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By Stephanie Shehan            Cover Photo Stacey Frederick   Shannon Roc, aka “The Weedium”, is a California-based psychic medium that spends most days speaking to those on the other side.  She is a creative, a singer and songwriter by trade, who went through most of her life believing she was mentally […]

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By Stephanie Shehan            Cover Photo Stacey Frederick


Shannon Roc, aka “The Weedium”, is a California-based psychic medium that spends most days speaking to those on the other side.  She is a creative, a singer and songwriter by trade, who went through most of her life believing she was mentally ill because (seriously) who talks to dead people?  I recently had the chance to find out about her gift and how she is able to help people with it.  *Editor’s note: After this interview, I had a personal reading with Shannon where she was able to speak to my dad who transitioned unexpectedly in 2010.  She relayed details about his death that only my sister and I would know and provided loving closure for me.  

SS: Full disclosure, I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to most anything that I have not seen with my own eyes or experienced personally.  I am curious… have you always been psychic?

SHANNON ROC/THE WEEDIUM: Most people are!  I have always had the ability to see and hear things.  Essentially, for me this all started when I was still in the crib.  That is my earliest recollection of when things were just different for me.  I think that young children are open to receiving messages and such because they have no filter, no preconceived notions about spirits and no fear of the unknown.

SS: So true.  I can see where children might be the most open to something like this.

THE WEEDIUM: I recall one morning, as a very young child, it was early in the morning.  I had a small kitchen set, over in the corner of my room.  As I looked through the slats of my crib I saw a little boy peeking out from behind my kitchen set.  His mouth wasn’t moving but I do remember hearing him.  I remember hearing him say, “Do you want to play?”  I freaked out, I screamed and my mom came running into my room.  She looked around and clearly there was no one there.

SS: Oh wow!  I cannot imagine how you felt and also cannot imagine what your mom thought about the situation.

THE WEEDIUM: My mom chalked it up to me having a nightmare.  But, it started happening more frequently.  There was another time, when I was about 4 years old, I was wearing Winnie the Pooh footie pajamas, it was during the holidays and I was at my grandparent’s home in Dallas. I must have had a fever or an ear infection because I remember my mom mentioning that after the fact.  I was laying in my grandparent’s room and there was a big window that had large bushes outside of it.  It started to rain and I got up to look out the window.  Across the street, there was a woman standing in the driveway in the pouring rain dressed in a sort of Mary Poppins-like outfit.  She began walking towards the window and I screamed for my parents.  Again, when they came in, there was no one outside the window.

SS:  You were so young, when you think back now, what is your take away about those situations?

THE WEEDIUM: Well, many years later, I did do some research on the house I was living in as a baby in Oklahoma.  That home was a newer development, my parents were both in the military and my first few years of life were spent in that house.  When researching, I discovered that prior to homes being built there, the land had been either an Indian reservation or an old Indian burial ground.  I am sure that the little boy I saw was a Native American child, and possibly one that had been buried underneath that land.

SS: Did your parents ever open up to the possibility that what you were seeing were in fact spirits?

THE WEEDIUM: My parents are actually my aunt and uncle.  My life began very tragically.  My birth mom had me as a teenager and just two months after I was born, she was killed in a horrible car accident.  My aunt and uncle took me in and I consider them my parents.  They were both military and extremely religious.  I grew up very sheltered.  I wasn’t allowed to listen to certain types of music or watch certain movies.  Because they were so religious, they were unable to embrace my talks with people on the other side.  To this day, my dad is still closed to this discussion.  They have since divorced, and my mom is actually a bit more open and able to talk to me about the things I see and hear.  

SS: Seeing and speaking to those that have transitioned to the other side must have been scary at times.  As you got older, was it harder or easier to deal with?

THE WEEDIUM: I always knew I was different.  I never felt like I belonged in this world and I eventually learned to keep most things to myself.  When I was in the 3rd grade, I was talking to my neighbor and I was telling her about the people that lived in her house before her.  She freaked out and I knew then that it was not a good idea to tell people the things I knew.  In fact, as a young adult, I truly began to think I was mentally ill.  I sought out ways to feel better which included seeing a psychiatrist, and dabbling in both pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs. 

