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This month is our big re-launch; new layout, logo and website.

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This month you might notice a few changes within the magazine. Don’t worry, although the look is new, the same awesome content is still in tact. This month is our big re-launch; new layout, logo and website. With these changes, we also welcome some new additions to our team.  Agency THC who is responsible for creating our new and improved website has come on board to oversee the digital side of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. We have also partnered with Dope Foto whose team shot this amazing cover. These new additions along with our seasoned writers, supportive advertisers and loyal readers, have made Vegas Cannabis the magazine it is today.

This issue focuses on edibles. Check out our feature article Edible Nation and don’t miss our monthly introduction of new dispensary products, which also highlights a handful of edibles this month. For those of you who are new to the use of edibles as medication, please remember to eat a meal prior to consumption and start slow. A starter dose of any edible should be around 5-10 milligrams. Most edibles take approximately one hour to kick in, so wait an hour before consuming more to gauge your tolerance. In the case that you consume too much and begin to feel uncomfortable or anxious (it has happened to the best of us), do not panic! Simply find a spot to lie down and try to fall asleep to let the side effects wear off. Most importantly, please be mindful of the fact that some edibles do appear appealing to children so be sure to keep them under lock and key.

Lastly, now is the time to start giving thought to Question 2, which if passed would allow recreational adult use of cannabis here in Nevada. As with most proposed laws, this one has pros and cons no matter which way you choose to vote. So, do your homework. Go online and read through the proposed bill and at the same time, read through Nevada Revised Statute 453A so that you understand the existing rights for patients. Each of us, as productive members of the cannabis community must take responsibility for educating ourselves so that we can make an informed decision at the polls.

Have an awesome rest of the summer!

—Stephanie Shehan


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