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Women are taking the cannabis industry by storm! The recent move toward recreational legalization has brought a lot of changes to the cannabis industry, including a lot more gender inclusion.  This month, we recognize some of the many women moving the Nevada cannabis industry forward.  We fit what we could in our print issue, the […]

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Women are taking the cannabis industry by storm! The recent move toward recreational legalization has brought a lot of changes to the cannabis industry, including a lot more gender inclusion.  This month, we recognize some of the many women moving the Nevada cannabis industry forward.  We fit what we could in our print issue, the rest you will find here.  We believe that every woman working in the Nevada cannabis industry should be included in this feature.  If there are additional women you would like to see included, please email and we will get them posted here throughout the month.


Alexia Martinez, TapRoot Holdings, Community Relations Coordinator

Alexia will celebrate her first anniversary in the industry this July. She found a passion for cannabis in Colorado and once she returned home to Nevada began working in the industry as a Budtender. She was recently hired as TapRoot’s Community Relations Coordinator, where her goal is to cultivate an ecosystem of collaboration not only within the cannabis industry but within the local community as well. Alexia works to destigmatize cannabis and foresees the time when cannabis is regarded as the healing plant it is and available to everyone. Always learning, you’re sure to see Alexia at cannabis training programs like Budtender Fight Club and other live educational events. Her vision for cannabis’ future puts the industry as a major driving force in Nevada, on par with Liquor and Hospitality. Embrace your tribe and follow Alexia on Instagram


Amy Aaron, Qualcan, Cultivation

Amy has worked her way through most aspects of cultivation including work in flower rooms, harvesting and trimming. Being at the forefront of a growing industry that not all states are yet able to participate in keeps Amy motivated. In the future, she hopes to see a union formed specifically for the cannabis industry. And, the talk of cannabis bars and lounges sounds very intriguing, especially here in Las Vegas. Keep up with Amy on Instagram at @aiiimmss.


Ashley Pasquarello, The Grower Circle, GSM LV, Cultivator

An eight-year industry veteran, Ashley began her career as a Caregiver and Budtender, but has transitioned into Cultivation and hasn’t looked back since. She loves working with the plants and her teammates to produce the quality medicine people have come to rely on from The Grower Circle. An eternal optimist, Ashley considers cannabis a healing plant that has the power to change our world for the better, and looks forward to the day when it’s legal countrywide. Ashley’s vision for cannabis’ future has Nevada leading the country in regards to regulations, quality control, and safety standards. She also firmly believes in cannabis’ ability to combat the opioid epidemic. See what Ashley’s growing by following The Grower Circle on Instagram @thegrowercircle.


Ayako Monsell, Cohen Medical Centers, CBD Fairy, Cannabis Consultant, Las Vegas Location Manager

Ayako will soon celebrate her second year in the cannabis industry. A passionate cannabis advocate, Ayako is constantly learning and increasing her industry knowledge. Her skills with data as it relates to testing and patient care has made her an invaluable addition to the Cohen Medical Centers family, and it is this data-driven model she hopes to see the industry more fully espouse. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes better patient care, industry wide data sharing, and a surge in hemp and raw cannabis products. Join Ayako on Instagram @last1st.


Bella Castellarin, Bella, Muse

Bella might have the most important job in the industry. As a Muse, Bella is responsible for inspiring creativity and innovation, and she’s great at it! She began three years ago, attending events and education series with her mom, learning all she could about the industry and plant science. Her journey is a personal one. Bella manages a skin condition with CBD, which has changed her life for the better, and now she’s determined to share her success with the world. She plans to be the CEO of her own company one day, and is preparing herself by studying, networking, and immersing herself in the culture to make her dream a reality. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more parents introducing CBD into their children’s health and wellness routines. Follow the company named for this wonderful young woman on Instagram @celebratebella.


Bri Padilla, In the Weeds, Chief Digital Marketing Strategist, Co-Founder

A Jane-of-all-trades, Bri is a cannabis volunteer, advocate, journalist, and digital marketer. Bri’s mother raised her with an awareness of cannabis’ healing properties and that upbringing has ushered her into her current role. Her ability to raise awareness and convey information in succinct ways served her well when in the past decade as she worked in the cannabis non-profit space. Bri now applies that same passion to cannabis marketing and brand building and creates an elevated message for her clients that are memorable and effective. Bri’s vision for cannabis’ future includes a much more diverse workforce, and more technological integrations to improve many aspects of the industry. Follow Bri on Instagram as she works In The Weeds @brisavestheworld.


