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Las Vegas local gets to premier his movie “Runner’s High” at the Las Vegas Film Festival.

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Runner’s High in Las Vegas Film Festival

Nevada’s diverse college student population breaks down into two distinguishable groups, summer vacation and summer semester.  Whether you’re taking a break from classes or stuck in summer school you’re at the mercy of the air conditioner as Nevada’s heat index slowly approaches its apex.

Many students study some party and a few students wonder if the rest have any idea about the vote for adult use in November. Student leaders have been laying plans to raise awareness by collaborating with student governments and clubs and organization across the state. These plans are being scaled down to focus only on southern Nevada due to lack of resources.

In other news Vegas Cannabis Ambassador @Vegas420runner Deuvall Dorsey of REDEFINE cannabis had a short film Runner’s High selected to be screened in the Las Vegas Film Festival (#LVFF). The festival describes itself as, “… a celebration of cultural discovery through the art of visual storytelling.”

This controversial film Runner’s High discusses the unforeseen after effects experienced by the internet vlogger @Vegas420runner when he decided to share his medical marijuana patient status online in January 2015. The film gives an eerie description of what it’s like to be haunted by the negative stigma placed on cannabis.

“What I liked about the film was how personal it is. It’s not just an exploration of a controversial issue – it’s a journey. The struggle of the race is tied to the drive for acceptance,” said NSC professor Adam Davis. Several other students from NSC, CSN and UNLV had their work featured in the film festival as well.

Some critics question whether the cannabis use of the Vegas420runner is medicinal or recreational which the film conveniently never explicitly states. When questioned directly about these concerns Deuvall said he could neither confirm nor deny the rumors of recreational use. “Come run 30 miles with me and if you’re not in enough pain to try cannabis I’ll buy you a beer,” said the Vegas420runner.

High fashion model Stacey Duncan ( I.G. @Staceeylduncan) attended the screening and had this to say, “As a longtime supporter of Deuvall, I’ve seen how he’s used cannabis to transcend obstacles and challenges like tobacco and alcohol.”

Another popular related film produced by REDEFINE cannabis is 420lbs: The Story of a Weight loss Champion, about internet vlogger Jose Santos @Run2Improve. Jose began his weight loss journey around 420lbs and he’s now down to 280lbs. He started by running 5ks and is now training for a half marathon. He has also co-featured in several videos produced by the Vegas420runner.

Jose has an online following and he’s the biggest public supporter of the Vegas420runner in the local fitness and active lifestyle community. “I support his (Vegas420runner) decision to use cannabis for rest and recovery, especially after running 20 miles or more,” said Jose. “Some runners manage the pain with pain pills and others use alcohol so if he wants to use medical marijuana I don’t see anything wrong with that.” destigmatizes cannabis by clearly connecting it to academic institutions, athletic events and college student organizations. Connecting cannabis businesses directly to academic campuses enhances brand reputation. Support higher education and promote your brand by placing a personal message on a brick to be placed on the NSC campus.

The Nevada State Student Alliance (NSSA) in collaboration with the NSC Foundation and the office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce the implementation of a new tradition – a brick fundraiser.

Bricks are available in a 4×8” size with space for three lines and eighteen characters per line. Each space between letters and/or punctuation marks will be counted as a character. Inscriptions will be in ALL CAPITAL letters and will not be finalized until the NSC Office of Institutional Advancement approves your message.

Bricks are available for $100 each. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extend allowed by law. For more information or to purchase a brick, please visit:

Please send all nominations for Nevada Cannabis Student/Professor of the month to

Details on everything mentioned above can be found at

By: Willie Spearmint


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