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Professional sports teams, cannabis dispensaries, and master communities being built mean only one thing: Vegas is growing.

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$1,000,000,000. Nevada raked in over a BILLION dollars in sin tax revenue in 2014. Yes, a billion in taxes, from the tourists that come for a weekend of debauchery in our beloved city.  These numbers are from 2014 and solely based on gambling, tobacco and alcohol sales. 15% of all taxes collected come from the overindulgence of tourists and some locals.

Most of us that live in Vegas are here for the money. If you cannot find a job in Vegas, you really are not looking hard enough. Whether working for many of the small businesses off the strip, or if you are working for one of the hospitality giants on the strip, there are tons of opportunities to make a better than average living.

Stop and look around the valley. The hustle and bustle is back again after 8 years of a mini depression and locals are optimistic. The anchors on the local news stations are no longer talking about the housing crisis and instead are interviewing cannabis dispensary owners and discussing bringing the Oakland Raiders to Vegas. Drive around the southwest, south, north, northwest and see giant red balloons pointing you to brand new homes being built. Not only are the homes new, but they are considerably more affordable compared to other areas of the country.

When the weekend comes, whatever day of the week that might be for people of Las Vegas, it is very rare to find them on the strip. They are at the park with their kids, riding the bike trails and hanging out by pools in the summer. Clark County and the City of Las Vegas keeps putting more tax money into building an infrastructure to support population growth. New parks, new roads and new schools are opening up around the valley and the reason the building continues is because Las Vegas is growing again and the county and city officials want to keep us happy.

The reason we have explosive growth in the valley is because something big is on the horizon and everybody who lives here knows it. Professional sports teams, cannabis dispensaries, and more master communities being built mean only one thing: Vegas is growing.

A Yes on 2 vote means higher tax revenue for people who want to enjoy cannabis recreationally, whether tourists or locals. Recreational cannabis tax means putting more money back into making this city more incredible. If you live here and have friends outside of Vegas, a common question is, “How can you live in Vegas?” followed by something to the tune of, “I would die or go broke if I lived there.” This mentality is great for us. Stay away from Vegas. You wouldn’t understand the people that live here and how hard we work to preserve that mentality. When the money leaves their pockets, it enters ours, one way or the other.

Sloppy drunks on the strip vomiting on sidewalks, rowdy groups getting aggressive in nightclubs and drunk drivers crashing into bus stations is one of the reasons we have a love/hate relationship with the tourism industry. Bring us the cannabis travelers. Welcome them with open arms and watch our city grow with happy tourists coming to enjoy the finest Vegas weed. The same tourists are here to relax, go watch some crazy shows on the strip, get caught staring into the flashing casino lights, eat delicious food, and visit our national historic sites, like Red Rock Canyon or Hoover Dam. If you, as a local, have not gone to do these things while medicated, get up and go because you are missing out. We welcome this type of tourist because they help our local economy and these tourists are regular people, like us, who need a mini vacation every year. Let them come here and let’s show them the Vegas that we love.

Agency THC is a firm YES on 2. We support the growth of this tremendous city and this beautiful state. We want the sin tax dollars to help build schools, construct new parks, bring more small businesses to the valley and create new jobs for people who love cannabis. No matter where you are from, if you call Vegas home and plan to stay here, then recreational cannabis will pave the road to a better quality of life.

There will always be a medical side of the industry that will be taxed differently for those of us who prefer cannabis over prescription pills. If you grow your own medicine, you will be affected by recreational marijuana passing, but where there is a will, there is a way. If the bill passes, you can still grow your own medicine, but you will have to be creative with the genetics. You have helped us here now, and are part of the movement and part of the growth because you are a cannabis user.

If recreational marijuana does not pass in November, it will kill momentum for the progress we have made as an industry. If you are a supporter of dispensaries and vote no, your favorite dispensary may close or change ownership. If you want the highest quality, pesticide free, cannabis with huge selections, then it may not be as readily available.

If you vote no, you are voting for the illegal drug trade and black market. This bill is not structured to limit the rights of the patients, but to regulate marijuana like alcohol. In the game of war, we pick our battles. Recreational marijuana is a battle that we cannot afford to lose if we want to win the war on the prohibition of cannabis. Hearing chatter from no voters, all we hear are selfish reasons. The future of Las Vegas and Nevada is in your hands and you can bet the majority of “NO on 2” voters do not use cannabis. Pick a side in this battle and let’s win the war.

If you haven’t heard of Agency THC, it is because we have chosen to remain in the background and help to build the cannabis industry in Vegas through positive awareness. We have and will continue to work with some of your favorite cannabis brands, whether you side with us or the opposition.

Now is the time to double check your voter registration details, so you can be a part of the movement. Yes or No on 2, all we ask is that you make your voice heard and go VOTE.



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