Chris Rich, NuLeaf, Store Manager

Chris began her industry career ten years ago in Berkeley as a Front Desk Receptionist for a patient’s group. Since then, she’s held just about every role a person can hold in this business and has truly earned the title Lady Boss! She’s helmed NuLeaf as Store Manager since December of 2016 and celebrates being a woman in an influential position, and works hard to help other women rise professionally. Her passion for diversity is equaled only by her passion for the benefits of cannabis and her role in providing it to our community. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more benefits and resources from canna-businesses making their way into local communities through taxes, donations, and community partnerships. Follow NuLeaf on Instagram @nuleaflasvegas and @nuleaftahoe.


Christi McAdams, Focus Distribution LLC, CEO, Owner

Christi is a passionate entrepreneur. She began by opening a production lab in 2014 in California, which she commuted to weekly from Vegas. It was during that time that Christi realized her true calling was here in Vegas, providing support and services to the many canna-businesses here in the valley. She knows that the revenue created by cannabis will help local communities,but she also foresees a new and more spiritual generation coming behind us due to our new cannabis laws. Like most, Christi’s vision for cannabis’ future has consumption lounges, as well as more warning labeling on products to warn inexperienced consumers. Check out Focus online at


Cindy Brown, Patient Advocate & Industry Activist

Cindy has a philanthropist’s spirit and has dedicated herself to raising awareness regarding cannabis and the many benefits the plant offers. As an activist, she has testified before very select committees and political panels as an advocate for change. While she technically holds no position in the industry, Cindy has been instrumental in helping shape Nevada’s current cannabis laws. Her passion is as strong today as it was all those years ago when she took up this fight, and she has no plans of slowing down. In fact, Cindy’s vision for cannabis’ future includes more access to home cultivating, as well as a general lessening of the strict regulations that keeps our industry separate from mainstream big business. Follow Cindy on Facebook @cindy.brown.73307.


Courtney Barker, The+Source, Purchasing Manager

Courtney began her industry journey in Packaging, moved to Reception, and with hard work and dedication, moved into the Purchasing Manager position. She’s been in the industry for nearly three years and is always finding ways to stay at the top of her game, like regularly attending NDA meetings, where she learns the latest in state regulations. A big part of her job is product quality control, so she has to sample a lot of products to find the best for The+Source’s shelves. Courtney’s vision for cannabis’ future includes federal rescheduling of cannabis to allow for statewide operations, and for the casinos here to embrace cannabis. See what Courtney’s sampling by following her on Instagram @courtneycannabis.


Crissy Simon, The Dispensary, Budtender

Crissy is coming up on her third year anniversary in the industry and has been a Budtender for more than a year. She finds real joy in her work, and loves connecting people with cannabis. Crissy began researching cannabis and CBD due to her daughter’s complications with seizures and has found her life’s calling. She’s spent much time training and educating herself on the products she sells and she knows that the coming years will bring new and innovative products for her to share with her patients. Crissy’s vision for cannabis’ future includes more freedom for users to consume in more places, as well as untold medical advances. Follow Crissy’s cannabis journey on Instagram @pissycrissy81.


Danielle El Kadi, Reef Dispensaries, Director of Wholesale

Danielle has been involved with cannabis for nearly a decade. Her deep experience and passion for the industry makes her a fine choice for the Director of Wholesale position at Reef. Not only do her duties include keeping four Nevada dispensaries fully stocked, she’s also responsible for Tryke’s dispensaries in Arizona. Danielle’s history with medical cannabis gives her a unique buyer’s eye and she approaches every product from a medical standpoint, ensuring the highest quality cannabis for Reef’s consumers. Danielle’s vision for cannabis’ future includes less banking regulations, allowing investors and businesses to use traditional finance options, as well as more scientific and data based cannabis education for industryplayers and consumers. Follow Danielle’s personal cannabis journey on Instagram @daniellecatia.


Danielle Wesley, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, Shift Manager

Danni just celebrated her first year in the industry. She began working as a Budtender when cannabis was only available medically and helped Thrive successfully transition to our current recreational market. Her passion for cannabis stems from the spiritual and medicinal aspects of the plant and she delights in her role as a facilitator for patients in need. Her detailed knowledge about the plant and products comes through with each consultation she gives. Danni has seen the industry expand and is glad to be a pioneer of the movement. Her vision for cannabis’ future sees the plant becoming a staple wellness product that people turn to as regularly as they do pharmaceuticals. Follow Danni on Instagram as she continues to thrive in the industry @dannibl00m.


Darby Wilson, CWNevada, Brand Rep

Darby is the bright ray of sunshine this industry deserves! Having held multiple industry positions, Darby is knowledgeable across many aspects of the industry and has been an invaluable addition to the CW Nevada family. Her personal cannabis journey began when her mother went through extensive medical problems and Darby started researching alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Once she learned and experienced personally the benefits of cannabis, she wanted to become a part of this industry and share her talents and story with others in need. She also finds happiness in hearing their own healing stories. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more detailed education for Budtenders, including retail and sales training on top of cannabis training, and she can’t wait to see how Vegas blossoms as a canna-tourism destination. Follow Darby’s busy, busy canna-life on Instagram @darbalish.


