Encore Mints, available in Green Tea, Wildberry, Tangerine and Wintermint are the perfect way to microdose.  Encore Sweet Stones are unique and sophisticated […]

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Verano’s Encore edible line encompasses a wide array of options.  Their new product, the Encore Sativa Espresso Caramels are infused with hints of espresso from local coffee roastery Makers & Finders.Their Encore Mints, available in Green Tea, Wildberry, Tangerine and Wintermint are the perfect way to microdose.  Encore Sweet Stones are unique and sophisticated cannabis infused hard lozenges brimming with fresh flavors that taste of real, luscious fruit blends.  The Sea Salt Caramels are buttery-soft indica caramels topped with sea salt and individually wrapped.  Encore Gummies are handcrafted and available in many flavors and ratio options.  And, their Belgium Chocolatier products are both delicious and effective.

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Available edibles include a variety of tinctures.  City Trees offers a 20:1 for those needing pain relief and mild relaxation with lower psychoactive effects.  They also carry a Blue Agave THC tincture as well as a Blue Agave 1:1.  These are extracted from the blue agave plant, which is a low-glycemic sweetener that can be added to just about anything. City Trees’ Chocolate Agave tinctures are also available in a THC version as well as a 1:1 and are blended with blue agave, cocoa and MCT oil. They also carry an Orange Cream tincture which is a 1:1 glycerin-based product that’s lightly sweet and flavorful.

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CAMP’s Raindrop tinctures pay homage to the synergy that cannabis represents. Like a well-rehearsed orchestra playing in harmony; cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create the cumulative effects you feel. CAMP’s Raindrop tinctures combine the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC to help you unplug, take a breath, and recharge.  They are unflavored which makes them the perfect beverage enhancer and they come in three ratios of CBD:THC- 1:1, 10:1, and 20:1.  

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Founded on the principles of quality and care, Evergreen Organix has developed their product line using only the finest ingredients and premium cannabis.  With one of the most extensive edible lines in Nevada, consumers can choose from Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Fruit Cereal Treats, Marshmallow Cereal Treats, Rice Cereal Treats, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Peanut Butter Cookies, Magic Bars, an array of Chocolate Bars and Gummies.   

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Home of The Tasty Stack, The Nameless Co. currently has two different versions available: The Pretzel Stack and The S’mores Stack.  The Nameless Co’s Pretzel Stack is a delicious layered bite that blends the best of salty and sweet flavors.  A crunchy waffle pretzel is stacked with their house-made caramel and peanut butter filling and then topped with a rich dark chocolate square.  The S’mores Stack is a crunchy waffle pretzel that is stacked with their house-made marshmallow filling and then topped with a dark chocolate square.  

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Tryke’s edible line includes a little bit of everything.  Their signature gummies are gelatin-based, expertly dosed, and packed with flavor. They are available in a variety of fruit flavors, including favorites like blue raspberry, watermelon, and grape.  The Tryke Bakery handcrafts elevated versions of your favorite classic brownies.  And, the all new Tryke Chocolates are bite-size pieces of rich, satisfying milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and energizing espresso chocolate. Web:   IG: @reefsocial




Sierra Well’s CBD Soft Gel Capsules are an excellent choice for getting the best benefits from an all natural product. Sierra Well CBD soft gels are a broad spectrum, non GMO and one hundred percent traceable CBD choice. They also provide holistic relief and are an excellent way to elevate your day. 

Web:   IG: @sierra_wellness



From the Deep Roots Harvest kitchen comes three amazing edible lines: Helix Gummies, Cheeba Chews and Chillers.  Need a twist in your day? Helix Twist gummies are undeniably delicious, and crafted with natural and sustainable ingredients, these gummies boast a flavor packed sweet coating with a perfectly soft center.  If you enjoy a taste in a candy with a chewy, sugar-sprinkled outside and a soft gummy center, you will love Cheeba Chews.  Maybe you are in the mood for a sweet lozenge.  Or, maybe a sour one.  Chillers are packed with delicious and vibrant flavors and the carefully sourced ingredients can be counted on one hand.   

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Photos by: Keene Dadian  

Vert edibles include baked goods, chocolate and strain specific oils.  Vert Cookie Squares are handmade and include the Chocolate Caramel Brownie Squares as well as the Birthday Cake Cookie Squares.  Their Trinity Sativa Milk Chocolates are infused with strain specific sativa distillate and made with award winning Belgian chocolate.  And, Vert’s Strain Specific 500mg Applicators are

CO2 extracted, triple refined, and preactivated.  These applicators make it easy to infuse your favorite treats at home but you can also use the oil topically or as a concentrate.

Web:   IG: @vertunlimited



Fumeur has two different products available, Splash Sour Gummies and Star Bar Chocolates.  The Splash Sour Gummies are carefully crafted with a perfectly balanced, ultra-premium, distillate oil and they come in a variety of great flavors.  Fumeur Star Bars are also infused with distillate oil and the simple yet luxurious recipe features a delicious, creamy chocolate which is imported from Hermitage, France.  

