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While the laws for patients are constantly being adjusted for medical marijuana, this new change is a step in the right direction.

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Big Changes for Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Card Applicants

I recently had the chance to speak with Rianna Durrett, Esq, the Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association who filled me in on big changes to the Nevada medical marijuana card application process..  Up until now, patients applying for a Nevada medical marijuana card have endured a 3-6 month wait time before receiving approval.  But, most recently, with the State allowing applicants to obtain the application online instead of mailing in a request for one, many patients have experienced a much shorter wait time.  In hopes of rectifying this situation further, the State of Nevada recently opened a local office to service the needs of our local medical patients.  This office, with the assistance of our local dispensaries,  can provide same day approval for medical marijuana card applicants.  In addition, very soon, their will no longer be a need for patients to visit the DMV upon approval to obtain their state-issued medical marijuana card.  In the coming months, the DMV will automatically mail approved patients their medical marijuana cards using the photo that they currently have on file..

According to the Nevada Dispensary Association, medical marijuana numbers have been rising in more than just patient card approvals. The state’s total marijuana excise tax has grown considerably since June 2015 where it sat at just $469.07 total. By contrast, the March 2016 excise tax total was $88,308.09. The total for the fiscal year, to date, is a staggering $317,573.94, with $238,180.17 of that amount earmarked for the Distributive School Account (making up 75% of collections on marijuana taxation) and $79,393.77 earmarked for the Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

Currently, the Nevada office can accommodate up to 25 applicants per day.  Applicants are seen by appointment only.  Patients should visit a physician who provides medical marijuana recommendations first.  Then, stop by a participating dispensary for review of the application.  Once reviewed, the dispensary will schedule an appointment at the State’s local office.  If approved a temporary, 60-day letter will be issued which will allow the patient to immediately visit a dispensary to purchase medical cannabis.

As of May 2016, there were 18,599 active medical marijuana cardholders in the state of Nevada.  This time last year, Nevada had only 9,345 cardholders.  As the number of cardholders continues to rise, a more streamlined application process is greatly appreciated.


The Nevada Dispensary Association is dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries as well as supporting the efforts of dispensary owners to provide high quality, safe medical marijuana to Nevada’s patients.  For more information, visit  


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