Dawn Starr Looking Elk, Remedy Staffing, Trimmer

In Dawn’s two-year tenure in the industry, she’s held many positions, including Patient Consultant and Assistant Manager. She currently finds great reward in her role as a Trimmer, knowing that her attention to detail will make someone’s cannabis experience all the better. Dawn came into the industry with three clear goals: help normalize cannabis use; combat institutionalized racism; extensively study cannabis’ medicinal uses. All this, and Dawn still finds time to pursue her academic goals of earning a PhD in Psychology. Dawn’s vision for cannabis’ future includes more community engagement from canna-businesses as well as a formal union for cannabis workers. Follow Dawn on Instagram as she takes the industry by storm @dawnstarrlookingelk


Diana Ritchie, CWNevada, President, COO

Diana began with CWNevada developing systems operations while ensuring compliance, was then promoted to Director of Operations, and recently assumed the mantle of President and COO. Like most people in this industry, Diana has a deep history with the plant that began when she was a child. She began to truly understand the healing power of cannabis when her husband, a veteran, began researching cannabis treatments for veterans, a main part of which is the opioid epidemic. One of her favorite parts of being in the industry is helping lead her workforce teams, watching as they grow and thrive, knowing that passion translates to the products and helping foster client satisfaction. Diana sees cannabis as the wave of the future and plans to push and support it in every way to ensure it’s understood, respected and received. Follow the company Diana now helms on Instagram @canopilasvegas.


Dr. Cindy Orser, PhD, Digipath Labs, Chief Science Officer

Since 2015, and as Chief Science Officer of DigiPath Labs, Dr. Cindy Orser, PhD is creating a replicable testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. Dr. Orser’s research focuses on the methodical classification of cultivars of the Cannabis sativa plant through broad genotypic and chemotypic analysis that includes not only cannabinoids but also terpenoids. Dr. Orser’s research has found that unique terpenoid chemoprofile patterns exist and can be assigned to specific cultivars and was recently published in Natural Products Chemistry and Research, her 45th published paper.


Emma Pietrzak, Silver State Wellness, Account Executive

Two years ago Emma founded Health Elevated LLC, a cannabis-forward wellness company. Emma holds a degree in Exercise Science and is certified across multiple health and wellness practices, including being a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer and certified Master Hypnotist. Her 15 years in health and behavioral science has led her to her current position as an Account Executive with Silver State Wellness, where she considers herself an “Educator, Student, Life-Changer, Woman Leader, and Believer in the Impossible.” Her vision for cannabis’ future is a removal of the stigmatization through federal rescheduling and public education, as well as more formalized training across all levels of the industry. Follow Emma’s cannabis journey on Instagram @emmapreneur.


Gingy Von Meijer, Trippy Gingy, Owner & Producer

Gingy takes a very aesthetic approach to cannabis, highlighting all that is beautiful about the plant. As a canna-creative, she strives to enthrall, inform, and inspire with every project she undertakes. Her favorite part of her work is the camaraderie and authenticity that cannabis has inspired in the industry as a whole and she works to further that aspect of the cannabis community. Gingy applauds the technological advancements that the industry has put forth and anticipates many more innovations to come. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more unique interactive cannabis experiences as consumption lounges and canna-events becomes reality. Follow Gingy on Instagram and see what she’s creating next @ trippy_gingy


Heather Vanek, Hot Mess Kushmetics, Owner

Heather founded Hot Mess Kushmetics after watching her mother suffer from migraines and find no relief from pharmaceuticals. The bath bomb she created for her mother broke a three-day migraine and it was at that moment she knew she wanted to share the wellness properties of cannabis with everyone. She firmly believes that cannabis is for everyone and her product fills the needs of those who want to medicate with cannabis without experiencing any psychoactive effects. She adds her voice to the industry masses, calling for rescheduling and loosened banking regulations. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes the most exclusive consumption lounges and cannabis experiences the world will have to offer. Follow this Hot Mess on Instagram as she takes the industry by storm @hotmess_kushmetics.


Jade Piatt, Nevada Made Marijuana, Cultivation Manager

Jade is a three-year veteran in the industry who began as a Trimmer and Packager before moving into the cultivation. After learning alongside highly experienced cultivators, Jade took over the Lead Harvester position before being promoted to Cultivation Manager. Jade has a deep connection with the plants and takes special care to grow clean and effective medicine for patients in need. The end of prohibition here in Nevada was a proud moment for Jade, who’s been a strong advocate for years. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more states adopting canna-friendly laws as the stigmas around the plant are eroded and more canna-science wellness information becomes available to the public. Follow Jade on Instagram to see the cutest pics of her adorable brand-new baby @jadebadass.


