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By: Stephanie Shehan Photos: Jeremy Saffer    Logan Mader is a record producer and current guitarist of the metal band Once Human but, you may better know him as the former lead guitarist of the band Machine Head.  Now living right here in Las Vegas, Logan has embarked on an extensive journey into the cannabis […]

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By: Stephanie Shehan

Photos: Jeremy Saffer 


Logan Mader is a record producer and current guitarist of the metal band Once Human but, you may better know him as the former lead guitarist of the band Machine Head.  Now living right here in Las Vegas, Logan has embarked on an extensive journey into the cannabis industry.  I recently met with him to chat about cannabis, his sobriety and some of the new projects he is currently working on.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: Hey Logan, thanks for meeting with me.  I know you grew up in California, how are you liking Vegas?

LOGAN MADER: I love it here.  I am a musician so I was all too familiar with Vegas prior to moving here.  I mean, there’s nothing like Cali, but Vegas has been good.

SS:  That’s cool.  Are you still making music?

LM:  I am.  I play guitar for the band Once Human and I am working on a new project, John Widomakr, as well as producing and mixing albums for various artists from all over the world.

SS: Nice!  And now, you are also in the cannabis industry.  Tell me about that.

LM: I’ve got my hands in a few cannabis gigs. Most recently I became the new brand manager for 22Red in Nevada.  22Red is founded by Shavo Odajian from System Of A Down. He’s been a good friend of mine for 25 years.

SS: That’s great!  People do love Shavo and System of a Down… it’s a great brand you are representing.

LM: Yeah, 22Red has amazing genetics and the brand is ramping up nicely in Nevada. Aside from the great product quality, I love how Shavo is so hands-on with all aspects of the brand. He’s not just a celebrity name and face, he really knows what he’s doing and has loads of passion for the cannabis industry. I’m on a mission to help lift 22Red up to number one in Nevada.  We have strong strategies involving education, budtender appreciation, incentive programs, contests, giveaways, pop-ups, events and really good looking swag. 

SS: Giveaways and swag are a great way to remind people of your brand.  What else do you do in the cannabis industry?

LM: I also do credit card payment processing, for dispensaries and CBD merchants with a company called Greenway Payments. Greenway is the largest and longest standing provider specializing in cannabis for electronic payment processing.  

SS: Credit card processing, I never would have taken you for a nine-to-five sort of guy.

LM: Yeah, me neither. The owner of the company, my friend Eli, I actually met through music.  Everything in my life overlaps with music… weed, weed banking, all of it. You know, it’s interesting because I’ve been self employed my whole life. Through music, I’ve been blessed and fortunate and have enjoyed many amazing life experiences. I’ve never had to work a nine to five job. So when Eli approached me about this opportunity, I had no idea how huge his company was. He thought I’d be good at it and all I was thinking was that it was a really corporate kind of a job for sure.  Not really the type of work I would ever see myself doing.  I was reluctant, but I took a chance on it, and when I got in there I realized that it was a pretty alternative environment. I mean, I’m dealing with people who sell weed. Most of them are creative, entrepreneurial  people, people like me. Not your stereotypical financial institution.

SS: That’s actually pretty cool.  Credit card processing is tricky in this industry.  What else are you working on in the industry?

LM: I also work alongside my good friend, Joe Reed who runs Cali Care Group, a large vertically integrated cannabis company in California. He’s been a big mentor to me, I look up to him and I’ve learned alot from him.  And yes, I met him through music.  I recently started working with Joe on a project called RZDXWLVS (Raised by Wolves).  It’s actually a passion project for Joe as he recently lost weight, got sober and began actively working on his mind and health.  The concept of RZDXWLVS is to provide a system that utilizes plant medicines to assist people that are actively fighting addiction to more destructive drugs such as opiates, alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, etc.  The route of recovery, and method of fighting withdrawals includes cannabis, kava, kratom and other plant medicines. Some will utilize the plant medicine to abstain from those more dangerous substances and others will use the plants to work through their withdrawals and then become totally sober.