SS: You saying this makes me wonder how many people that are diagnosed with mental illness, could very well be hearing from spirits.  Was there a turning point where you became accepting of yourself the way that you were?

THE WEEDIUM: I moved to Los Angeles in 2010.  Previous to that, I had lived in places like Oklahoma, Georgia and Texas, which were extremely conservative.  When I got to California, I realized that the people there were much more accepting of people with gifts like mine.  I was finally comfortable.  People weren’t so rigid and conforming.  Suddenly I was open… and I didn’t even know what open meant.

It wasn’t until 2017, when my Granny died.  I was at her memorial which was held at my cousin’s house and I was drawn to this one room.  I couldn’t figure out why, as this was a house I had never been in.  There was an armoire in the room and I kept going in there even though I felt super uncomfortable.  I remember saying “granny, if this is you in here, just please don’t scare me.” There was a lot of tension in the house as there are sometimes when a family member passes and I remember talking to my cousin Kerrie, who also lived in the house, and all of a sudden I saw my cousin’s ex-husband Julian, who had taken his own life six years prior.  Julian was very close with my Granny and I believe he showed up at that time to let me know that he was with my Granny when she transitioned.  As I see him standing there, the dog starts to go crazy and I begin to panic because this is not really something I want to talk about with my family right now.  I end up not saying anything and then the next day, I am standing in the kitchen with my cousin and I see her ex, Julian again and he says to me, “ask her about the boat.”  I tried to ignore him but he got louder and said again, “ask her about the boat.”  Worst time ever as everyone around me is grieving.  I finally said to my cousin, “Hey Kerrie, I know you guys think I am crazy and different and that I sometimes talk to dead people.” and she says “yah.”  Then I said, “Julian is here and he has been here for a while.”  Her jaw dropped and her eyes welled up with tears.  I told her that he told me to ask her about the boat.  I asked her if they had boats and she told me her husband did have a couple boats and then Julian said to me, “no, ask her about THE boat.”  She seemed a little dumbfounded and then her daughter said to her, “oh my gosh mom, THE boat!”  Kerrie then tells me that Julian had one boat that on the side of it were the letters EHFAR which stood for Everything Happens for a Reason.  Once she said that, Julian said to me “tell her I am sorry.”  He then said, “the check in my pocket.”  Both my cousin and her daughter started to cry and let me know that the day he took his own life, he had gotten his final paycheck and it was in his pocket.  This was the moment I knew this was real.  That I was hearing from those that had transitioned and that relaying these messages could help people find closure.

SS: What an experience!  I know so many people that would jump at the opportunity (myself included) to have just a few words with a loved one that has passed.  Especially those times when the loved one transitioned unexpectedly.  You call yourself “The Weedium” – what role does cannabis play in your work?

THE WEEDIUM: When I met my husband,  he had been in the weed game here in California back before it was recreationally legal.  And, he was concerned with the harder drugs and dangerous pharmaceuticals I was on.  He really encouraged me to make the move to only cannabis which could obviously help with the relaxation and anxiety reduction I needed.  I grew up in the midwest where no one gives much thought to healthy food and lifestyle choices.  Once I moved to California, I realized that many people here were very conscious of their choices and I began to gravitate towards the natural, “hippie” type people.  These people were ok with me being a little out there, they were ok with me being me and smoking cannabis.  Gradually, cannabis became a part of my everyday life.  It helped me turn off all the noise, and it helped me focus.  Eventually I realized that the prescription medications were not helping me and I did exactly what I shouldn’t have and I quit all of them cold turkey – cannabis helped me with this.

SS: What an awesome transition you made, from pharmaceuticals to cannabis.  I love that.  Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your experiences with us.  How can readers connect with you?

THE WEEDIUM: Readers can connect with me on Instagram @theweedium.



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