Jamie Lockwood, Evergreen Organix, Bakery Lead

Jamie has been a staple in legal cannabis since 2015. Her passion for the industry is only matched by her passion for baking. Years of experience have given Jamie the skills she needed to assume the Bakery Lead role at Evergreen Organix. Yes, she strives to create clean and accurate medicine, but there’s more to making edibles in her opinion. Taste, texture, freshness, quality of ingredients, and more go into creating the perfect edible. When she’s not in the Evergreen kitchens, you’ll find Jamie at local cannabis training and educational events, and hanging with her friends in the community. Her favorite product? Evergreen’s Coconut Macaroon — because it’s chewy, chocolatey, and delicious! Jamie’s vision for cannabis’ future includes higher dosing limits for recreational edibles and consumption lounges. See what yummy things Jamie’s baking by following her Instagram @lockwood.


Jenna Hart, Planet 13, Inventory Control Supervisor

In her current position of Inventory Control Supervisor, Jenna is responsible for ensuring that Planet 13 is compliant with state laws and that they adhere to company policies & procedures. She also works hard to maintain lasting relationships with vendors so they know that when they visit Planet 13, they will be taken care of in a timely fashion.  She loves the contagious energy of the cannabis industry and enjoys seeing the hustle and growth of those employed in it. In the future, she hopes to see more cannabis companies participating in team sports and family picnics, to help show the world that this industry is truly family based and not just all about being under the influence 24/7.  Keep up with Jenna on Instagram @Jennaration_lv_420.


Jennifer Solas, Cura Cannabis Solutions, WeCan702, Compliance management for Cura and president of WeCan702

Ten years ago, Jennifer formed a Meetup group called Las Vegas Medical Marijuana group to help people connect with other MMJ card holders. Since then, Jennifer has held many industry positions. She loves her work because she gets to talk with state and municipality officials about cannabis laws and how they shape the industry. Jennifer has taken many training and educational certification courses, which allows her to be informed across a variety of aspects of the industry. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes a more culture-based industry as more devotees of the plant create canna-businesses. Follow Jennifer as she continues to push for and create change in the industry @wecan702


Jessica Preston, MMG Agriculture, Director of Sales & Administration

Jessica was the first female Budtender in northern Nevada, she then moved into Cultivation and started from the bottom, learning the basics as a Trimmer and Packager.  It wasn’t long before she was promoted to Sales Manager, and then moved into her current position as Director of Sales and Administration. At the age of 23, Jessica had to get back surgery, and after the surgery she was still experiencing a lot of pain, so she decided to try medical cannabis. Not only did medical cannabis change her life, it saved her from a dark path with pharmaceuticals. Once she saw how amazing cannabis was, she wanted to learn as much as possible and try to help others. In the future, Jessica sees the industry getting bigger and she hopes to see the stigma around cannabis broken down, with more people choose to relax with a pre-roll instead of a glass of wine.  Check out MMG online at


Jessie Recanzone, Silver State Trading, Marketing Manager

In the industry since 2016, Jessie started with Silver State Trading as a marketing intern while still in college. After working her way into a Sales Assistant Position she continued to exhibit her passion for marketing and branding which led her into her current position as Marketing Manager. As a young adult, Jessie is well aware that it is virtually impossible to get to adulthood without experiencing the stigma that surrounds cannabis Her personal experience with the plant gave her the drive to enter into a career that could impact the industry positively. Seeing people become more comfortable with the idea of medicating with cannabis is what Jessie hopes to see in the future. Follow Jessie on Instagram @jessienishell.


Jillian Nelson, Evergreen Organix, Operations Manager

Jillian has been in the industry since 2015 and in that time has seen monumental changes. She started in edible production and wholesale and has worked her way up to her current role as Operations Manager, and is responsible for a variety of major tasks. Chief among her duties is compliance. As an experienced canna-worker, Jillian knows that compliance is the key to a successful business. She finds inspiration in the way that the industry attracts a lot of progressive-minded people with very positive attitudes. Her vision for cannabis’ future sees the untold market potential of cannabis becoming a driving economic factor in the US as more states allow cannabis sales. See some of Jillian’s professional prowess on Linkedin @Jillian Nelson.


Katree Darriel Saunders, The+Source & Silver Sage Wellness, Patient Advisor/Online Orders

Katree is a nine-year veteran in the industry who has worked in multiple positions until landing at her current role as a Patient Advisor at two different dispensaries. Having spent so much time around the plant and products, Katree has become a vocal whole-plant advocate. She helps educate her patients on the synergistic relationship of cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC as they relate to individual products, and each of her guests leaves feeling informed and comfortable about their purchases. Katree’s vision for cannabis’ future includes a canna-workers union and consumption licenses so she can open her own holistic spa offering cannabis treatments. Follow Katree on Instagram as she continues to climb in the industry @empresstreez.


