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8|Fold Location: Las Vegas, NV Facility: 8|Fold has 13,000 square feet available at their grow with 5,000 square feet reserved for a canopy of flower. There are three flower rooms and they have over 1500 plants at any given time, with over 750 plants in their vegetation room and up to 800 in their clone […]

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Location: Las Vegas, NV

Facility: 8|Fold has 13,000 square feet available at their grow with 5,000 square feet reserved for a canopy of flower. There are three flower rooms and they have over 1500 plants at any given time, with over 750 plants in their vegetation room and up to 800 in their clone room.

Brands: 8|Fold

Signature Strains: Top-selling strains are Star Killer, Anslinger and Inferno OG, likely because they resonate well with heavy smokers. Connor’s Comfort is another unique strain as it is a nearly 1:1 THC/CBD ratio.

Number of Strains Grown: 9-10 strains in full rotation at any given time and up to 15 strains total for in-house production.

Cultivation Details: 8|Fold is embracing the changes in the industry as opposed to resisting the ever-changing landscape and legislation that may raise problems for other cultivators. They are forward-thinking and utilize any and all technology that may increase their productivity or efficiency and are humbly confident in their growing abilities. 8|Fold is willing to evolve and grow (pun intended) as the emerging cannabis industry continues to expand statewide and nationally.

Indoor or Outdoor: State-of-the-art, indoor facilities.

Cultivation Staff Training: 8|Fold is constantly critiquing and teaching new methods as well as retraining on all other aspects of cultivation. As they continue to grow and expand, they will designate R&D rooms as well as a strategic and long-term training program.

The Future: 8|Fold is constantly introducing new products and strains, and continuing to develop their brand for success across the state.

Final Thoughts: Everyone on the 8|Fold team is passionate about what they’re doing, which is reflected in the customer experience that they are able to provide. This passion is what drives 8|Fold to be great and have the vision to take the company to the next level of success.

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The Apothecary Shoppe/Craft Cannabis

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Facility: The Apothecary Shoppe’s cultivation facility includes 10,000 square feet with four rooms and 2,000 plants.

Brands: Craft Cannabis

Signature Strains: Craft Cannabis’ signature strains include Golden Ticket, Funky Malawi, Ghost OG, Strawberry Banana OG, Lemon OG, Hope, and Blue Dream.

Number of Strains Grown: 38 strains

Cultivation Details: The staff at The Apothecary Shoppe are entirely hands-on: every plant is hand watered, hand cared for, and hand trimmed. Their crew is passionate and multi-disciplinary, and all staff interact with all stages of the plant’s life cycle. Every step from seed to sale is an act of love.

Indoor or Outdoor: The Apothecary Shoppe is an indoor cultivation facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: The Apothecary Shoppe provides ongoing training for their cultivation staff and management is always on the lookout for a keen eye and attention to detail.

The Future: The Apothecary Shoppe has merged with Surterra Wellness, a national cannabis wellness brand. All kinds of exciting things are coming!

Final Thoughts: Please be sure to visit The Apothecary Shoppe, their stunning location is just off the Las Vegas Strip. They have a lovely gourmet café that is now open featuring creations from the world-renowned chocolatier Jean-Marie Auboine. This is a wonderful co-venture with The Apothecary Shoppe, and they look forward to carrying his luxurious confections at their dispensary.

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Bond Road Cannabis Company

Location: Henderson, NV

Tagline: Stay Classic

Facility: Bond Road Cannabis Company includes 2,274 square feet of flower space with one flower room and approximately 800 plants.

Brands: Bond Road Cannabis Company

Signature Strains: Bond Road Kush is Bond Road Cannabis Company’s flagship strain. Bonded 99 and Grand Blue Cheese are their other two.

Number of Strains Grown: Bond Road Cannabis Company is a boutique strain, therefore they only grow three strains.

Cultivation Details: As a boutique cultivation, the crew at Bond Road has the time to give each and every single plant the love that it deserves.

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor, after all, who could grow outdoors in Henderson?

Cultivation Staff Training: Bond Road management is a big fan of cross-training. They believe that when everyone knows the other person’s job, it makes it easier to work together as a team.

The Future: The staff at Bond Road will always be looking for ways to make their customers happy. But, for now, they plan on perfecting their process.

Final Thoughts: Bond Road Cannabis Company isn’t some giant, mega-corporation grow. They are very small and their staff is made up of people who have worked Vegas-style jobs. So, they know how hard it is to make a buck in this town. Their primary focus is growing a product and selling it at a reasonable price. They want their customers to be confident that, when they hand over their money that they’ve worked really hard for, they’re getting something really special for that money.

