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By: Josh Kasoff   In a city as extravagant and always happening as Las Vegas, any cannabis consumer could assume that the city would go all out for 4/20 events and deals. And their assumptions would most definitely be correct, as nearly every dispensary, brand and now consumption lounge crafts some form of near fire […]

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By: Josh Kasoff


In a city as extravagant and always happening as Las Vegas, any cannabis consumer could assume that the city would go all out for 4/20 events and deals. And their assumptions would most definitely be correct, as nearly every dispensary, brand and now consumption lounge crafts some form of near fire sale or large event for the Highest of Holidays. All across the Las Vegas Valley and even up north in Tahoe and Reno and in every Nevada dispensary outside of Sin City, 4/20 and the many celebrations dedicated to Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg’s most favorite day is always a sight to behold in The Silver State. Funnily enough despite recently celebrating his 91st birthday, The Red Headed Stranger nevertheless performed an incredible show playing all his classics at the Laughlin Event Center on the always loved day.   

For this most important 4/20, in a monumental year that’s already cemented itself in greater cannabis history only five months into the year, the experienced cannabis event planning expert and Cannect Hospitality founder Jenn Tramaglino partnered with the event ticketing and marketing platform found by renowned cannabis businessmen David Tran and James Zachodni to produce an event that was not only massive in terms of overall attendance and scope of the event, but also deeply and warmly nostalgic for any Southern kid such as myself who grew up regularly attending carnivals and the annual State Fair in all its deep fried glory.  

“James from Farechild and I were on the phone talking about the 420 landscape in Vegas and started tossing around the idea of hosting something together.” Tramaglino explained. “First, we said it’d be cool to create a Cannabis County Fair, but because we love pulling off crazy shit, it turned into a full blown 420 State Fair real quick.” 

This grandiose idea by Tramaglino was actually attempted to be properly planned during the calm before the storm that was the first few months of 2020. However, a global pandemic that stopped the world halted any ambitious plans for a consumption-friendly state fair-themed celebration. Four years and a massive expansion of the hosting venue later, and the 420 State Fair became a very prosperous reality.  

Hosted at the now legendary and expansive venue that has valiantly served as an innovator of public consumption events in Las Vegas for a number of years now, that of course being NuWu, the thousands of open and indoors square footage served as a perfect grounds for all the classically iconic carnival games such as ski ball, milk bottle toss and the absolute cornerstone event of any true State Fair, a pie eating contest. With the exception of a thoroughly greasy turkey leg, a roller coaster that’s seen better days, and a plethora of foods that should never be deep fried yet were anyway, the 420 State Fair possessed everything that a quintessential state fair would  have. And the whole extended cast of memorable characters from every carnival, everyone from the clown to the stilt walkers, were excitedly present. One such clown even wheeled himself across the Sky High Lounge in a Jigsaw-like hilariously small tricycle. 

“It was really magical getting to meet guests who traveled to Las Vegas just for the party and see guests spend the whole day with us.” Tramaglino recollected. “We really feel the day was made possible with all the help of our great friends, organization partners and sponsors from the local cannabis community who all participated.”

While certainly not commonplace for the state fairs in several of the states located eastward of Nevada and California, the 420 State Fair was the pristine location of a Group Commitment Ceremony & Vow Renewal hosted by Minister Teresa Schmidt of the Vegas Wedding Chamber and Soul Connections 11:11 that began promptly at 4:20 PM where dozens of couple either renewed their vows or sentimentally expressed their love for one another. Not too long after, JC and Tony from Culture and Cannabis not only curated and coordinated but also hosted the Live Music Showcase. 

The 420 State Fair also had a very special toast by one of Nevada cannabis’ most influential elected officials, former State Senator and current Clark County Commission member Tick Segerblom. At the forefront of everything Nevada cannabis business and legislation-related, Segerblom has earned the well deserved moniker of “The Godfather of Vegas Cannabis” and continues to be an ardent supporter of the cannabis industry and the several events that are hosted annually.  

Another endlessly fun activity that differentiated from the traditional state fair format was the Puff and Paint section for VIP’s on the second floor of the Sky High Lounge that overlooked the entire state fair. Then again, anything cannabis-related in the slightest would have been strictly prohibited from any state fair or rodeo I grew up attending, so the concept of a cannabis-centric state fair would be instantly foreign to any state east of Nevada. 

For the marketing and overall reach and success of the memorable event, the creative partnership with Farechild couldn’t have possibly been more beneficial. 

“The 420 State Fair felt like the best culmination of 7 years spent creating crazy, over-the-top events with Farechild.” Tramaglino stated. “Together we’ve thrown some of the best cannabis parties in Las Vegas, from the DOPE Golden Ticket to the iconic year end Dreamhouse or Shangri-la parties. This time around, Cannect actually co-hosted the 420 State Fair vs. staying behind the scenes doing concepting, fabrication and installations.”

With rescheduling officially on the horizon, Tramaglino knows the long-term and industry-changing ramifications if the federal government were to change or reschedule any substances. 

 “I definitely believe the rescheduling is going to bring on new laws and regulations related to the Schedule III classification. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, and what new rules must be followed.  







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