Kawehi Galuteria, City Trees, Account Representative

Kawehi began working in the industry in her hometown of Honolulu in 2013 as a canna-writer. When she moved to Las Vegas in 2015, she immediately began working as a horticultural technician. In December of 2017, she transitioned to her current position as Account Representative with City Trees. Her experience has shown her that normalization is a process that we all need to push toward together as a culture. She foresees a day when cannabis is respected for the healing plant it is and works hard every day to make that a reality. Follow Kawehi on Instagram as she helps usher in this new canna-friendly world @kawehi420.


Kortnie Ghormley, Matrix NV, Cultivator

Three years ago, Kortnie started her canna-career as a trimmer with Matrix. Eighteen months ago she moved into the cultivation and her eyes have been opened to the challenges and rewards that come with nurturing the plants to harvest. She finds vitality in providing the human element that makes all the difference in final product quality. While there are many women cultivators, they are underrepresented and Kortnie would love for more women to find the same passion in cultivating that she has found. Kortnie is most excited to see the future of cultivation technology and hopes to one day train future cultivators entering the industry. Follow Kortnie and her lovely plants on Instagram @ratznrok.


Kouanin Villa, Green Life Productions, Director of Operations

As one of the first medical cultivations in Nevada, Kouanin is a five-year veteran of the industry she loves. She oversees operations for both GLP facilities and has overcome every obstacle put in her way to bring GLP from a fledgeling canna-business, to one of the most recognized brands in the state. Health and wellness have always been a part of Kouanin’s life, and that translates to the cultivation, which is one of the few Clean Green certified as well as Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure certified. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes laxed regulations for cannabis packaging, wherein the industry can produce much less waste, as well as rescheduling to allow interstate commerce. Follow Kouanin’s new no-till, living-soil beds on Instagram @greenlifeproductions.


Kristin Ehasz, Even Cannabis Company, Founder, CMO

Kristin has been working in the industry for five years, across multiple states. She has found empathy and compassion working with patients and industry peers alike. Her goal is to provide affordable, clean medicine to everyone, while raising awareness about the plant and its many benefits. She foresees a future where cannabis is available to all nationally, but until that day comes, she’ll continue to fight to preserve medical programs and help remove the stigmas around the plant and culture. Follow Kristin on Instagram @k.yogini.


Lara Sellers, MMG Agriculture, Inventory Control Manager

Starting  out as a trimmer, Lara quickly worked her way up to head of packaging and now manages all inventory throughout the facility.  She is grateful to be able to work with an amazing management team and awesome grow staff who have shared their knowledge and trainings.  Looking towards the future, Lara would like to see more acceptance and evolution. Cannabis has been around forever like alcohol and she doesn’t see that changing. Responsibility is key amongst users, but Lara thinks we should all be treated equally. Cannabis consumers should not be judged because they choose to smoke a bowl versus having a drink.  In Nevada, she hopes to see tax dollars be utilized more for education.


Lindsey Duesler, Redwood Cultivation, Marketing Manager and Distribution Manager

Lindsey joined the industry shortly after recreational use began. Starting as a trimmer and packager, she quickly transitioned into marketing and distribution. A major part of her job is accuracy, ensuring that orders are filled correctly. But it’s the marketing aspect that brings out her true passion. She loves being a part of promoting the product and making sure that the community is as excited about Redwood products as she is. She yearns for federal rescheduling so that breeders, cultivators, and producers can have the freedoms they need to bring more new strains and products to market. Follow Lindsey on Instagram @itslindseyduesss.


Lisa Hardin, Nevada Made Marijuana, General Manager of the Laughlin Dispensary

Lisa’s seventeen years in Customer Service made her an ideal candidate to be the General Manager of Nevada Made Marijuana’s Laughlin location. It is this experience that led the owners of the business to ask Lisa to transition from an outside industry to cannabis. In the past year, Lisa has seen how much of an impact cannabis makes on people’s lives and she knows she’s in the right industry. Her vision for cannabis’ future includes more cannabis wellness products in people’s homes, as well as continued advanced medical uses, such as cancer, seizure, and opioid addiction treatments. Follow the dispensary Lisa helms on Instagram @nevadamadelaughlin.


Madisen Saglibene, Las Vegas NORML, Executive Director

As the co-founder and Executive Director of Las Vegas Norml, Madisen is fully invested in the fight to end stifling and unfair cannabis laws. She moved to Las Vegas from New York in 2016 at the launch of the Q2 movement and was instrumental in helping move the state to its current canna-friendly status. Her cannabis journey began years ago when she was shamed and shunned by close friends and relatives for using cannabis. She never wants another person to feel that stigma, and a large part of NORML’s work is helping to reshape public opinion about cannabis. She consider herself a fair public voice that can translate the community’s needs to governing bodies and effect real change. Follow Madisen and Las Vegas NORML on Instagram @MadiSally and @LasVegasNORML.