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Location: North Las Vegas, NV

Tagline: Certified pure, absolute excellence.

Facility: The Floravega cultivation facility features a 40,000 square foot building with 14,500 square feet of canopy, four flower rooms, 720 lights and 5,000 plants.

Brands: Floravega branded flower, 20-somethings and 30-something pre-rolls

Signature Strains: Floravega’s signature strains include Primus, Desert Snow, Chernobyl, 13Gorillas, and Blueberry Limeade.

Number of Strains Grown: Floravega grows more than 25 strains and are consistently experimenting with new genetics to adapt to the needs of the market.

Cultivation Details: Floravega’s size allows them to provide high quality cannabis at an affordable price. They have unique standards and practices specific to their facility and workflow that is in place to maximize quality and efficiency.

Indoor or Outdoor: Floravega is an indoor cultivation facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: The staff at Floravega are consistently training and learning. Each member of the cultivation staff is trained with direct, hands-on experience under the instruction of their lead growers and veteran staff and allocated to a role that best suits their skills within the garden.

The Future: Floravega has high hopes for their future; they are releasing a new logo, 20Something and 30Something branded pre-rolls, Floravega merchandise, multiple new strains throughout summer and fall and a few other new products.

Final Thoughts: The team at Floravega takes great pride in being a 100% locally owned company; they have teamed up with Nevada NORML and other organizations to give back to the community. They are always striving to improve and provide quality cannabis to their customers at an affordable price.

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Remedy Cultivation

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Tagline: As the first Battle Born cannabis brand, Remedy proudly provides premium craft cannabis, concentrates, infused and vape products to medical and recreational marijuana patients.

Facility: Remedy Cultivation currently has 40 strains of premium quality cannabis. Remedy has nine flower rooms, with a canopy of over 20,000 square feet. Remedy is a state of the art, self sufficient, vertically integrated company. Remedy has just finished construction on expanding their own in-house, state of the art extraction lab. This allows them to create connoisseur concentrates, infused and vape products from their own high testing top-shelf flower.

Brands: We are the Remedy, special Cannabis and Concentrates.

Signature Strains: At Remedy, they are constantly pheno hunting for the world’s best cannabis. Remedy has over 40 strains in their rotation. They are well known for powerful and potent strains like Bio Jesus, Bio Diesel, Blueberry Headband and Outer Space. Remedy has several different OG Kush strains; Dirks OG, Fire OG, King Tut OG, LAOG, OG-18, SFVOG. They are also known for having the strongest classic strain phenotypes of 707 Headband, Blue Dream, Deadhead OG and GG#4.

Number of Strains Grown: Between Remedy’s nine flower rooms, they have roughly 30 strains on constant rotation.

Cultivation Details: Remedy’s handcrafted cannabis sets the standard in the cannabis industry by combining the benefits of selective genetic breeding with the strictest lab-testing standards in the industry. The Remedy team is proud of their hand-cultivation processes and strive to nurture premium cannabis. They also provide Nevada with the highest testing cured resin and live resin concentrates, as well as live resin and standard vapes. Their infused product line provides, capsules, tinctures and high CBD topicals.

Indoor or Outdoor: Remedy has a state of the art facility, currently growing indoors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cultivation Staff Training: Learning and training on all levels is a constant at Remedy. The Remedy staff constantly strives to further their knowledge of how to grow premium cannabis and continue to produce top shelf concentrates, infused and vape products.

The Future: Remedy just completed construction on the expansion of their extraction lab. Their new Cultivation Director, Hassan Khalatbari is working hand in hand with their Production Manager, Thomas Supp in scheduling out and planning flower rooms for not only A grade premium quality cannabis, but planning flower rooms specifically for live resin extraction for concentrates and live resin vapes. They are about to release a new eco-friendly packaging for their products. They have listened to the demand for new exotic cannabis strains, and have a few more strains currently in the rotation.

Final Thoughts: Craft and quality are at the heart of the process involved in concentrate and vape live resin extraction. When cannabis is harvested, the live plants are placed in a cryogenic freezer set to -80°C. The Remedy team is able to avoid the high rate terpene loss that is experienced in the traditional drying step, by freezing that plant immediately after harvest, for maximum terpene preservation. During the extraction process the terpenes are separated from cannabinoids, and the cannabinoids are ultra-refined through a secondary distillation step. These terpenes and ultra-refined cannabinoids come together to create a final product that captures the true essence of a mature plant at the end of its flowering period.

