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This month, we will see an amazing product line enter the Nevada market which was created in part by actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, along with her business partner Maya Elisabeth have created a phenomenal cannabis brand geared towards women and I recently had the chance to chat with Whoopi to find out what […]

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This month, we will see an amazing product line enter the Nevada market which was created in part by actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi, along with her business partner Maya Elisabeth have created a phenomenal cannabis brand geared towards women and I recently had the chance to chat with Whoopi to find out what we can expect to see here locally.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: I believe that all cannabis use is in some way medical as many self-defined recreational users do not realize they are also medical consumers. Do you consume cannabis medically, recreationally, or both?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I mostly consume cannabis medically these days, and because I can’t consume flower or roll, it’s all about my vape pen.

STEPHANIE: You’ve mentioned publicly that you treat glaucoma with cannabis. What is your preferred method of consumption for glaucoma?  What symptoms does it relieve? And, are there any other medical conditions you treat with cannabis?

WHOOPI: Cannabis relieves the headache caused by swelling in the eye stem. I never knew I had these headaches until I stopped smoking joints. I was then given a vape pen by my daughter, which got rid of the headaches, and I put two-and-two together. I also have had friends use weed to counter the effects of hemo and others issues of the body.

STEPHANIE: Do you prefer CBD, THC or a combination?

WHOOPI: THC and CBD can work in tandem, so both.

STEPHANIE: Your female-oriented cannabis company, Whoopi & Maya specializes in issues such as cramps and PMS.  What led you to start this company, and to start it with Maya?

WHOOPI: Once I realized that I wanted to use medicinal marijuana as a way to help women find a better way to deal with cramps, I knew I had to start this company. I wanted to find a way to create medicinal marijuana in a form not meant to get you high, but to improve the quality of a woman’s life without screwing up her stomach with antiquated remedies, or something created by men with a name that leads you to nowhere, or other pills that may cure pain but are addictive. We are topical so you can carry it in your bag, and use it when you need it.

STEPHANIE: Do you believe teenage girls should have the ability to treat period symptoms with cannabis? If so, in what ways would you like to see women educated about products such as yours?

WHOOPI: I feel that Whoopi & Maya improves productivity because it treats symptoms, and women don’t need to take any time away from work due to their periods, same with girls in school. As long as the products are topical, and state laws are followed, I don’t have any issue with young women using them.

I don’t think anybody wants their kids high in the streets, so we’ve tried to make sure that we help alleviate the pain
with the topicals.
If you’re just looking to get high, you can find weed that will take you there, but that’s not what our products are about. Our products help relax the body and try to make it easier for you to get through the day and function. Whoopi & Maya products like SOAK are good for young women—you get in the tub, soak, and get relief. They can use SAVOR, our raw, organic cacao, that helps relax the muscles to feel better.

I also must tell you that it’s not just women who use our products, which is why they would like us to change
the name.

Men love us as well because our products work really well for things like muscle aches. Nothing works on 100% of people, but our line treats a lot of people for a lot of different things. People use us when their joints are bad, and some people use our products for headaches because you can just rub it on your temples. I don’t know what all works for different people, I just know that people have told me this works for them.

STEPHANIE: Your products will be in Nevada dispensaries this month (May), will your entire line be available?  If so, can you go through the products and what each is used for?

WHOOPI: All of our products will be available in Nevada this month. We have a cannabis body balm (RUB), a THC infused tincture (RELAX), an organic, raw cacao (SAVOR), and a bath soak (SOAK). You use these products as needed, and it really depends on what you’re doing. Sometimes people will use our bath soak if they have a huge muscle spasm, and sometimes runners will use the rub before they run. Some people even eat the raw cacao in the car because it makes their stomachs feel better from all of the medication they’ve been taking. You know what you need when you use these products, and the whole line will be there. Eventually there will be more things out there, but right now, this is what we have, and if you have muscle issues, we might be a really great choice for you.

STEPHANIE: Here in Nevada, you are working with Altitude Products, tell me how that relationship came to fruition.

WHOOPI: Krista Whitley at Altitude liked the sound of our products so she talked to one of our board members and asked if I could visit some of the dispensaries there and talk to the owners. I said sure, and after doing so, I realized that she was the person we should be in with. She’s a woman, and she truly understood the “why” of Whoopi & Maya. Also, she is REALLY smart.

STEPHANIE: Do you believe that the federal government will ever deschedule cannabis?

WHOOPI: Yes, I don’t think they’ll have a choice. This medicine is very different in that it has the components it needs to work right in the plant. The growers know THC and CBD, and they don’t have to include any extras in the plant. They don’t need to add things you cannot pronounce. People want a cleaner cure for their ailments. Oxy doesn’t work for everyone, but they give it to you anyway. Weed offers an alternative, and people want that.

STEPHANIE: As a business owner in the cannabis industry, are you concerned that the government, now with Sessions/Trump in charge, will ever step in and shut companies down?


STEPHANIE: Do you reside in a recreational state? If not, where is your state with legalization?

WHOOPI: No, but New York and New Jersey are finding
their way.

STEPHANIE: Do you plan to expand to other states?

WHOOPI: Yes, anywhere cramps, muscle spasms, and a whole lot of other aches and pains live.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life for as many people as we can. The Whoopi & Maya products are for everyone. Mothers can help daughters by giving them the rub because it won’t get you high, and in many, it has faded cramps. I wish I could say our products work on everyone but that would not be true. You just have to try Whoopi & Maya products to see if they can help you.

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About Altitude Products:
Altitude Products is a cannabis conglomerate with CBD products nationwide and THC products in Nevada and California. Led by a team of socially responsible women, Altitude Products is on a mission to arrest drug addiction in America by replacing dangerous opioids with CBD and THC wellness products. With seven brands currently in market, the Altitude Products team is behind top selling cannabis brands Whoopi & Maya, Caviar Gold, and The Weekend Box in Nevada. Dedicated to giving back to our community, Altitude Products won for ‘best float’ at the Las Vegas Pride parade, sponsors Women Grow Las Vegas monthly, and presents the monthly Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana Panel. Follow more information, visit Altitude online at

Photo By: Timothy White


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