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As new cannabis businesses continue to open in Nevada students are taking notice of the potential long term employment opportunities.

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As the cannabis community continues to grow in Nevada we discover more students and student organizations incorporating cannabis into their academic experiences and future career plans. As new cannabis businesses continue to open in Nevada students are taking notice of the potential long term employment opportunities.

This month we salute the Nevada State College (NSC) Student Nurses Association (SNA). These forward thinking students have a reputation for operating ahead of the curve. The NSC SNA recognize the current and future needs of medical marijuana patients and feel duty bound to educate themselves on the endocannabinoid system regardless of their personal beliefs.

Last year the SNA stood in solidarity with Nevada’s 1st and only student cannabis organization by submitting a letter of support when the NSC Scorpion’s Cannabis Awareness Network was initially voted off campus. The SNA also invited the American Cannabis Nurses Association to their employment mixer last semester. On May 24th the SNA hosted the Nevada Cannabis Nurses Association to speak on campus.

Nurse Juhlzie Monteiro RN (better known as @AskNurseJuhlzie), Diane Kruoda RN (ret). and paralegal Lennora Valles visited NSC to engage the nursing students.  “Whether we agree with cannabis or not, we have a duty to know and educate patients on all treatment modalities available and let them decide their best method of treatment,” said Juhlzie.

The June Nevada Cannabis College Student of the month is UNLV senior Amanda Angellella. The Philadelphia transplant arrived in Las Vegas in 2009. She studies Hospitality Administration and Hotel Management at the UNLV Harrah’s Hotel college program with an anticipated graduation date of May 2017.

Last semester she presented a final term project for Hospitality Marketing focused on introducing a new product into the marketplace. While brainstorming she had a vision of the CannaBliss Wellness Resort. “My passion for hospitality and the desire to open my own resort lead me on a mission across the country,” says the motivated senior. With 10 years of hospitality experience she says, “I have found the heart of all compassion is rooted in empathy and patience when dealing with and creating guest experiences.”

The resort plan is designed with a focus on educating, enriching and immersing the guests with a full lifestyle themed experience. “From the moment the guest arrives the patient friendly resort would provide tools and techniques for vacationing patients to utilize on their path to wellness,” said Amanda. “It’s about shifting the current culture, exploring the unknown and creating a new face of kindness, compassion and empathy for the growing cannabis community.”

Amanda becomes more involved in her local cannabis community with each passing week. Last month she attended a medical cannabis research session on her college campus where she engaged the panel and audience with a thought provoking question. She also took a private tour of Digi-Path labs believing she can best serve by being informed on all avenues of the industry.

“I met Amanda at a meet and greet for Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman. Amanda had just finished telling the mayor how cannabis has impacted her life,” said colleague Deuvall Dorsey of “Weeks later while I watched her interview Congresswoman Dina Titus about cannabis and congress, I saw the potential Amanda has to be an innovator in the future of America’s cannabis industry,” says Deuvall.

In 2014 her aunt’s nine year battle against cancer was coming to its end. A sincere heart to heart conversation inspired Amanda to do the research necessary to break the stigma surrounding cannabis for her and her family. She’s always envisioned a career working with hotels and once she opened herself up to the cannabis community the combination brought her true passion to life. Now her long term goal is to take part in founding the first Cannabis Friendly Wellness Resorts in Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Her next step is to collaborate with a marketing or hospitality firm interested in exploring the details of the resort concept she’s continuing to develop. She anticipates a demand for expert hospitality consultants in the near future of the cannabis industry.  “As medical marijuana continues to spread across the country, cannabis resorts are not that far off,” boldly predicts the UNLV senior.

Amanda Angellella, we recognize the significance of the academic cannabis related work you do and we salute you.  Instagram: @Amanda_Joy913   LinkedIn: Amanda Angellella

By: Willie Spearmint destigmatizes cannabis by clearly connecting it to academic institutions, athletic events and college student organizations.

Connecting cannabis businesses directly to academic scholarships enhances brand reputation. As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow in Nevada the absence of nurses working directly with medical marijuana patients becomes glaringly obvious. Interestingly many nursing students have a true desire to serve the medical marijuana community. The dynamics of the nursing field are slowly changing and your help is needed.

Consider making a tax deductible contribution directly to the Nevada Nurses Foundation and you can name the scholarship after a business or a person you wish to honor. With this naming opportunity comes the privilege of deciding the scholarship criteria. As a scholarship donor, you will be recognized at all Nevada Nursing Foundation and Nevada Action Coalition sponsored events and on their websites for one year.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Nevada Nurses Foundation:


Credit Card Donations: Nevada Nurses Association Foundation (775)560-1118

Checks may be made payable to: Nevada Nurses Foundation, EID: 47 1388572,501 (c) (3)

P.O. Box 34047, Reno, Nevada 89533-4047





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