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Flower One

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Tagline: Full-Service Cannabis Cultivation, Production, Processing and Custom Packaging.

Facility: Flower One is home to the largest commercial-scale greenhouse in the State of Nevada. The 400,000 square foot greenhouse and 55,000 square foot processing and custom packaging facility will be capable of producing over 140,000 lbs (or 62,500 kg) of dry flower per year and will house in the eight flower zones 80,000 plants per crop cycle, making it the largest cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada. Flower One is licensed for the cultivation and production of both recreational and medical cannabis. Flower One’s inaugural Zone One harvest commenced at the end of May 2019. The greenhouse is expected to operate on a perpetual cycle of harvesting one zone per week (representing approximately 10,000 plants per harvest). Flower One also owns a 25,000 square foot indoor cultivation and production facility, located just down the street from its flagship greenhouse, with nine grow rooms capable of cultivating a total of 4,500 plants per cycle. It uses this facility primarily for the research and development of new strains and specialty products.

Technology partners include:
Quick Strip, by Rapid Dose Therapeutics
G-Pen, by Grenco Science
Brand partners include:
Flower One
Flyte Concentrate
Old Pal
CannAmerica Brands
The Medicine Cabinet

Signature Strains: Blue Zkittlez, a brand originally refined by Flower One’s NLVO, has been a longtime best-seller and favorite among local Nevadans as well as the booming tourist population. This Indica dominant hybrid is enjoyed for being very sweet and aromatic with a subtle high – Flower One anticipates this strain will remain popular through distribution with their brand partners.

Number of Strains Grown: Flower One’s genetic library currently consists of over 100 unique cannabis strains.

Cultivation Details: Flower One is home to the largest commercial-scale greenhouse in the State of Nevada. Leveraging the industry’s leading greenhouse technologies and innovative growing and sustainability practices, Flower One aims to cultivate high-quality hydroponic cannabis and processing at scale for the state’s rapidly growing cannabis market. Flower One’s cultivation and growing systems are supported by a broad range of proprietary technologies and methods that allow them to avoid the use of pesticides and fungicides to manage their cannabis canopy. They have an integrated pest management team that will be applying their in-depth knowledge of entomology and biologicals to manage their cannabis crop without the use of chemicals. Flower One will be capable of producing over 140,000 lbs of dry flower per year and will house 80,000 plants per crop cycle. That combination of scale in both cultivation and production is truly what sets Flower One apart.

Indoor or Outdoor: Flower One is primarily a greenhouse operator, with an additional indoor research and development facility down the street.

Cultivation Staff Training: Growing healthy crops with a significant yield requires a broad team of dedicated professionals to deliver results. Each individual on their growing team, from their Master Grower, to Senior Grower, and Growers has between 10 and 30 years of extensive growing experience, and specializes in growing a wide variety of crops, in particular, growing in a desert climate. Their expertise comes from their extensive education in traditional crop science, horticulture and agriculture, coupled with formal training and hands-on experience in climate management, irrigation management (including fertilizer recipes and dosing strategies), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), greenhouse operations (including systems settings and configuration), crop worker management (like pruning and harvesting), crop mix planning, and propagation. Crop supervisors and IPM experts, together, are a perfect complement to the Flower One growing team, monitoring crop health and managing crop planting and harvesting activities. Each staff member is also well-versed in sophisticated sensor and computer monitoring systems that are used to manage all aspects of the growing process.

The Future: Where supplying quality clean product at scale has been an issue across North America, Flower One is employing a strategy that it hopes will ensure this is just a blip in the history of the cannabis industry. With local seed-to-retail-ready product that is custom packaged and delivered to retail locations with a commitment to consistent, reliable, high-volume just in time delivery, Flower One is dedicated to not only supporting the state’s local cannabis economy, but transforming the way retail dispensaries approach the supply and demand of their product ranges with a nimble ordering model.
For now, their focus is bringing this transformation to Nevada, while continuing to expand their portfolio of brand partners. But a multistate presence is absolutely not out of the question!

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Premium Produce LLC

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Facility: The Premium Produce cultivation facility is 25,000 square feet with 5 operational rooms and 11 different strains. The building features a custom-made environmental control system which cost more than $1 million dollars to purchase and install. It controls temperature, humidity, airflow, monitors irrigation, and alerts Premium Produce staff when the lighting in the grow rooms is uneven and the lights need to be changed.

