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By: Stephanie Shehan Marianna Arakelyan VVG Owner Launches LP Exotics   Marianna Arakelyan has overcome many adversities in her life.  Born in Armenia, she moved to the United States as a young child.  Growing up in an abusive home, trying to protect her mother, gave her the motivation to be strong and work hard to […]

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By: Stephanie Shehan

Marianna Arakelyan

VVG Owner Launches LP Exotics


Marianna Arakelyan has overcome many adversities in her life.  Born in Armenia, she moved to the United States as a young child.  Growing up in an abusive home, trying to protect her mother, gave her the motivation to be strong and work hard to obtain the things in life she needed without relying on another person.  Today, she is married, with four beautiful children and is the owner of numerous, successful businesses within the fashion, medical and cannabis industries.  Her recent acquisition of Vegas Valley Growers (VVG) here in Nevada is her entrance into the cannabis industry and she is actively working on the development of new brands while expanding the original VVG product line.  I recently connected with Marianna to discuss the VVG takeover as well as her plans for the future.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN:  Hi Marianna, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.  Tell me a bit about yourself and your background prior to entering the cannabis industry.

MARIANNA ARAKELYAN:  I was born in Armenia and moved to the United States when I was 7 years old.  I currently live in California but have businesses nationwide.  My husband is a dentist.  We own 18 dental offices which I help manage.  I also have a company that handles medical billing.  In addition to that, I have done some print modeling and am also an ambassador for the Lamborghini Club of America.

SS: The Lamborghini Club, that sounds like an interesting venture.  Tell me more about that.

MA: I got involved with The Lamborghini Club around 11 years ago because I loved the cars.  After realizing that the owner of Lamborghini worked his way up from the bottom and also discovering all of the organizations and charities that the Club donates to, my affiliation quickly became more of a passion project and not just a car-loving hobby.  Today, I am involved in many different charities and strive to help people, especially women and children whenever I can.

SS:  Any particular charities you want to mention?

MA:  Not exactly a charity but rather something charitable I try to do as a person.  In Armenia, because many families are poor, children often end up in orphanages because their parents are unable to care for them.  I am blessed and I use a portion of the money I make to adopt children from the orphanages with the sole purpose of reuniting them with their families.  Having four children of my own, I cannot imagine being separated from them and this is what drives me to help return these children to where they belong.

SS:  And now, here you are in the Nevada cannabis industry.  How did that come about?

MA: Now that is a whole different story!  I always had the mindset that cannabis was for people who were only interested in getting high and partying. But was later educated by a friend who had been working in the industry since 2016 of all the medical and health related benefits the plant could provide. I couldn’t believe my ears and I was in pure disbelief. One of my greatest passions is helping others, so when I learned that cannabis could actually help save lives, I had to jump on board. Especially, when I heard how beneficial it is for cancer patients. I lost my beloved grandmother to cancer and that was when my interest in the cannabis industry truly sparked. I later proceeded to do an immense amount of additional research, and when I was ready, I expressed my interest in joining the industry to my friend. When the opportunity to purchase VVG and their licenses presented itself, I seized the opportunity.

SS: And what an opportunity it was!  Our publication worked with the original VVG crew early on.  What improvements and new brands will we see with VVG?

MA:  When I purchased the company, VVG already had the grandfathered in Vegas M Stick which is an award-winning product.  Not only is it a convenient, disposable vape, it also appeals to tourists since it has the word “Vegas” on it.  We have since introduced the Purple Lamborghini strain option in an M Stick as a kick-off to our new brand launching.  In the future, we will have VVG branded flower and prerolls available as well.

The new brand that I am introducing within the next month is LP Exotics.  In the car world, I am known as the “Lamborghini Princess” which is what LP stands for.  I wanted to create a brand that sets itself apart.  We will be holding car shows utilizing my personal collection at various dispensaries as a fun way for consumers to come out and see the cars and also purchase the new LP Exotics brand of cannabis.  LP Exotics will be available as loose flower and as prerolls.  Our launch is scheduled for February 4th at Planet 13, keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

SS: That sounds great!  And, what a fun way to combine the cars and the cannabis.  Do you have plans to expand your brands into other markets?

MA: Yes, once LP Exotics is established here, I plan to bring the brand to the California market as well as other states.

SS:  Will we see concentrates launched under your brands at some point?

MA: Yes, absolutely, concentrates and edibles are in the works.  The VVG sale came with the medical and recreational cultivation licenses as well as a production license and distribution license.

SS:  Oh nice, I didn’t realize you also held a distribution license.  Does VVG handle distribution for other companies as well?

MA: Yes. We are actually one of the most cost effective distribution companies currently in the industry. This is mainly due to the fact that our rates are the lowest in both Southern and Northern Nevada. Our main concern is keeping our customers happy. Based on my knowledge, other distribution companies charge a higher fee for deliveries that go from Southern Nevada to Northern Nevada and then charge the same high fee for each stop once they are already in Northern Nevada. Our company, on the other hand, gives the same local rates to each stop, once our driver is already in Northern Nevada. Local cultivation and production facilities can obtain pricing and coordinate deliveries with VVG by emailing or

SS:  With this being your first experience with cannabis, how do you feel about your venture so far and about the Nevada cannabis industry in general.

MA: I am excited about what is to come.  I have learned so much and enjoy being a part of the Nevada industry.  I look forward to the opportunity to continue to introduce new products and brands to the market.

SS:  Last, but not least, how can readers check out what you are doing and follow you on social media?

MA:  Readers can find out more about our company at & and on Instagram @vvglab& @LP.exotics Readers can follow me on Instagram @lamboprincessmarianna.



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