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By: Modest Jones                    Photos: Katie Peede   Dizzy Wright was born on November 26, 1990 in Flint Michigan. He moved to Las Vegas with his mother and siblings when he was four years old and began rapping at age eight. Musically, he has been influenced by […]

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By: Modest Jones                    Photos: Katie Peede


Dizzy Wright was born on November 26, 1990 in Flint Michigan. He moved to Las Vegas with his mother and siblings when he was four years old and began rapping at age eight. Musically, he has been influenced by and looks up to two of his uncles, Layzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.  

Dizzy opens minds and enlightens listeners with lyrical nuggets of wisdom in each bar. Wright’s music has grown with him and with me, as I have followed his career for the past decade. Back in 2017, I interviewed Dizzy for the first time at his album release for “The Golden Age 2”, at Zia Records. I have supported Wright and his work ever since.  Last year, I had the pleasure of attending Dizzy’s album listening party for ‘Slidin and Glidin” and I even caught his high-energy performance at “420 on the Rocks”, at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in Colorado.  It’s beautiful to see Dizzy recognized in the entertainment world as well as in the cannabis community, where his passion runs deep. Each strain and each sound received from Dizzy Wright is a blessing in itself.  Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with him to talk about cannabis, music and what drives him every day.

Modest Jones: Hey birthday twin, how ya been?

Dizzy Wright: Peace Queen. I’m great and blessed. It seems that you are too.

MJ: Yes, thank you.  You have some great cannabis strains out right now.  What made you choose Redwood Cultivation to grow your brand?

Dizzy: Quality. The quality of the weed. And, the professionalism of the Redwood team. I was looking for a company that I could grow with. I liked the strains that they were making at the time and I wanted to be a part of their growth. I also wanted to provide some of the best weed that represented the strains I like to smoke.

MJ: What are your thoughts on how the industry has grown? 

Dizzy: I think it’s incredible! I still would like to see it be federally legal but I love where it has grown to. I love that more states are jumping on board.  Sometimes, you go to one city and you’re considered a criminal but then the next city you visit, everything is all good.  I like that it’s kinda slowing down a little bit. I just like where it’s going and I’m happy to be a part of it.

MJ: Feels like a dream.  What changes would you like to see for cannabis? I mean, I feel like you kinda answered a little bit with your last answer.

Dizzy: Yea. I want it to be federally legal. I don’t want anyone to be considered a criminal for the plant, for the good herbs. I would just like to see us become more like Amsterdam, especially here in Las Vegas. Whether it’s coffee shops, weed lounges, or whatever it is… You know a place where people can go and smoke cannabis, hang out, and have a cool little drink, and not be considered a damn criminal. To not have to sneak to the parking lot to roll something up, or smoke in their car and have security coming over messing with you.

MJ: All great points… I think we’ve all had enough of that.  Any new strains for us to look forward to?

Dizzy: I’m always gonna be coming with new strains… right now we are about to start pumping out this new strain called “Lowrider”. I had to revamp it and get it to where it needed to be but I think the concept of having a dope name like “Lowrider” is something that people can smoke and feel like they are relaxing. Chillin’, like they’re in a lowrider.

MJ: Yea. That sounds pretty dope.  What’s your favorite strain? 

Dizzy: Of mine or in general?

MJ: Oooh… 

Dizzy: My strains are my favorite so I guess…

MJ: (laughs) That answers that, huh…

Dizzy: Yea, right now, my favorite strain is Groovy OG. 

MJ: Oh yea.

Dizzy: I’m enjoying the Groovy OG a lot.

MJ: That’s MY favorite strain.

Dizzy: I love it. Honestly, I’m making a lot of new music right now and it’s put me in a really creative space.

MJ: That’s one of the things I like about it. Is that your go-to strain? From your line? The Groovy OG?

Dizzy: Yeah. The Groovy OG and The Smooth Funk are my go-to’s.

MJ: What does Still Movin’ mean to you? 