Brands: Reina

Signature Strains: One of Reina’s signature strains is Ghost Train Haze which offers a combination of nice earthy, citrus, and pine terpenes. It gives a nice uplifted, happy, energetic, euphoric, and focused high testing at 30% THC.

Number of Strains Grown: Premium Produces cultivates anywhere from 6-8 strains at any given time.

Cultivation Details: Everything at Premium Produce is cultivated in-house. The Premium Produce staff provides tender love and care to each individual plant ensuring the proper amount of nutrients and water are given. The above and beyond PPE measures taken at Premium Produce before entering the facility, entering grow rooms, and leaving the facility is second to none. And, their bright and transparent staff works together to create the best top shelf flower.

Indoor or Outdoor: Everything at Premium Produce is grown indoors which helps to avoid pests, spraying pesticides, and unwanted contamination.

Cultivation Staff Training: Premium produce hires only the best cultivators willing to commit their time to giving the plants the attention and care they deserve. They expect their staff to stay current on THC/CBD news, think out of the box, be innovative and creative and share input to improve their products. They give every member of their facility a voice and they want them to use it.

The Future: Expect to see Reina branded cannabis products in dispensaries throughout Nevada. And, very soon, they will have their own line of CBD wellness products at a retail store near you. The Reina CBD full spectrum line will be dropping within the next couple of weeks. Their vision expands to California, where they will begin building out a new facility in Lynwood, CA.

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Green Life Productions (GLP)

Location: Pahrump, NV

Tagline: The most trusted brand in cannabis

Facility: Green Life Productions is currently operating in a 12,000 square foot, indoor facility with three flower rooms.

Brands: GLP

Signature Strains: GLP signature strains include Lavender, Strawberry Cough, Miss X, MAC and VCM.

Number of Strains Grown: Typically 15-20 strains are growing at the Green Life Productions facility, but they are always planting and pheno hunting new genetics to expand their library.

Cultivation Details: Green Life Productions’ innovative growing method models natural ecosystems to maximize the benefit of their no-till living organic soil while minimizing their ecological footprint. Five years ago, when they designed their facility, they went for a more sustainable regenerative approach while utilizing the ethics and principles of permaculture throughout the design process of their entire facility. From their no till living organic soil in raised beds, to energy efficient LED lighting, water catchments, onsite composting facility, growing their own inputs and many more closed loop systems. In addition, they grow organically without the use of any synthetic NPK fertilizers or chemical pesticides and fungicides.

Indoor or Outdoor: Green Life Productions is currently growing indoors but will be breaking ground in a few months on their greenhouses.

Cultivation Staff Training: Green Life Productions has always hired from within to build people up through the ranks with in-house training. They provide their team with the tools to expand their education and knowledge of the industry.

The Future: The GLP team has a lot to be thankful for and even more to be excited about this year. They will start by revamping their GLP brand with new labeling and designs, packaging, social media and YouTube channel. They will also be breaking ground on their greenhouse project and hopefully introducing their Sun Grown line by the end of this year.

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Location: Las Vegas, NV

Tagline: This Land is Your Land

Facility: The Redwood Cultivation facility is 20,000 square feet and features 4 flower rooms and 1 mother room.

Redwood Trees
Tyson Ranch
Dizzy Wright
Jimi Hendrix
Pink Leaf

Signature Strains: One of Redwood Cultivation’s signature strains is Sour Diesel.

Number of Strains Grown: Redwood Cultivation grows anywhere from 4-6 strains, depending on demand.

Cultivation Details: Redwood Cultivations’s technology is top of the line. This technology truly helps them be at the top of their game and their attention remains on the health and growth of their plants for patients.

Indoor or Outdoor: Redwood Cultivation is an indoor grow facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: Management at Redwood Cultivation is always happy to bring in new people and teach them what they need to know to work in this industry. They are always learning something new and evolving.

The Future: Redwood is currently expanding out operations to add more flower and mother rooms. It is a very exciting time!

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Location; Clark County, NV

Tagline: “It’s all about what happens when you open the bag”

Facility: Medizin encompasses a 10,000 square foot facility with six room and 2,500 plants.

Brands: Medizin

Signature Strains: Medizin’s signature strains include Chloe, Mango Kush, MDB, and Irene.

Number of Strains Grown: Medizin is currently growing 13 different strains.

Cultivation Details: With attention to detail and dedication to the craft, no expense is spared and no detail is overlooked. Every decision by every person on the Medizin team is made with the sole intent of producing the finest herb available.

