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By: Josh Kasoff Numerology and the many interpretations of it can hold different meanings in cultures around the world. In several languages, the literal word for a number could also have a far more significant meaning. The word for the number nine in Mandarin and Cantonese translates to longevity and eternity while there is the […]

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By: Josh Kasoff

Numerology and the many interpretations of it can hold different meanings in cultures around the world. In several languages, the literal word for a number could also have a far more significant meaning. The word for the number nine in Mandarin and Cantonese translates to longevity and eternity while there is the near ubiquitous yet unexplainable fear of the number 13; numerology has been present in cultures in every diverse corner of this vast planet. Outside of worldly cultures, even certain cannabis brands are embracing numerology in the stories of their inception too.

Shavo Odadjian, the bassist for the best-selling heavy metal band System of a Down, is an avid fan of both numerology and cannabis. While touring extensively with the band, the Grammy-winning bassist and cannabis connoisseur was able to enjoy some of the best cultivations throughout the planet. 

However, Odadjian long resisted joining the industry. Then he learned some of his oldest friends were getting more involved in the space, and the right team just clicked at the right time. Taking inspiration from Shavo’s affinity for numerology (22 was a key number in his life), 22Red was born. Given that the glorious combination of both cannabis and music is obviously such a driving force behind the artistry of not just Odadjian but creatives everywhere, 22Red is dedicated to honoring and appreciating innovative artists of all varieties.    

While cannabis is almost unanimously known as a dedicated aid for enhancing the creative process of nearly every type of art form, few cannabis brands cater directly to creatives and their artforms quite like 22Red. And luckily for cannabis consumers in the Silver State, the brand is now available at Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, Cookies (the Las Vegas Flamingo store) and Shango in Nevada. Originally founded in California, the brand is popping up in Nevada thanks to a new partnership with Redwood Cultivation.  

Arguably the person most excited for this partnership is none other than Odadjian himself.

“I’m a creator that’s super into genetics,” the legendary bassist explained, “and I’m beyond excited to share our proprietary strains and catalog of products with those in Nevada. To me, it’s like writing a new song, and you can’t wait to see how people are going to react when they hear it. I’m in Las Vegas at least once a month, and System does a big show there once a year called Sick New World, so it’s incredible to be able to share 22Red with our fanbase there.”

Since entering the Nevada market in 2021, Shavo Odadjian and the 22Red team have been adamant about offering premium products for consumers who appreciate an elevated cannabis experience. The brand’s recent “Hunt for the Best” (an ongoing program where 22Red seeks the best genetics, cultivars and partners in cannabis) initiative led them to the doorstep of Redwood Cultivation, who share in the brand’s obsession and vision for radically premium cannabis. They source elite genetics from a diverse group of well-known expert breeders, and have developed the logistics to produce not only top-notch indica and hybrid strains but also exceptional sativa-dominant cultivars. Operating in Nevada since 2016, the Redwood facility is equipped with advanced HVAC and dehumidification systems to ensure optimal growth conditions and state-of-the-art computer-automated nutrient and irrigation systems to ensure the perfect levels are delivered to every plant. Meanwhile, post-harvest, the flower is always 100% hand-trimmed to ensure the integrity of every kola. Basically, it’s a marriage of high tech and artisanal cultivation under one roof. 

Redwood Cultivation is an award winning cultivator whose cannabis ethos and dedication to providing high-end cannabis experiences mirrors 22Red’s. They’re known for the ability to produce a diversity of exotic strains, including many sativas that others avoid due to their longer grow times and special needs. Emphasizing quality over cheap and cheerful, Redwood is the antithesis of corporate cannabis and they are a true partner that enthusiastically embraces 22Red’s guidance and Shavo’s direct involvement. As the founder of 22Red, he also hand selects what is officially added to the menu for consumers to enjoy. According to Odadjian, “We’re so happy to team up with a like-minded facility like Redwood, who grow the most premium weed in Nevada. It’s a match made in Sin City.”

Among the products featured on Nuwu, Cookies, and Shango shelves are 22Red’s top-notch strains that provide a variety of effects and diverse terpene profiles with an emphasis on mouthwatering flavor for the true connoisseurs who expect a fuller experience in addition to potency. Some examples of 22Red’s proprietary strains grown for Nevada include the indica-dominant hybrid Red Popz, which has a dark purple hue and tastes like grape while Cuban Gaslight, a sativa-dominant hybrid, has gorgeous dark orange hairs.  For consumers who prefer a split even 50/50 hybrid, 22Red has you covered with their citrusy yet also pine-scented Wild Kush. Their flower is currently offered in both 8ths and full gram prerolls.  Unsurprisingly, one of the most common feelings after consuming 22Red strains is a boost in creativity.      

Up next? The brand plans to release their collection of Live Ice Water Hash & Rosin products to the Nevada market in 2024. It’s something worth marking your calendars for, because Ice Water Hash is getting harder to find these days. A labor intensive and costly process, most brands embrace cheaper methods to create hash products at the expense of the final product.  But as the brand says on their website, “22Red’s mission is to create an amplified cannabis lifestyle that celebrates the creatives of the world. We take pride in providing badass products across cannabis, music, art, and fashion. We are the trendsetters with uncompromising standards, introducing premium goods to the everyday experience.” 

Whether Nevada fans enjoy a joint or freshly harvested, terpy flower, the emphasis on excellence moves 22Red clear out of the celebrity brand pool and straight into the halls of craft cannabis creators. 




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