Maggie Presley, Euphoria Wellness, Patient Consultant

Maggie got her start in the industry at Green Therapeutics where she gained experience as a Cultivation Specialist and helped manage their first harvests. She then went on to assist at Cannabiotix with HR and Compliance before moving into her current position as a Patient Consultant at Euphoria. It is at Euphoria, working directly with patients that she found her true passion. Losing several friends and classmates to prescription pain and anxiety pills reaffirmed the importance of educating the public about the benefits of cannabis. Maggie could not ask for a better team than the one she has at Euphoria where her co-workers are genuinely compassionate and never afraid to jump in and help one another. You can keep up with Maggie on Instagram @Nawledgeofself.


Maribel Mendez-Gomez, B.S., M.B.A., GFIVE Cultivation, CEO of GFIVE Cultivation

Maribel is uniquely suited to lead GFIVE as CEO. Her MBA from Roseman University of Health Sciences crosses business and wellness and has given Maribel the insight she needs to lead a thriving cultivation. Besides her formal education, Maribel has taken many certification courses and workshops on cannabis education, compliance, and processes and procedure. She finds great satisfaction working with her family and friends as a strong female leader. A progressive thinker, Maribel champions diversity and inclusion. Her vision for cannabis future includes more women in leadership roles, as well as more minority representation. She also firmly believes Nevada is setting the standard for legal cannabis and expects other states to adopt many of our regulations. Follow GFIVE’s Instagram @gfivecultivation.


Mayely Willis, Cut Above Service Agency, Office Manager

Having personally witnessed the health benefits of cannabis, Mayely takes pride in working at Cut Above where she has the chance to interact with those excited about entering the cannabis industry. Mayely believes that within the next five years, we will see cannabis legal for adult-use in all the states, cannabis infused foods in restaurants, and green household products and medicated alternatives. She also looks forward to the day that cannabis becomes more socially acceptable, not only for everyone but, for moms who often times feel judges for admitting their cannabis use. Follow Cut Above on Instagram @cutabovecannabis or on Facebook @Cut Above Agency.


Megan Lund, The Dispensary, Store Manager

As a part of the cannabis community in Nevada before there was safe access for medical patients, and a far off glimmer of hope for recreational cannabis sales, Megan was one of the many patients who grew her own medicine.  Now a Manager at The Dispensary in Henderson, Megan continues to assist patients on a daily basis and enjoys meeting new consumers that visit her facility, many of whom end up becoming part of the family. Megan looks forward to the day that smoking lounges become a reality giving locals and tourists a safe place to consume.


Michelle Ficht, Focus Distribution/ Cannagora Temp Staffing, Sales, Staffing

Michelle got her start in the cannabis industry in 2016 when she joined a 501C3 nonprofit as an Events Coordinator. From there, Michelle ventured into sales at Blossum Group and Ganja Greets and then into sales and purchasing at Green Leaf Farms. Today you can find her at Focus Distribution where she is helping to launch their temporary staffing agency Cannagora. Michelle’s goal with Cannagora is to revolutionize the way the industry chooses temporary and full-time employees. They assist people with obtaining their agent cards and appropriate training, so they can walk into any position they are qualified for and excel. Follow Michelle on Instagram @Michelle702.420.


Monique Ridgeway, CWNevada. METRC & Inventory Control

Prior to joining the CWNevada family, Monique was a keyholder and administrative assistant for a local dispensary.  As a longtime medical cannabis cardholder, Monique had heard nothing but positive stories from other patients and consumers regarding the healing powers of cannabis.  She loves seeing people change their lifestyles after realizing that cannabis was the answer to their health concerns. It is her hope that the industry will continue to thrive and evolve. Acceptance is a big deal for the working consumer and she would like to see the ‘stoner’ persona change as the world sees more and more successful leaders within this industry.  Looking toward the future, Monique envisions a day that cannabis friendly 21+ towers, featuring terpene oxygen bars, infused beverage stops, and edible gift shops become a reality. Keep up with Monique on Instagram @weedfairy702.


