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Dom Bookman, founder and CEO of Kinship Gardens, brings years of expertise as a serial marketer and tech entrepreneur. Guiding startups and early-stage companies, Dom currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Revenant Holdings, contributing his expertise to elevate the brand’s impact in the cannabis space.  Recently, we had the chance to sit down […]

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Dom Bookman, founder and CEO of Kinship Gardens, brings years of expertise as a serial marketer and tech entrepreneur. Guiding startups and early-stage companies, Dom currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Revenant Holdings, contributing his expertise to elevate the brand’s impact in the cannabis space.  Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Dom to find out more about his journey in the cannabis space.

Introduction and Background

VEGAS CANNABIS MAGAZINE: Can you tell us about your journey and how you created Kinship Gardens?

DOM BOOKMAN: Kinship evolved from collaborating on different projects with people, like my CRO Kevin Wallace, whom I considered family. We not only bonded over similar career paths but also genuinely enjoyed working together so we started a company to do stuff we believe in.

VCM: What motivated you to focus on the cannabis industry?

DB: Other than my love for the power of the plant, I thrive on addressing formidable problems and challenges. I view the cannabis industry as a chance to leave a significant impact in a growing field while also contributing to the well-being of others.

VCM: How does Kinship Gardens operate, and what is its primary business model?

DB: As a venture studio, we own and operate a portfolio of brands in the cannabis industry, with a primary emphasis on enhancing the consumer experience. We’re dedicated to fostering a connection we refer to as “culture fit.”

VCM: Are there any specific trends you find particularly exciting or challenging for your clients?

DB: Absolutely, in our venture studio, we find the convergence of traditional and new cannabis consumers through education and culture incredibly exciting. One noteworthy trend is the increasing demand for educational content about cannabis products and their benefits. Bridging the knowledge gap is not only fulfilling but also essential in establishing a real connection with consumers.

Challenges and Opportunities

VCM: What challenges do brands commonly face, and how does Kinship Gardens address these challenges?

DB: Absolutely, at Kinship, we’re delving into untapped opportunities within the cannabis market, particularly in the realm of building authentic consumer experiences. While the industry has catered extensively to insiders and shelves, we recognize the potential to connect directly with consumers through innovative and exciting approaches.

VCM: Are there any untapped opportunities in the cannabis market that Kinship Garden is exploring?

DB: Our focus is on pioneering a new wave in cannabis, specifically through hospitality. By bringing fresh and creative ideas to market, we aim to elevate the consumer experience, akin to traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This approach allows us to not only meet but exceed the expectations of cannabis enthusiasts, providing them with memorable and meaningful interactions with our brands.

Brand Development

VCM: Can you share a success story where you and Kinship Gardens played a crucial role in the development of a brand?

DB: Certainly, one notable success story for Kinship Gardens involves our partnership with the NFL player-founded brand Revenant, where I also hold the role of Chief Marketing Officer. Taking on the challenge, I played a crucial role in developing the MAC 9 brand for Jim McMahon.

Working alongside an exceptional team at Revenant, it has been a truly rewarding experience to witness the brand’s phenomenal success. We embarked on a journey to authentically connect with football fans through the infusion of cannabis into the culture. This venture served as our inaugural case study, showcasing the transformation of a celebrity likeness, football culture, and cannabis into a brand that resonates deeply with its audience.

I must attribute much of the success to the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by our CEO, Mike Lankford, and the influential presence of Kyle Turley. Their contributions have not only shaped the triumph of the brand but also significantly contributed to my personal growth within the cannabis industry.

Innovation and Differentiation

VCM: How does Kinship Gardens foster innovation within the cannabis space?

DB: At Kinship, we innovate in the cannabis space with a consumer-centric focus, consistently identifying opportunities in products, delivery methods, and brand experiences. A prime example is our flagship brand and event, Bloomcon, set to be a pioneering wellness festival that connects brands and consumers in a unique way within the industry.

Community Engagement

VCM: How does Kinship Gardens contribute to and engage with the cannabis community? Are there any community initiatives or partnerships that you are particularly proud of?

DB: Kinship is deeply committed to contributing to and engaging with the cannabis community on multiple fronts. One notable avenue is through partnerships with organizations and initiatives that align with our values.

We take immense pride in our collaboration with the Gridiron Greats Charity and their golf tournament, supporting their noble cause within the community. Additionally, our involvement in veteran initiatives, particularly through the Mission by Revenant team, underscores our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those who have served our country.

Within our family, The Bookman Foundation plays a significant role in driving positive change. We are actively engaged in initiatives focused on local school reform in Las Vegas and Dallas. Our aim is to empower and involve black and brown entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, fostering inclusivity and diversity.

These community initiatives and partnerships are not just points of pride for Kinship Gardens but emblematic of our ongoing commitment to creating meaningful change and fostering a positive impact within the cannabis community.

VCM: Are there any upcoming projects or developments that you’re excited about?

DB: Absolutely, we have an upcoming project that has us buzzing with excitement at Kinship Gardens. As I mentioned earlier, our flagship brand and event, Bloomcon, is set to launch during Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas this year. It’s going to be an extraordinary initiative featuring celebrity appearances, musical performances, and exciting giveaways from brands looking to make a statement.

Taking a Coachella-like approach to alternative wellness, we’re eager to see how our brand partners shine at this event. Personally, I’m particularly thrilled about a young brand in our portfolio called Warpd Labs. They consistently bring innovative and cool offerings to our customers, and I can’t wait to see their impact at Bloomcon. It’s shaping up to be an unforgettable experience, and we’re looking forward to making a significant mark in the cannabis and wellness space.

Personal Reflection

VCM: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis space?

DB: For aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the cannabis space, my advice is rooted in authenticity and commitment. Showcasing integrity by delivering on your promises holds immense value in this industry. Stay true to who you are and engage only in shit you genuinely believe in.

It’s crucial to always remember your “why” – the driving force behind your entry into the cannabis space. This steadfast connection to your purpose will prove invaluable, especially during challenging times. Anticipate rainy days, but let the conviction in your mission make those moments worthwhile.

In essence, authenticity, commitment, and a strong sense of purpose will serve as your guiding principles on the path to success in the dynamic and evolving cannabis industry.


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