IG: @fumeurlv



What makes SoL Gummies so special?  They are strain specific which allows for better management of symptoms as well as the opportunity to choose edibles based on strains you like and are familiar with.  Currently, SoL offers their delicious gummies in the following flavors: Pineapple Jalapeno made with Jack Herer, Peach Cream Soda made with Blue Dream, Blackberry Key Lime made with Purple Cookies, and Berry Coconut made with Grandaddy Purple.  

Web:     IG: @solisbetter



Valhalla Confections was founded in 2014 and rapidly gained popularity as one of the best tasting, consistently dosed, and fast-acting gummies and chocolates on the market. Each edible is handcrafted by talented confectioners in Nevada and California. With artisan chocolate flavors such as Dark Chocolate Brown Butter Sea Salt and White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake as well as seven delicious gummy flavors, Valhalla’s great tasting, long-lasting edibles are the perfect match for whatever ails you.

Web:    IG: @valhallaconfections



Dreamland’s indulgent and delectable luxury chocolate is infused with premium cannabis oil. These award-winning chocolates will leave your tastebuds overwhelmed with rich, mouth-watering flavor. All ingredients are hand selected for each variety of bar made.  Available flavors include: Mystical Milk, Decadent Dark, Cool Mint, Cookies n’ Dream, Simply Salted Toffee, Pistachio and Chili Pepper, Crackling Crunch, and White Chocolate with Radiant Raspberries. 

Web:   IG: @shopplanet13




Haha’s edible line includes a variety of gummies, sour bombs and beverages.  The Haha Sour Gummies are available in Blue Raspberry, Grape, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mango.  The Haha Sour Bombs are available in Blueberry, Mystery Berry, and Grapefruit flavors.  And, the Haha beverages come in Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit.  All of the recipes celebrate the free, fun-loving spirit of cannabis enthusiasts and are created with love by passionate, enthusiastic chefs. 

Web:   IG: @hahaedibles



The Binske edible line includes both chocolates and gummies.  Binske cannabis-infused chocolate is fashioned from personally-selected, hand-picked pods of Peruvian Pure Nacional, a prized strain of cocoa that was extinct for over 100 years and recently rediscovered in a remote part of the amazon jungle. The finished product is smooth and rich with a refined, yet elegant aftertaste that is perfect for any occasion.  Choose from Almond, Dark, Milk, Raspberry, Sea Salt and Strawberry.  The Binske vegan gummies are made with only the best natural ingredients and infused with pure, premium THC distillate.  Available flavors include Blackberry Lemon, Limon, Mango, Mixed Berry, Tangerine 1:1 and Watermelon 1:1.

Web:   IG: @binske



Kiva’s edible line includes Camino Gummies as well as Terra Bites.  Camino Gummies are available in Wild Berry, Sparkling Pear, Pineapple Habanero, Watermelon Lemonade and Wild Cherry.  These are delicious and cost efficient as each tin contains 20 gummies.  Kiva’s Terra Bites are the perfect pairing of art and science and include Chocolate-Covered Blueberries, Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans, and Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramels.

Web:   IG: @madebykiva



OMG THC offers one of the most diverse edible lines in the state.  WIth 500mg medical-only chocolate bars as well as an array of other chocolate bar flavors, you are sure to find a favorite here.  Available chocolate bars include: Dark, Milk, White, Sugar-Free Dark and Light, Vegan, and Peanut Butter.  They also make seasonal bars and many of the bars are also available in 1:1 formulas.  OMG THC also makes single serve Chocolate Bitez, Chocolate Covered Fruits and Nuts, and delicious Gummies.  And, many of these products are also available in the 1:1 formulas.

Web:   IG: @omgthcvegas




Soul D’Licious is Nevada’s first cannabis-infused spice line.  Now, it is easy to make anything an edible.  Infused with distillate so there is no cannabis taste, these seasonings are perfect for those who love to cook.  And, each package includes ten individual pre-packed servings.  Choose from All-Purpose Vegetable Seasoning or the Chipotle Fire Rub for a little added heat.

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The Happiest Hour Companion shots are full of natural terpenes, created by 3rd generation beverage experts, to craft your cannabis experience. Take before you partake.  The Intensify shot contains 15mg of Myrcene to intensify your experience. The Wake shot has an uplifting blend of A-Pinene, Linalool, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene and 100mg of caffeine, for good energy without the jitters. 

Web:   IG: @thehappiesthour




BaM currently offers Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bites  which is distillate-infused caramel sandwiched in between two pretzels, half dipped in chocolate.  The perfect mix of sweet and salty.  Look for their gummies out soon.

Web:    IG: @bam_labs




The Gummy Co, powered by the team over at The Grower Circle just launched their edible line which currently includes Flight Bites.  Flight Bites are their rendition of “Nerd Rope” candy in the form of a gummy. These are infused with solventless, single-source hash rosin, so you get the goodness of all the cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Web:   IG: @thegrowercircle



Smokiez Gummiez are not what you would typically expect in a gummy.  These tasty fruit chews are made with high clarity cannabis distillate and they contain no high fructose corn syrup.  This line comes in five different flavor varieties and has both sweet and sour flavor profiles.  Available flavors: Blackberry, Sour Blackberry, Blue Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Sour Green Apple, Peach, Sour Peach, Watermelon, and Sour Watermelon.

