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The team at Cohen Medical has always made patients their priority.  This month we had the chance to sit down with Robert Cohen and his staff to find out how their focus has changed now that Nevada is a recreational state. Cohen Medical Centers is originally based out of Colorado, what brought you to Nevada? […]

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The team at Cohen Medical has always made patients their priority.  This month we had the chance to sit down with Robert Cohen and his staff to find out how their focus has changed now that Nevada is a recreational state.

Cohen Medical Centers is originally based out of Colorado, what brought you to Nevada?

We’re celebrating 10 years in Denver this 2019 and had a lot of friends in the industry that were expanding to Nevada with medical cannabis so thought it’d be a good match. We started here in 2015 before the dispensaries were opened and business was slow, so we survived by introducing hemp medicine the next year.

Now that Nevada is a recreational state, what are the benefits of maintaining a medical card?

Selection. Protection. Price. Easy access.

Medical patients are allowed access to a full range of products without the limits found with recreational products. Access to higher strength products is key to develop an effective regimen aligned with both small and larger dosing for symptoms and conditions. A medical license also offers some sense of protection. It provides proof that you have been qualified by a licensed physician of one or more of the conditions recognized by the state (severe pain, cancer, weight loss, PTSD, severe nausea, persistent muscle spasms, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, or seizures) that show cannabis could be medically beneficial. If you are in a space that recognizes the state law, you have some insurance as to why THC would be present in your system on a drug test. Recreational users also always pay more. Those recreational taxes add up over time. As a patient with a medical card you save 10% on all dispensary purchases along with priority service. You’re a local! Skip the line of tourists here in Vegas and at the borders. Being a patient in Nevada is more important than ever because of our active push for a Patient Bill of Rights which is designed to increase benefits for Nevada patients specifically.

Most doctor offices just offer medical cards. How are you different?

The education you get in our offices. After recreational cannabis became legal in Nevada many dispensaries began to focus on sales over medical care. We recognized for patient safety that we needed to step in as an educational resource. If you tell a budtender you have cancer some might suggest RSO as a tool, but when brand new users go home with messy and highly concentrated products, things could get uncomfortable.  We also know patients suffering from severe conditions often require more that the basic recommended dosages to get viable results. We help patients understand cannabis and which methods or tools to use when and why. Providing free consultations and a selection of handouts on cannabis information, in both English and Spanish, help us share the healing nature of this plant with as many people as possible.

You are big advocates for hemp medicine, tell us why and what it means to you?

Because hemp medicine works! Period. We like the distinction of hemp medicine because it’s so much more than just CBD.

How did you start selling hemp medicine?

As the market has changed over the years, so has the demographic. Older patients were coming in looking for a medical alternative but did not want the psychoactive effect of THC. What we found was that whole plant hemp medicine is effective in activating the endocannabinoid system. It helps treat many medical conditions and symptoms in patients of all ages while they remain fully functional.  We searched for the highest quality products available and wanted to make them easy for patients to access in our clinics and by mail.

What is the difference between all the different kinds of CBD such as full spectrum and isolate?  And, is one better than the other? If so, why?

We know these distinctions can be confusing and work hard to make it clearer. “Whole plant” refers to using the flower of the plant in producing products, where all the medicine comes from. This includes all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. “Full spectrum” suggests more that THC has been removed, but the rest of the compounds, or some portion thereof, remain. “Isolate” indicates that all compounds have been extracted except for 99.9% pure CBD. Studies show that the synergistic nature of multiple compounds interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system is the most therapeutic. Isolate products have a narrower therapeutic window. Non THC regimens are usually suggested for those who are not able to obtain a medical card or are not willing to consume THC due to regular drug testing.

What CBD products, aside from your own line, do you carry & why do you carry them?

We carry products that offer a variety of treatment options because we need different tools at different times. We have a nano-technology product that is very fast acting, other tinctures, topicals, patches, and now a few smokable options.

Tell us more about your own branded line of hemp medicine.

Our line is very simple, with two convenient doses of REGULAR at 15 MG CBD and PLUS+ at 50 MG CBD each. We chose capsules because patients can easily determine effective dosing with them. We offer the whole plant and nothing but the plant as it gives the patient everything they need in a cannabinoid and terpene rich extraction directly into organic coconut oil.  They can also be opened for use sublingually or left whole as a vaginal or anal suppository.

Are your products lab tested?  Why is this important?

Always. Every batch is tested so that we and our patients know what is and is not in the product. There is no regulation of CBD products like other nutritional supplements, so the only way to truly be an informed consumer is if a product line is willing to provide test results. All industrial hemp is tested for THC at the dry weight, but not beyond that and is more legal than educational. Tests can help you distinguish between whole plant, full-spectrum, and isolate formulations so you always know what you’re getting. Test results can help you understand the cannabinoid and terpene profiles and how products work best for you. This allows for more consistent dosing and repeatable relief.

What can CBD be used for?  How often should it be taken?  Does your office offer guidance on dosing with CBD?

The list of therapeutic uses for CBD continues to grow. Some proven scientific uses for CBD are the inhibition of cancer cell growth, treatment of PTSD, suppression of muscle spasms, balancing blood sugar levels, killing bacteria, treating fungus, relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, promoting pain relief, and additional benefits to the central nervous and immune systems. As a non-psychoactive compound, CBD can be used more freely without uncomfortable side effects and is best taken as a supplement daily. Tinctures and smoking have a shorter duration of treatment but higher bioavailability than edibles and capsules. Cohen Medical Centers is happy to offer information to help you determine what and how dosing would work best for you. We’re here to help you take the wheel of your own health with cannabis in person or by phone.

When are you open and where are you located? Are you open to the public, i.e can customers walk in off the street and purchase your products?

Cohen Medical Centers is open Tuesday – Friday 11am – 5pm and the doctor is currently available Tuesdays and Fridays. We’re centrally located in Chinatown off Decatur and Twain at 3650 S Decatur Blvd Unit 23 in Las Vegas. Look for the mountains on the windows! You can also find us online at

Do you offer wholesale options for retail locations and dispensaries?  What about white labeling?

Yes! You can currently find our capsules at both Oasis Dispensary and Acres Dispensary. Ask for it at your local store today to have access to guaranteed whole plant medicine today!

For more information about wholesale distribution and white label opportunities please call the office at 702-564-6420 or email us at


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