SS: This program sounds amazing.  Sobriety means so many different things to different people.  What about you?  Are you sober and if so, what does sobriety look like for you?

LM: I’m in the music industry and have always been surrounded by alcohol and other destructive substances.  I have used those substances and I have abstained from them at different times in my life.  My life’s been a series of waves of being sober and being totally self-destructive, party like a rockstar, and then back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Currently I am sober, and for me that means abstaining from drugs, alcohol, sugar… everything, even plant medicine.  The only addiction I currently allow myself is caffeine.  For me, sobriety is the difference between life and death.  I’ve lived that life on tour, on the road all the time and every day was an open bar, a party that never wanted to end. That’s the life I’ve had in the music industry. I’ve been lucky to live that life but I definitely got sucked into it to the point where I’m lucky to be alive right now. So I’m really fortunate. I feel grateful that I’m alive and I just finally decided, it was about time. With this sobriety, I came to the realization that I just can’t do moderation.  It’s not in my operating system.  I’m all or nothing.  I’ve accepted that in myself and I realized okay, that’s just part of who I am. 

SS: Congratulations on your sobriety.  I think, as we get older, we have to make a shift and start taking care of ourselves.  You and Joe are actually work out partners, right?

LM: We are. In fact, I am working on a product that will also be included in the RZDXWLVS protocol called Go All In.  It is an energy and recovery supplement that comes in capsule form and a 2 ounce liquid shot. It’s pure energy and focus that includes a caffeine cocktail from four different sources.  It’s a time release formula that’s not jittery and doesn’t cause a crash. It also contains recovery ingredients such as broad spectrum CBD, turmeric, black cumin seed, dry rosemary, MCT oil, and black pepper. We recently brought Shavo in as a partner and VP of marketing as well because he loves Go All In and believes in the great potential of the product. For now, we do the manufacturing right here at our lab in Vegas.

SS: That sounds like a great product and certainly something I could see being used within the RZDXWLVS program.  Anything you are working on for the future?

LM: For sure, John Widomakr is a new project I’m involved in as producer, co-writer and guitar player. This band is way outside my comfort zone… not metal at all. It’s a little bit hard to describe, but really easy to like, and I am loving working on it. Best way to describe it is, Outlaw Country Rap Rock. The lead vocalist, John Widowmakr has become a good friend. We actually both got sober on the same day. We hit the gym together almost everyday and have a strong catalog of amazing music completed and ready to unleash on the world. Our first single, “Raised By Wolves”  will drop soon. Watch my Instagram for details about the release.

Follow Logan on Instagram @logandarthmader.   




Addiction is a horrific place to be.

The team at RZDXWLVS (Raised By Wolves) know the struggles of addiction. They believe there are multiple plant based natural pathways to recovery which includes life recovery, relationship recovery, mental health recovery, physical recovery, and spiritual recovery. They are dedicated to providing an alternative pathway to true freedom, true life, and to whole life recovery.

Oftentimes, sobriety failure is due to the physical and mental anguish of withdrawal. The RZDXWLVS team knows there are several antagonist therapies that help people ween off substances; however, they believe there is a natural way, a holistic way to experience the life that is desired, without experiencing the traditional discomforts and pain that come from withdrawal.

RZDXWLVS is a group of like-minded people who have all overcome addictions to various substances. Although some of the team adhere to total abstinence, they believe there are multiple pathways to recovery. One of those pathways is to use natural alternatives to the synthetic antagonist therapies that are commonly prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms, specifically for opiates. They know the first three to seven days are incredibly hard, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they believe that through an alternative pathway to recovery you will be able to experience withdrawal differently. This experience will lessen the torment of previous withdrawal experiences. In addition to offering a holistic way to recover, they also offer a community of support who knows where you’re at and how you are feeling.  

For more information about RZDXWLVS, please visit







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