Web:   IG: @smokiezhandcrafted



Gron’s sugar-coated Pearls are packed with natural fruit flavors and infused with full-spectrum cannabis extract. Zero medicinal taste to these beauties. They’re perfect for enjoying from home, at your weekend getaway, or while watching the sunset from your favorite patio with friends. Available in the following formulations: HARMONY: Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:2, BLISS: strawberry 2:1, CELEBRATE: peach prosecco 1:1, ELEVATE: pomegranate 1:1, BOOST: watermelon THC, STIMULATE: raspberry-lemonade THC

Web:      IG: @gron_edibles



Founded in the classic art of French cuisine, Hervé produces exquisite macarons, bonbons (candies), desserts and chocolates that combine contemporary designs, spectacular flavors and the highest quality of cannabis distillate.  Macarons 3-packs are available in chocolate, raspberry, or salted caramel.   And, Le Mirage, their newest line of sublingual hard candies, sold in packs of 2 inserts are 100% vegan and available in a variety of flavors.

Web:   IG: @hervedibles



Betty’s Eddies are handcrafted, all natural fruit chews made with organically grown fruits and veggies.  Available flavors include: Berry Good Things, Orange You Beautiful, O’ My Grapeness, Peachy Mango, Bedtime Betty’s with lemon, agave and CBN, Smashin’ Passion with horny goat weed, maca root, muira puama, damiana and Elderbetty’s with zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3.

Web:  IG: @bettyseddiesofficial




Plus Products are cannabis-infused edibles designed to enhance the everyday.  They are available in an array of doses (ranging from 3.5-5mg THC) and THC:CBD ratios to support your every need.  Available products include: BALANCE which comes in a delicious sour blueberry flavor, UPLIFT in a sour watermelon flavor, and UNWIND which is available in a blackberry + lemon flavor.

Web:   IG: @plusproductsthc



Two Roots is a true craft beverage. Using nanoemulsion technology, Two Roots delivers an enhanced experience of high quality CBD and THC by breaking it down into smaller particles that are more readily absorbed by the body.  And, Two Roots products contain 25-50% fewer calories than the leading beer alternatives.  Six-packs available in the following beer styles: Lager, Blonde, Wheat, Stout, and New West IPA.

Web:    IG: @cannabiniers





Just Society offers a high quality cannabis flower extraction combined with responsibly-sourced whole tea leaves and single origin coffee. Made with just four ingredients: black or green tea concentrates, natural flavoring, cane sugar, and THC oil.  These drinks are only 50-80 calories per can and they come in Raspberry Black Tea, Mango Black Tea, Lemon Black Tea, Honey Green Tea, and Mint Green Tea.

Web:   IG: @cannabiniers






From Creative Waters comes a line of refreshing THC-infused sparkling waters with less than 25 calories per can.  These are available in six-packs of 10-fl oz cans.  Available flavors include LIFT: Cucumber Lime 1:2, RELAX: Passion Fruit Tangerine Coconut, and BALANCE: Berry Lemon 1:1.

Web:   IG: @cannabiniers







The Vada edible line includes an array of delicious chocolate bars and gummy options.  Available chocolate bars include Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Shortcake.  And, they offer a sugar-free medical bar with increased milligrams for patients. Gummies are available in these delectable flavors: Ginger Peach, Sangria and Mango Boysenberry.

IG:  @vadacannabis






Smooch’s Cure CBD gummies come in two different strengths, 500mg and 1,000mg.  Gummies are available in the following varieties: Peach Rings, Blue Raspberry Rings, Vegan Rainbow Belts, Neon Bears and Clear Bears. And, all are made with broad spectrum isolate. 

Web:   IG: @smoochscure 




Crooked Cactus CBD Fruit Chews are a tasty, convenient, and effective way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Each bottle has a delicious assortment of natural flavors from fruit and vegetable juices.  Their Fruit Chews are all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and contain no THC or GMOs. Available in 10mg, 25mg AM & PM, 50mg and their newest addition, Delta 8.  

Web:     IG: @crookedcactuscbd




Green Roads is a pharmacist-founded CBD company that has set the gold standard for quality since the earliest days of the industry, and continues to do so today.  They offer a variety of hemp flower-infused edible options that includes their Green Roads Coffee which is available in original, hazelnut or vanilla flavor.  Green Roads also carries small batch, artisanal dark chocolates as well as soothing gummy bears.

Web:   IG: @greenroads



From the team at Lifted comes Urb Finest Flowers Delta-8 Chocolate Bars which are created with premium ingredients that invoke a feeling of luxury, a true indulgence for any chocolate lover.  Bars are available in milk or dark chocolate and they contain 300+ mg of Delta 8 THC.  Lifted’s Delta-8 Gummies are a convenient and delicious way to consume Delta-8 THC. Available flavors include Birthday Cake, Tropical Lush, Green Apple, Strawnana Smoothie, and Watermelon. 



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