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Recently I had the chance to sit down with my friend, WEC champion, and local cultivator Steve Cantwell. Steve and his wife Kouanin are the owners of Green Life Productions, a Nevada cultivation that has established itself as the leader in sustainable, organic flower.

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Recently I had the chance to sit down with my friend, WEC champion, and local cultivator Steve Cantwell. Steve and his wife Kouanin are the owners of Green Life Productions, a Nevada cultivation that has established itself as the leader in sustainable, organic flower. Green Life Productions recently partnered with Evergreen Organix, another leader in the cannabis industry offering handcrafted products using the safest methods and finest ingredients. This partnership will ensure clean, organic flower combined with superior edible processing with the end result being something we have yet to see in Nevada.

BILL: Evergreen Organix has emerged as the most recognized and trusted edible brand in Nevada. Tell us about your recent expansion with Evergreen.

STEVE: Our partnership with Evergreen Organix is a match made in heaven. The level of expertise and attention to detail they bring to the kitchen is second to none, from chocolatiers to handcrafted small batch recipes, using the highest quality ingredients. The only way to raise the bar for Evergreen Organix is by growing the cleanest, purest organic flower for their main ingredient. This partnership gives Green Life Productions the opportunity to help spread the word on regenerative cultivation practices and serve a broader spectrum of patients.

BILL: Will you be growing No-till and using LED lights again?

STEVE: The lighting system was already in place prior to our arrival, we’re going to be using a double ended HPS. As far as No-till Living Organic Soil, yes. We’re taking over this beautiful, 35,000 square-foot state of the art hydroponic facility, gutting it and redesigning it using the ethics and principles of permaculture. Our goal is to focus on closing loops by implementing sustainable and regenerative systems that focus on minimizing our carbon footprint and producing the highest quality products. Putting our planet and patients over profit.

BILL: How long will the construction and changes take in order to get you guys up and running?

STEVE: We hit the ground running. Less than a week after the deal was finalized my wife and I moved back to vegas, had half the facility gutted, and 300 yards of organic materials for our soil mix started hitting the ground and will be mixed on site in about a week.

BILL: Will you also be making edibles or handling any other production under Evergreen?

STEVE: Evergreen Organix will handle all the edibles, they are the experts in that department, although there have been talks about what our team can offer on the concentrates side. So, if you’re into concentrates stayed tuned…

BILL: How long do you anticipate it will take before we see products on the shelf?

STEVE: Our goal is to be ready come recreational so around July.

BILL: Your wife Kouanin assists with the day to day operations of your business, making you guys a “Power Couple”. Tell us more specifically how you guys delegate your tasks and what you guys are each responsible for.

STEVE: I handle all the decisions as far as cultivation and direction of the brand, she handles all administration, sales, accounting and state paperwork, keeping us compliant . I stay out of the office, she stays out of the grow rooms. We meet in the middle and happily work together on everything else.

BILL: That’s awesome! You guys just moved to Vegas to be closer to your new project, are you excited for the new venture?

STEVE: Now that we’re in town this gives us the opportunity to participate in more cannabis industry events and the opportunity to connect with more patients on a personal level .

BILL: How much cannabis do you consume on an average day?

STEVE: More than I’m proud of.

BILL: What is your favorite Green Life Productions strain?

STEVE: Recently, Fire Angel has been my favorite strain to smoke and mix with other strains, but right now I would have to say the strain I look forward to smoking the most is #3 of our Vegas Cannabis Magazine testers.

BILL: We are nearing the end of our Vegas Cannabis Magazine/Green Life Productions phenotype selection process. Thanks for putting it in my hands, and for developing the first VCM Signature Strain. I have chosen the winner, and I’d like to call it “Speak No Evil.” What do you think of that name?

STEVE: Greatest name ever! And, it serves as a reminder to this industry and to the cannabis community that it is not just about what goes in your mouth but what comes out, that we all should focus on picking each other up rather than tearing each other down because this plant has been tore down and held back long enough!

BILL: Do you enjoy taking dabs?

STEVE: Of course, as a daily consumer dabs are always a treat, but I truly enjoy the plant in its rawest form with as little interaction from man as possible.

BILL: What do you think of the scrutiny surrounding vaping concentrates, despite the medical benefits and the popularity developing?

STEVE: Different tokes for different folks. I wouldn’t tell or judge you on how to eat a steak so don’t tell me how to medicate.

BILL: HaHa! Do you see a conflict of interest when an individual attempts to blast me for dabbing, yet they represent companies that depend on the growing popularity and sales of concentrates?

STEVE: There are a lot of conservative, pro-cannabis individuals that aren’t ready for that type of exposure but it’s up to people like you Bill to prepare them.

BILL: Do you think cannabis is a performance enhancing drug? If not, do you feel that cannabis should be banned in sports, and in MMA in particular?

STEVE: I don’t see it as a performance enhancing drug, I see it as a quality of life enhancing dietary supplement. As a professional and as a champion there’s certain sacrifices one should be willing to make while on the job, but outside of the cage/ring/arena an athlete should have the healthiest options available to aid them in recovery.

BILL: Do you miss the adrenaline rush and competitiveness that goes with being a professional mixed martial artist?

STEVE: I miss the competitiveness of the sport because it tends to bring the best or in some cases the worst out of you, either way you grow.

BILL: I guess what I am really asking is, do you miss punching people in the face?

STEVE: Somedays yes, but not as much as I enjoy helping people.

BILL: Do you miss being punched in the face?

STEVE: Not really

BILL: You’re only 30 years young. Is there a chance we get to see you back in the cage one day?

STEVE: I’ll never say never….

BILL: If I created a professional fight league, would you be my first signee?

STEVE: Is this a test … First rule of VCM fight league, we don’t talk about the fight league.

BILL: Was it always business? Or did you have any opponents that got under your skin?

STEVE: It was all business, I’ll never give someone the benefit of getting under my skin.

BILL: Does free-diving fill the adrenaline void?

STEVE: Holding my breath doesn’t replace punching people in the mouth, but smoking some cannabis and holding my breath at 80 feet does.

BILL: One last question my friend, What’s your favorite local cannabis magazine?

STEVE: Vegas Cannabis!

BILL: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I am excited to see what the future holds for Green Life Productions and Evergreen Organix. I can’t wait for the release of the first VCM/GLP signature strain “Speak No Evil.” But most of all, I am patiently awaiting your re-entry into the MMA arena.

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