Dizzy: Still Movin’’ is a positive affirmation. 

MJ: I like that.

Dizzy: It just means that I have to wake up every day and remind myself that I have the chance to get something done… So, how are you  going to utilize it? Ya know?

I think we are all blessed to be able to wake up and have some of the qualities that we have that allow us to go out and change the world. So, Still Movin’, to me is just waking up every day and utilizing the gifts that I’ve been blessed with and finding different ways to dish that kind of energy out to other people. And maybe along the way, I will run into like-minded people and, who knows… maybe we can make some money or something.

MJ: That sounds really good; like a perfect world.  What does living in your purpose mean to you? Kinda what you just said, huh?

Dizzy: Yea, but I mean, to piggyback off of that…  living in my purpose… I think living within your purpose is understanding you. Self-awareness is critical. Sometimes we give all of our credit for growth to other entities. 

And, we don’t rely on self-growth and don’t understand… We’d rather understand something else than understand ourselves. So I think living within your purpose is finding a way to balance it out and try to understand yourself. And then, go with your gut and try to have fun doing it. Alright?

MJ: Yea. Don’t try, do it.

Dizzy: Don’t try, just do that shit!

MJ: What’s your ultimate, long-term goal?

Dizzy: My ultimate long-term goal is just to make sure this isn’t all for nothing. 

MJ: Oh it’s not.

Dizzy: When it’s all said and done at least have something to show for it.The long-term goal is to have something to show for my hard work that I put in while I’m here.

MJ: I’m into this.  Tell me about your upcoming projects…

Dizzy: Tour starts very soon and I’m working on a lot of music. I’m just kinda rolling the music out. Things have changed now. I’m still gonna drop projects but you kinda gotta work the system a little differently. So, I will just say that I have a lot of new music coming out, especially produced by Reezy. Shout out to Reezy.

MJ: Oh he’s really good!

Dizzy: We’re back on the road. We are back outside. Tour is in full action and that’s pretty much the next move.

MJ: How is tour-life treating you?

Dizzy: It’s treating me great. I’m just humbled to be back out there doing what I love to do. Being in front of  like-minded people that enjoy my music and I get to go out there and broadcast my talent. I can’t ask for anything more.

MJ: Do you enjoy being on tour as much as traveling for leisure?

Dizzy: Yea. They’re kinda one and the same. I’m just enjoying life as I go.

MJ: What was your favorite moment on tour? 

Dizzy: I think my favorite moment was the very first show, the very beginning, just walking out on stage and hearing the fans for the very first time. It was exhilarating! It was a reminder of why I do what I do. It just felt empowering to me.

MJ: Did I hear that your 10-year anniversary tour is upon us?

Dizzy: It is, a decade.

MJ: That’s big! 

Dizzy: Right?!

MJ: It’s big. It’s a big one.  What’s the energy surrounding that 10-year for you?

Dizzy: For me, it’s like the ending of an era and the beginning of something new…

MJ: Ooooh! You wanna delve into that a little bit?

Dizzy: I think, as a creative artist, I’ve just done everything the way that I wanted to do it in this music industry, to the best of my capabilities. Being an independent artist and not having to go out and allow somebody else to control my creative direction and my vision or the things that I want to talk about as I was learning new things and growing. I’m blessed, happy, and humbled that I was able to grow with my friends, with my fans over the last decade and not just be a robot of music…

MJ: I love that you used that word, “not a robot”.

Dizzy: Now, I want to grow at my own pace and incorporate it in my music differently, and enjoy life and have more fun. Create more of an energetic environment around what I got going on. Keep it real and talk my shit but it doesn’t have to be all based on how I’m feeling in the moments. I’m spreading my wings a little more this next decade and I’m excited about it!

MJ: That’s dope! I appreciate your time and transparency. Please let our readers know how to support you and where to follow you…

Dizzy: You can find me on everything.  Instagram: @dizzyhippy, Snap: @kingdizzyhippy

Holla at me!  I’m not hard to reach and I love the fans.


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