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Vegas Cannabis Magazine writers sat down with Moxie Extracts and talked about the future of cannabis extractions.

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Founded in 2015, Moxie Extracts follows and utilizes Class 1, Division 1 pharmaceutical methods and devices and has been awarded numerous accolades, namely for their non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid products.

Dedicated to cutting-edge innovation using the latest technology, highly trained chemists, and the strictest of safety standards, Moxie Extracts’ mission is to create the healthiest cannabis-based medicine on the market—in a wide variety of formats—for patients in need. Moxie Extracts remains dedicated to its global citizenship, practicing organic gardening on a commercial scale, utilizing green technology, buying American-made products, reducing water waste, and participating in community outreach.

Q: Moxie Nevada recently won a cannabis cup, tell us a little bit about that.

Moxie Extracts’ most recent collaborative cannabis cup win was with our Goji D.C. strain, a CBD heavy hybrid with a ratio of about 1.5 to 1 THC to CBD.  This was Goji D.C.’s second time winning a first place award; the first time was in the 2015 NorCal High Times Cup.

Q: Explain to me the difference between different Moxie concentrate runs such as cured and live resin.

Live Resin is our most popular product and makes up over 90% of our product line.  It is made from fresh frozen material, which means there is no drying or curing involved. The process ensures a minimal amount of breakdown to the plant before processing. This not only preserves the quality of the final product, but it also prevents oxidation, which can cause color degradation.  

While the majority of our market is Live Resin, some patients prefer Cured Resin. It is truly a personal preference. The Cured Resin process fully dries, trims, and cures the plant before extraction. It produces a slightly different profile with a typically deeper amber hue. Compared to Live Resin, it anecdotally produces an alternative effect.  

Q: How do you select the flower you decide to extract?

Most of the flowers we extract are selected through close relationships with our cultivators.  If the base product or flower is of high quality at the beginning of the process, the final product, the oil, is going to be of the same high quality. When we work with cultivators, we take the time to learn as much as possible about their process, gathering information such as nutrient line, preventative pest regimens, and above all, the genetics they are growing.  

Q: Do you plan on using other extraction methods besides butane such as hexane or propane?

We are always researching and developing new products and processes; however, we have rigorous and strict standards for a product to complete development. While we may try using different methods or solvents, they may never see the market.

Q: Patients are reporting that their Moxie concentrates are separating onto the parchment paper. Why is that and should dispensaries be refrigerating your products?

The evaporative crystallization, or “sugaring,” process that occurs with live resin is unfortunately always a possibility when working with very high terpene content strains.  The terpenes actually act as a solvent that suspends the THC-A into the solution, where it can precipitate with like compounds.  As the compounds collect together, the terpenes separate off and “bleed-out” into the parchment paper or glass container.  However, as with any chemical reaction, there needs to be a catalyst to start the process.

While it is always best to keep your concentrate cool and dry, ultimately maintaining temperature stability is most important. Any sudden swing in ambient temperature can start the catalysis. This includes putting the product in your pocket close to body heat, leaving it in a car, or even removing it from a refrigerator.  Like many other aspects of the extraction process, the stability of the product can be completely strain-dependent. For example, we don’t even try to stabilize certain extremely terpene-rich strains because of the tendency for this to occur.  

Q: Tell us about the new Moxie tanks and how you create them?

Our proprietary tanks are made using a cannabinoid distillate, which has completed several purification processes to remove lipids, chlorophyll, and carboxylic acids.  This creates a product that is nearly 100% activated for minimal conversion loss upon vaporization.  We also dilute our cartridges using a proprietary blend of naturally occurring terpenes, esters, and oils.

Q: How did you learn to do extractions and what would you recommend for someone who wanted to work in the industry?

Our work at Moxie Extracts is extremely rewarding and meaningful; however, it demands scientific experience, an understanding of advanced mathematics and agriculture, and the willingness to put in the time—even if that time means cleaning and scrubbing the machines. As with all things scientific, our knowledge comes from education, replicating work using the scientific process, extensive research, apprenticeships, and collaboration with experienced extractors.

Q: Who are some other extraction artists you respect?

We have a mutual respect for Dabblicious, Nature’s Lab, FOB Extractions, Guild Extracts, The Clear Concentrate, and LoudPack Extractions.  We appreciate their passion, and their focus allowing for successful collaborations. They, along with Moxie Extracts, are dedicated to continuing to improve our processes for a better, safer, and more effective product.

Q: What is the future of extraction? Future of Nevada cannabis industry?

The future of extraction is limitless. As this industry begins to be welcomed into a more inclusive environment, we are all learning new techniques and innovation. This free market environment also allows for greater investment in this space. This will certainly speed up research and development.
Nevada’s future in the industry is directly tied to the regulatory environment. This can benefit or hinder continuing innovation. Moxie Extracts, along with a few other businesses, have made a significant investment in Nevada and its patients. We are very excited to be here and look forward to continuing to provide the highest and safest quality products available.


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