Noel Hurst, Stellar, Owner, branding, retail strategy

Noel has steadfastly helped lead Stellar on its two-year journey to market. Her vision of a Nevada locals family owned-and-operated cultivation took more hard work than she ever would have thought, but that vision has become a reality thanks to a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Noel is obsessed with customer service, and every decision she makes comes down to how the end consumer will experience Stellar’s products. She believes in educating consumers by giving them the information they need to make informed purchases. Stellar offers detailed strain descriptions on their website, and puts as much testing information as they can fit on their labels and packaging. Plus, she’s introduced a rewards program to give back to their loyal customers. Noel’s vision for cannabis’ future includes less restricting regulations as the industry matures, which would allow cultivations to get quality medicine into patient’s hands at affordable prices. Follow Stellar’s rise to orbit on Instagram


Nurse Juhlzie Monteiro, RN, BSK, Cannabis Nurses Magazine – a division under Cannabis Nurses Network™, Co-Creator/Editor/Media Project Director

Her belief that the key to removing the propaganda and stigma surrounding cannabis is through knowledge is what led Nurse Juhlzie to establish Cannabis Nurses Magazine in 2015.  Shortly thereafter, she stepped in as Media Project Director for Cannabis Nurses Network™ whose goal is to educate nurses on the science behind the plant and provide a global nursing network  throughout the world. As more countries and states legalize cannabis, Juhlzie recognizes the importance of cannabis education for health care providers. Working in the industry has allowed Juhlzie to witness cannabis change people’s lives for the better and bring balance to their bodies.  She has seen patients stay alive longer while their healthcare providers ‘lights go on’ as they begin to learn of and understand the science behind the plant. Follow Nurse Juhlzie on Facebook @asknursejuhlzie and checkout Cannabis Nurses Magazine online at


Patrice Sowers, HOPE – Healthcare Options for Patients Enterprises, Executive Vice President

Patrice got her start in the industry as a patient in 2009, when she began growing her own medicine and creating medicinal baked goods from old family recipes. In 2014, she joined four other patients to form Silver State Farms in order to pursue state cultivation and production licenses. Ultimately, her group was asked to join HOPE. As a licensed Architect by trade, Patrice was able to integrate her skills with programming and planning, design, construction, facility operations and building compliance. According to Patrice, cannabis is a medicine for wellness, and also a socially engaging and enlightening substance. As a multiple occurrence cancer survivor that lost insurance coverage in 2009, Patrice wholeheartedly believes that cannabis softens the rough edges of life and can help you find humor in your adversity. Check out HOPE on Facebook @Hope Nevada and on Instagram @HOPEMMJ.


Rachel Zimbelman, Why Workshop, Travel Joint & CBDNA, Founder, Creative Director

With over twenty years of design experience, Rachel began branding cannabis in 2014 when Colorado went recreational. A little over four years ago she co-founded The Travel Joint and is now working on a new brand, CBDNA which will be launching in Summer 2018. Her passion for cannabis and the growing process began four year ago when Rachel was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and her good friend and highly trusted grower, Steve Cantwell from GLP showed her how to make CBD honey which allowed her to manage her symptoms without pharmaceuticals. Rachel’s favorite things about the industry? The people she is surrounded by who are trailblazing, enterprising people, not afraid to change history, the time, as she believes it is an absolutely amazing time in history to be alive in an industry whose time for clarity and change is long overdue, and the products which gives her the ability to assist clients with the launch of new products in this largely uncharted market. Keep up with Rachel on social media @whyworkshop.


Rebecka Snell, Vegas Cannabis, Magazine Writer

Rebecka has been breaking bud for a little over two years now. Her entry into the industry was as a Budtender at Shango where she was eventually promoted to Harvest Manager, all the while compiling thought provoking articles for Vegas Cannabis Magazine. It was her bartending experience threaded with her outgoing personality and love for cannabis which yielded the right genetics for a position in the cannabis industry. Working with cannabis escalated Rebecka’s plant passion from a recreational commodity to a revolutionary turning point in her life. With dreams of working with children and CBD, it is Rebecka’s goal to raise CBD awareness in an effort to help parents understand that there are natural alternatives to big pharma options. Keep up with Rebecka on Instagram @snelltrail.


Sara Rose Kennedy, In the Weeds Consulting, CEO/Founder

After moving from Los Angeles just over two years ago, Sara Rose was hired as the Director of Marketing for CWNevada. A year later, she left to pursue her own entrepreneurial endeavors which included establishing a marketing agency focused on cannabis, developing a high-end, infused pre-roll product called “Hunter and Leaf” which launches soon locally, and working with local cultivation/production group Solaris. Jumping into this industry with years of marketing experience working in high-tech, music touring and manufacturing industries around the world prepared Sara Rose to enter the cannabis industry with a diverse background of experience. Follow Sara Rose on Instagram @intheweedsco or check her out online at


Sarah Rosenfeld, MMG  Agriculture, CEO

Sarah has worked peripherally in the cannabis industry for roughly a decade, which gave her the background knowledge and experience to develop the legal framework and standard operating procedures for MMG.  Sarah is passionate about a person’s right to medicate how they wish, recreate as they wish, and make personal choices that they feel benefit them without interference from the government. Sarah recognizes that as a new industry, the challenges marijuana businesses face can be frustrating, however, she knows challenges create opportunities for marijuana business owners to both grow personally and help shape the landscape for the future. By working with a vast array of individuals, she has grown and learned in ways that she can not imagine would be available to someone working in an industry that has long settled into repetitive methods. In the future, Sarah sees herself leading MMG in multiple states as the highest quality producer of marijuana and extracts. Keep up with Instagram @mmgagriculture and on Facebook @MMG Agriculture.


