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As the vote for recreational (adult) use rapidly approaches, it’s shocking to discover how many people on Nevada’s college campuses haven’t the slightest idea as to what question two is.

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As the vote for recreational (adult) use rapidly approaches, it’s shocking to discover how many people on Nevada’s college campuses haven’t the slightest idea as to what question two is. What’s even more shocking is that many student supporters who vow to vote #YesOn2 have yet to register to vote. Some students think that medical marijuana is still illegal in Nevada while others believe recreational use is already here because of the dispensaries they see advertised in popular magazines.

If properly educated and prepared, the college student population of Nevada has the potential and the numbers to play a deciding role in the outcome of the November vote. Bringing in outside voices from off campus to raise awareness is fine but for the most effective results student leaders should be supported in taking a vanguard role. (To learn more about supporting the college effort email:

Students interested in opportunities regarding cannabis as it relates to higher education as well as students that just want to find out more; join the Nevada Student Cannabis Coalition facebook group. ‘Like’ the state’s first and only student cannabis organization Nevada State College Scorpions CAN on facebook. Visit to find out more about what Nevada students are already doing. Identify like minded cannabis supporters on your campus. (To learn how to start a Cannabis Awareness Network [CAN] at your college email:

This month is unique in that it’s the first time we highlight a student from another state. This Master’s graduate foresees the potential opportunities offered by the Nevada cannabis industry and has relocated to Las Vegas to take part in its growth. While attending a Women’s Grow event here in Las Vegas earlier this year she met with local student leaders and other industry insiders.

“Tara Lynn and the good folks over at NV Cann Lab invited me to attend a Women’s Grow event and that’s where I met Lisa,” said Deuvall Dorsey of REDEFINE cannabis. “While networking with everyone she filled the room with her passion for cannabis. When she told me about her academic research and her cannabis Master’s thesis I knew we would be collaborating in the near future.”

This month we salute the research of Lisa Noeth, we welcome her to Las Vegas and congratulate her on her recent wedding.

Lisa Melanie Noeth received her master’s degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Relations from New York University in May 2016. Lisa is an expert on the relationship between drug liberalization as an approach to criminal justice reform and harm reduction as a means to eradicate the violence and socioeconomic inequality associated with the War on Drugs in the US and Latin America. She was rewarded with the NYU Global Research Initiative fellowship at New York University’s Washington DC location in the spring 2016 semester. There she researched drug policy reform, drug addiction, and incarceration rates among women and mothers using medical cannabis for her master’s thesis. Lisa became involved with attending Women Grow networking events in DC and NYC, including the Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver this past February.  On September 8, 2016, she will publish her master’s thesis as a nonfiction novel entitled “Trending High: A Call to Criminal Justice Reform and Drug Liberalization”. On September 9, 2016 Lisa will be speaking at her first cannabis conference for the Los Angeles Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo titled “The Opportunity of Diversity in the Cannabis Industry for Women and Women of Color”.

Lisa founded “The Cannabis Lady Co”, which she will be launching Fall 2016. The Cannabis Lady Co is a contemporary cannabis lifestyle brand. Through her brand, Lisa will be providing professional speaking services ranging from different topics in the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Lady Co will also provide cannabis lifestyle coaching services, which will be targeted towards mentoring college students and those thinking about getting involved with the cannabis industry. Lisa prides herself as a small business owner, she also owns LPN Trading LLC, an Amazon reselling ecommerce company.

Lisa has a passion for serving her community’s needs, as well as an advocate for medical cannabis rights and a future elected official. She is committed to women’s empowerment through entrepreneurial opportunities, community outreach, and emphasizing the importance of higher education to children in Nevada. Lisa arrived in Las Vegas last month with her husband, Phil. She looks forward to becoming involved with the cannabis industry and serving the Las Vegas community.

The Cannabis Lady Co’s official website:

Instagram: TheCannabisLadyCo

Twitter: TheCannabisLadyCo

Amazon Seller Profile: LPN Trading LLC


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