Indoor or Outdoor: Medizin operates an indoor cultivation facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: Everyone in the Medizin garden starts as a trimmer and puts in the hours required to learn and level up. They are cultivating cultivators to overgrow the planet.

The Future: Expect Medizin to continue consistently putting out top quality flower and resin. The Medizin team is always testing new varieties and as winners emerge, consumers will see them on the shelves. The latest new strain release is Blueberry Syrup from Calco Genetics which is a cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Grand Daddy Purple.

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Location: Nevada and Arizona

Tagline: Setting a New Standard in Cannabis

Facility: Tryke encompasses an over 30,000 square foot cultivation facility with 21 flowering rooms, 5 propagation rooms and 20,000 plants growing at any given time.

Khalifa Kush

Signature Strains: Wedding Cake, Khalifa Kush, and Dutch Treat Haze are Tryke signature strains.

Number of Strains Grown: At Tryke, at least 50 strains are being grown at any given time.

Cultivation Details: Tryke is one of the few vertically integrated cultivations in Nevada, housed in the same building as their retail storefront Reef Dispensary.

Indoor or Outdoor: The Tryke cultivation is an indoor facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: Tryke management is always fine-tuning the process and striving for perfection.

The Future: A continuous focus on growing unique, high quality products, with exciting new strains coming down the pipeline is in the near future for Tryke.

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MMG Agriculture

Location: Reno, NV

Tagline: Never Settle

Facility: The MMG Agriculture cultivation facility is 8,000 square feet and features 3 flowering rooms, 2,300 flowering plants, and 15 strains,

Brands: MMG Agriculture: Top Shelf Cannabis MMG Extracts

Signature Strains: MMG’s signature strains include Westside OG, Sierra OG, Dutch Treat and Alien Cookies.

Number of Strains Grown: Currently, MMG Agriculture is growing eight different strains.

Cultivation Details: MMG Agriculture is a small, local, woman-owned business. Their product is 100% hand trimmed, and cultivated using 100% organic fertilizers, and without the use of pesticides. They focus on the most unique genetics; genetics you will only find produced by MMG.

Indoor or Outdoor: The MMG Agriculture facility is an Indoor cultivation.

Cultivation Staff Training: MMG’s grow staff is trained in agricultural methods both by the Department of Agriculture and their Director of Operations, Randall Bock.

The Future: MMG is slowly adding products to their extract line, MMG Extracts. Currently, crumbles, sugars and infused pre-rolls are available.

Final Thoughts: MMG sets itself apart from other cultivations by producing small batches of the highest quality marijuana. As a smaller cultivation facility, they can attend to the most minute details which in turn helps them produce marijuana with consistently high THC and terpene contents. The highest quality marijuana should only be packaged in the best packaging, which is why all of MMG’s flower is packaged in glass, with airtight seals, humidity packs to combat Nevada’s dry air, and integrated lab facts on the labels in order to allow customers to read and understand the laboratory test results.

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Urban Hills LLC

Location: Sparks, Nevada

Tagline: A Cannabis Culture

Facility: Urban Hills LLC is a 22,500 square foot facility located in Sparks, Nevada.

Brands: Bohemian Brothers

Signature Strains: The signature Bohemian Brother strains include Starberry, Orange 43, Chunkberry Gobstopper, Wedding Crasher and Dosiface.

Number of Strains Grown: There are currently twelve strains being grown at Urban Hills.

Cultivation Details: The team at Urban Hills strives to bring each genetic they offer to its fullest potential, using patience and care to bring the pinnacle of the flower’s potential to their customers. All of their flowers are slow cured and hand trimmed as to preserve the quality and integrity of the product all the way to the end user.

Indoor or Outdoor: Urban Hills is an indoor cultivation facility.

Cultivation Staff Training: The art of crafting cannabis is a constant evolution of training the eye and techniques. As the plants grow, the staff at Urban Hills grows. When working with nature, they must be able to bend and mold to the needs of the plant. Evolving is essential. And online games are beginning to be used to stabilize psychological health. The leader in the development of online games, the company Friv5Online Games Studio participates in an experiment on the development of online games for the treatment of people with mental disorders.

The Future: Urban Hills is looking to expand its total flowering canopy in the near future. They will also be adding Bohemian Brothers branded pre-rolled joints of a different stature to their customers.

Final Thoughts: Urban Hills believes in the cultivation of cannabis as an art and a culture. They are striving to create a product and brand that customers feel they can be a part of and stand behind. They want to bring a clean, exceptional product they feel proud to bring into their lives. Hoping to earn the trust and support of their customers, they continue to look forward to growth and new offerings.

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