Shelby Stanley, Digipath Labs, Operations Manager

A commitment to doing anything she can to help growers and producers bring safe, legal cannabis to the market has driven Shelby Stanley’s career with Digipath Labs since 2014. As Operations Manager, Shelby ushers clients through the testing and reporting processes quickly and professionally, delivering on time, every time. Shelby also helped with the passage of Question 2, the 2016 initiative that legalized recreational cannabis in Nevada, she is an active member of the NCIA, helped start LV Weed for Warriors chapter, and Millennials in MJ. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence Shelby has helped Digipath Labs become a leader in the industry.


Sierra Torres, Matrix NV, Cultivation Lead

Originally hired as a Cultivator with Matrix NV, Sierra is now a Cultivation Lead and continues to grow with the company that trained her.  Having always been passionate about cannabis, Sierra knew this industry would continue to grow, and she chose to grow with it.  With cultivation being one of the most integral pieces of this industry, it is her hope that the cannabis industry will continue to thrive.  According to Sierra, the learning never stops and each day brings something new. Follow Sierra on Instagram @sierratorres2763.


Simone Gennuso, Trim Ready Inc., Owner

Simone, along with her husband Drew started Trim Ready Inc. three years ago. The parent company oversees the Trim Ready School, 420 Tours, Same Day Cannabis Cards, The Cannabis Chapel, and CBD Hemp Direct. Providing a variety of support services to cannabis consumers and businesses within the industry has allowed Simone to see firsthand the progression of both the medical and recreational markets. Looking toward the future, Simone is eager to expand her businesses to other states, witness the opening of cannabis friendly lounges in Nevada, and hopefully see the day that cannabis is federally descheduled. Keep up with Simone on Instagram @simone.gennuso.


Tisha Santana, Namaste Skin Care & Wellness, Owner

Tisha Santana is a licensed Aesthetician and Massage Therapist offering CBD infused spa services such as skincare and massage to the las vegas area.  With twenty years of experience under her belt, and her personal experience utilizing the cannabis plant as medicine, Tisha is able to provide clients infused therapy sessions which allow cannabinoids to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, joints, and skin.  As a long time cannabis consumer, Tisha enjoys truly helping clients discover and benefit from this plant. Follow Tisha on Facebook @Namaste Skincare & Wellness or on Instagram @Namasteskincare_wellness for daily specials.


Valery Godino, Full Moon Harvest, LLC., Owner

Valery Godino started Full Moon Harvest in 2014. Excited to be in a ground-breaking, multi-billion dollar industry, Valery looks forward to the day that the industry is able to utilize federal banking, see proper appropriation of tax revenues, share information, be more responsive to patient’s needs, and engage in outdoor and greenhouse cultivations. Valery hopes that one day Full Moon Harvest will be the “Zappos” of trimming as Nevada works toward becoming the trend setter of cannabis worldwide with compliance and testing. Check out Full Moon Harvest online at


Vicki Higgins, Medical Cannabis Patient Advocate

Vicki Higgins began her advocacy work back in 2009 after she was introduced to the medical cannabis program by local police after they discovered the medical cannabis plants she was growing and informed her that she would need to obtain a medical card. It was then that she realized that many people in our community needed to be educated about medical cannabis. Today, Vicki continues to advocate for local patients as she has seen firsthand how invaluable patient input is to our state representatives. And, she looks forward to securing a position within the industry with a team that is dedicated to making the world a better place while truly caring about cannabis patients as much as their bottom line. Keep up with Vicki on Facebook @Vicki Higgins.


Victoria Hart, Chronic Infusion, Creator of Brand Experiences

Victoria Hart got her start in the cannabis industry back in 1984 when a friend set her up with a grow room in her Seattle home to help pay for college. With dreams of becoming a graphic designer, Victoria finished college, returned the grow equipment and got a job in her field of study. After moving to Vegas and creating some of the cities top brands like Three Square and the new City of Las Vegas logo, cannabis found her once again when THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace approached her requesting a name, full branding, and interior design package for two dispensaries as well as the naming and branding of the grow facility Green & Gold Supply Company. Chronic Infusion has given Victoria the ability to work with progressive clients that allow more creative freedom and are open to trying new things and pushing boundaries. Follow Victoria and Chronic Infusion on Instagram @chronic infusion and on Facebook @chronicinfusion.


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