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Voices of the Cannabis War and The Human Solution International

PRISON OUTREACH – October 2016

All Hallows Eve is now creeping upon us, and while you may be out there portraying a groovy ghoulie or a scrumptious nugget, please be reminded that there are real monsters out there; the kind with the power to strip you of your basic freedom and rights, even your life over your choice to utilize a beneficial plant. The real boogie-men we should fear appear in our current criminal and prison systems.  No, we aren’t referring to the people housed there.

This month we would like to highlight POW (Prisoner of the War on Drugs) John Knock (, who is serving a life sentence for pot. Each day as John sits behind bars, his health is quickly deteriorating.  His recent rejection of clemency did not help his emotional or physical condition. He is serving TWO life sentences plus 20 years as a nonviolent first time offender.  The sentence he has already served and keeping him incarcerated – especially when marijuana is quickly being legalized across the nation – is what one might consider cruel and unusual punishment. Tragic cases like John Knocks’ make one wonder if this is America, the “land of the free”. Wasn’t that promised in our constitution?  

On a more positive note, 73-year-old Craig Frazier – who in 2005 was served a de facto life sentence of 40 years – is due to be released this December via clemency as granted by President Obama. He even received a handwritten letter directly from the POTUS himself.  For more details about his upcoming release, please visit:  

It is this kind of thing that gives people like John Knock and Craig Cesal hope.  Visit:  to learn more about Craig Cesal’s story.  Writing to a POW is a very easy and important way to show your support in ending the war on drugs.  Addresses for these and other POW’s can be found on the above, and many other web sites.


Portland, OR- For decades, Paul Stanford has fought many battles – both in and out of court – on behalf of himself and cannabis consumers, but no one could have foreseen the battle he now faces.  He now fights for the right to use his own name!  According to a June 10th report from Salem News, Paul received a certified letter from S.M.A.A.R.T. – the corporation he owns a majority of – informing him he was fired without calling a shareholder or board of directors meeting.  To add insult to injury, Adira, a Canadian/Israeli petroleum and natural gas company who gained the majority of shares of Empowered Medical Clinics (previously THCF), was granted a temporary restraining order against Stanford by a Multnomah County Court to prevent him from accessing his bank accounts and offices.  They also want Paul to stop using the name THCF, as well as his very own name.   Paul has not been compensated in any way for his losses.  It is unknown the extent of which this takeover will affect employees and patients.  If  history is any indication, Paul Stanford will not be held down by this setback.  In a social media post Paul simply states, “We shall overcome”.  For complete details, please visit:

Beaverton, OR- Washington County deputies seized 240 cannabis plants from the home of 60-year-old, Tuyen Ngo.  According to reports, gardening is Ngo’s hobby and he was unaware of the four plant limit. Ngo was cited for unlawful possession of marijuana and unlawful manufacture of marijuana.  Police allowed Ngo to choose four of the plants to keep as allowed by law. Ngo now faces five years in prison and a $125,000 fine for manufacturing and one year in prison along with a $6,250 fine for the possession charge.

WA – Lance Gloor, an MMJ caregiver who followed Washington state laws, was found guilty of breaking federal laws.  Lance fought through his MMJ case all the way to trial and refused to testify (snitch) on anyone.  His employees, codefendants, childhood friends and ex-girlfriends all testified against him in exchange for lesser sentences; regardless of the fact that they had all committed the same ‘crime’. They all violated schedule 1 federal drug laws by participating in state MMJ laws. His business partner,  James Lucas was sentenced on August 11, 2016 and was not given any jail time.  James received four years of probation in exchange for his testimony against Lance.  Please write Lance a letter, he stood up for us all by taking his case to trial and will now spend the next ten years in prison, while his co conspirators are free to be home with their families. Please address any mail as follows: Lance Edward Gloor #44270-086, FDC Seatac, PO BOX 13900, Seattle, WA 98198. Please keep in mind, prohibition would be over if we could just quit snitching on one another and if jurors refused to convict (jury nullification).



By: Kristin Flor, Mindi Griffiths, Miggy 420, Becca Nichols & Danielle Vitale – O’Brien


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