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Check out this interview with Mystic Roots and find out why they love playing in Vegas and when they will be back.

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Mystic Roots has been blazing across the nation on tour with Katchafire.  They perform regularly at Mandalay Bay Beach, the spot where two of the band members were married by none other than Pato Banton, not that many years ago. I try to never miss one of their performances. Admittedly a long time fan, check out their classic hits like “Pass the Marijuana”  and  “$100 Bag” and I’m sure you will be blazing fat and grooving out to the irie reggae beat.

Dustin Amato: How was the tour?

Katherine: The tour was unbelievable, the shows were great, the fans were great, but the best part was traveling with the Katchafire crew and making great connections and friendships with the members as well as the behind the scenes crew!

Dustin: What were some of your favorite spots and highlights from this trip?

Katherine: Some highlights include a back to back performance in Solana Beach at the Belly Up, traveling to Canada and playing in Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria B.C., and of course one of our favorite places to play is in Las Vegas!

Dustin: What’s your favorite part about playing in Las Vegas?

Katherine: First of all, the energy of the city and that feeling you get when you’re en route to Vegas and you see the lights on the horizon. You get so excited because you know you have arrived at the world’s largest playground! As far as performing goes, being able to play on the Mandalay Bay Beach stage is such a unique experience. Playing to a crowd that can groove along with us in the water is definitely something we always look forward to!

Dustin: You guys travel a lot, even overseas – what are some of the places you’ve been?

Katherine:  We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to have traveled to Europe multiple times, performing in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Kosovo, Belgium to name a few as well as Japan, Korea, Guam and a private Military Island called Diego Garcia. We have documented a few of our tours on our youtube channel called “Roots for the Troops” there are 13 five-minute episodes for your viewing pleasure! You can find those videos here:

Dustin: You have toured and played with a lot of great artists, who are some of the ones that are still out there that you would love to tour with (bucket list artists)?

Katherine:  We would love to have the opportunity to tour with Rebelution and JBoog.  Eric Rachmany’s new project Unified Highway might also be a good pairing for us as our new album “Change” incorporates some similar exploration of stepping a bit outside of the reggae genre while at the same time sticking to our roots.

Dustin: Freestyle is one of the main parts of the Mystic Roots shows, what are some tips to a good freestyle?

Cootdog: Freestyle as an art is just rapping whatever comes in your head, but quick enough that you can be saying one sentence on auto-pilot, while you are thinking of the next one simultaneously. The rhymes are all there, it’s the mind’s job to find them!

Dustin: I’m sure you have been blessed with good herbs from all over, what are some of your favorite strains?

Cootdog: Electric Diesel Haze, Headband, and Berry White

Dustin: When will you be passing through Las Vegas again?

Cootdog: Hopefully earlier, but for sure in summer 2017!

Dustin:  Shout outs? Website, how do people sign up for the street team?

Cootdog: Big ups to Official Genius, Obi Won, Swissman, Jace One, everyone at MGM & Mandalay Bay, Fred M, Big Chris, John @ Daylight, and the whole Vegas Cannabis Magazine crew! Check us out at and sign up for our street team there. Our new album Change is dropping in September and you can get it and all of our new apparel designs in our online merch store:


By Dustin Amato


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