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By: Jennifer Walker Against the backdrop of a beautiful Western sky, among the mountain peaks and valleys that make up our “Wild, Wild West” live the innovators and engineers who comprise the flourishing CBD industry.  The past few years have proven to be revolutionary in the growth of the industry, which is now not only […]

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By: Jennifer Walker

Against the backdrop of a beautiful Western sky, among the mountain peaks and valleys that make up our “Wild, Wild West” live the innovators and engineers who comprise the flourishing CBD industry.  The past few years have proven to be revolutionary in the growth of the industry, which is now not only relevant on our side of the map, but all over the rest of North America, and beyond. 

Vegas Cannabis Magazine sat down with the masterminds behind CBD company, Steve’s Goods, to find out what makes their products stand out, what got them started, and just what is this CBG cannabinoid we’ve all been hearing about…

VCM: What prompted you to create the CBG line of products? What sets these products apart?

SG: We do our best to stay on top of the latest cannabis science. When we started hearing about CBG, we jumped on researching and learning all about it. Everything we found out was promising! CBG is the mother molecule of CBD and THC. A detailed chemical process determines whether the molecule turns into marijuana (THC dominant) or hemp (CBD dominant). Results achieved in studies when CBD is combined with CBG in higher than regular potencies caught our attention. We started doing field research; to date we’ve hosted over 1,000 people in CBG ceremonies and the reports have been nothing short of phenomenal. It turns out that using the whole plant, in full or broad-spectrum formulations is showing to be more effective than taking isolated cannabinoids. We’ll always offer CBD products; however, our main focus is on making products that utilize the synergistic workings of the whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

VCM: What sets your CBG oil apart?

SG: Well, first off, we were the first company to bring a CBG tincture to market. I think it set our entire company apart when we made the decision to look past all the CBD hype and create a product that has more benefits for the consumer, even though it was more costly to produce and didn’t have a proven market yet. They contain up to 2,500 total milligrams of cannabinoid content with a 20:1 ratio of CBD to CBG. That’s a higher CBG content than any other tincture out there, and most tinctures have 0 CBG content all together. It’s also made with a super refined raw material that we call “super distillate” which contains rich amounts of multiple cannabinoids, while removing 100% of the THC, making it safe for people who are drug tested. Oh, and the flavor profiles are made with completely natural plant terpenes. People constantly tell us it’s the best tasting tincture on the market!  

VCM:  It absolutely is one of our favorites! Do you have any other cannabinoid specific products that you’d like to speak on? 

SG: In addition to our tinctures, we have a wide range of CBD products, including edibles, body care, and award-winning concentrates. We are proud of all of them! Our concentrates are touted for their strength and flavor. Our 100 mg. bath bombs take relaxation to a new level. Our 30 mg. gummies are succulent, delicious, and anxiety-relieving. Our lollipops deliver 30 mg. of CBD in a pleasant, not-too-sweet package. Our “Wowzer” Skin Balm relieves aches and pains within moments. Aside from our flagship CBD products and concentrates, we believe we have just created another industry first with our “CBG Slab”- a 100% pure CBG concentrate product that we’re wrapping up R and D on. I can’t speak too much about that, other than we think we’re about to rattle the hemp industry and now the nootropics industry at the same time with the release of this. Stay tuned! 

VCM: That is amazing and we can’t wait to try the new products! Let’s look back at the history of Steve’s Goods…how did you get started in the hemp industry?

SG: Steven Schultheis started Steve’s Goods after personally experiencing the benefits of CBD. At first, he private-labeled another brand. That didn’t last long. Steve began meeting with farmers, extractors, bottlers, and industry experts. Then he reached out to an old high school friend, seasoned startup veteran and Internet cowboy James Rowland, who dropped his corporate career life to take a small ecommerce website into the mainstream. Steve and James, with the help of an incredible staff, have exceeded Steve’s dreams by turning Steve’s Goods into a thriving reality. Steve’s Goods is proud to be an employee-owned company.

VCM: What do you see for the future of the hemp industry nationally? Globally?

SG: That’s a funny question because our entire business has been built around the unknown. I come into work every day with new surprises thrown at me, so I’ll just say what I’d very much like to see in the future for our industry: banking reform at the federal level, allowing states to fully actualize their own cannabis legislation. More funding for research on this incredible plant, leading to some form of cannabis being present within the majority of American homes in the next decade. I think this plant can help solve so many of the problems we have in this country, from addiction to prescription drugs, creating an entire new economy, and so much more. I’m proud to run my business out of Colorado, which is a mecca for industrial hemp. Our state has a tremendous amount of data now to show how that’s been good for us (better education, less DUI’s and crime, etc.) and I hope to see the rest of the country open up equally as much. I hate to say it, but if our government doesn’t get it right with hemp, another country will. Whatever happens, I’m all in and have dedicated my life to getting this medicine to as many people as possible, no matter what the challenges are.

VCM: Speak a bit about the PBS television special and what that experience was like…

SG: I worked with a media coach for vocal tone and presentation and practiced for weeks before the taping. I went in feeling confident, and that made all the difference. It went smoothly. I’m excited about the finished product. It’s a great vehicle to introduce CBD and CBG to the masses.

VCM: Does Steve’s Goods see itself branching out into other facets of the cannabis industry in the future? 

SG: We already have one of the biggest hemp product offerings out there, so we’re really just focusing on better distribution channels to get higher quality products into more conventional markets. “Target” hit me up. Have you even seen our beauty line? But seriously…

VCM: Do you get “high on your own supply”? 

SG: We keep relaxed around here! I smoke copious amounts of flower and dabs… and Steve’s Goods allows and encourages open cannabis consumption at work, which is taken advantage of daily. So, yea, we like CBD and the good old classic Mary Jane equally around here. We all use Steve’s Goods products, so we definitely indulge in our own supply!  

You can find Steve’s Goods products in stores and online at



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