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The voices of the Cannabis War. News from prisoners jailed for cannabis related crimes from June 2016.

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This month, as some reflect on the time their father taught them how to fish or how he worried when they went to prom, a few thousand kids will never know what these memories are like because they have a father in jail for a plant.  A plant that, for adults, is legal recreationally in four states and our Nation’s Capitol.  A plant that has been medically proven by a government patent (6630507) and by many patients across the nation that need it to help their various medical conditions, a plant as diverse as an apple.  Not only does it contain natural medicinal value, it also substitutes non-biodegradable plastics, cotton, and paper. Thousands of fathers sit behind bars for this super plant, and this month we would like to honor a few close to our heart.

Richard Delisi is one of the longest serving inmates who has a son, a daughter and grandchildren he’s never played with waiting for him.  Recently, Richard hasn’t been doing so well.  In fact, they had to change his living conditions which hasn’t helped his emphysema since his cellmate is a cigarette smoker, this is only another torture he’s had to endure over the course of 28 years and let us hope not his last days being he’s being slowly killed by a nicotine producing machine, a thing that has killed way more people than the marijuana he’s been accused of being involved with.  Please send Richard a letter or card to help lift his spirits: Richard Delisi #087624 B2101 Upper, South Bay Correctional Facility, 600 US Highway 27 South, South Bay, Florida 33493.

Another father, hero and weekly caller to the VOW podcast on BlogTalkRadio is Craig Cesal. Craig still resides in the infamous prison in not-so-sunny Terre Haute, IN.  A place that can only be described as the spot where the real hardcore criminals go to jail, but Craig is not a criminal. Craig, who is diabetic and serving LIFE for cannabis is being forced to live on a diet of bologna sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and with inferior health care.  Craig’s daughter fights for her dad on the outside because they are the only family each other has after Craig’s son lost his life.  Craig wasn’t even allowed to attend his own son’s funeral. On this Father’s Day, we think of these men, these families, separated because of a bad law.  Send Craig a letter to Craig Cesal #52948-019, FCI Terre Haute, P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute, IN 47808.

Karey Woolsey- Karey is a first time, non-violent plant prisoner working on his 12th year in federal prison for 1,000 kilograms of cannabis.  From behind prison bars, Karey released an album, ‘A Million Miles Away’.  The album quickly became a bestseller on Amazon.  Without ever touring, he landed on the Billboard charts in July 2013 – from prison!  To hear more about Karey, listen to VOW interview Karey while behind bars, by listening to the online radio show found here:  If you would like to write Karey, his address is Karey Woolsey #34411-018, FCI Yazoo City Low, PO Box 5000, Yazoo City, MS  39194

Sherry Flor – Sherry Flor is finally free of her federal sentence!  Sherry’s husband, Richard Flor owned Montana Cannabis while Sherry worked for the company.  In 2011 the federal government raided the company sending Richard and Sherry to prison. Richard died a neglectful and tormenting death in prison shackled to a hospital bed while Sherry served her sentence.  Sherry was released from prison and has been serving her probation.  The judge signed off on her probation, two years early!  She is now finally free!

News Around the Nation

Oregon:  Oregon is leading the way in marijuana law reform by reducing most felonies to misdemeanors or lesser felonies.   Also, many citizens with past convictions are able to expunge or seal their convictions allowing them to have a clean criminal record resulting in more opportunities, such as better employment.  On May 7th, activists gathered in Portland calling for change at the federal level.  Descheduling and restoring consumers’ cannabis rights was the battle cry throughout the march that wound through the city streets.  However, Oregonians are not done reforming the laws in their own backyard.   The risks involved with marijuana infractions are still more significant than alcohol.  Weight and plant number regulations put families at risk of being out of compliance.  Employees are still subject to drug tests, despite legal adult recreational use, and renters fear eviction from landlords who are not 420 friendly.  Taxpayers dollars are continuing to fund incarceration of people such as Piers Baker, an Oregonian convicted in federal court for manufacturing cannabis.  He is finishing a 10 year sentence handed down in 2011 in Sheridan, Oregon.  To write to Piers, a prisoner of this failed drug war, send letters to: Piers Baker #60047-065, FCI Sheridan Satellite Camp, P.O. Box 6000, Sheridan, OR 97378

Washington: Lance Gloor is currently being held at the SeaTac Federal Bureau of Prisons after being detained for a cell phone violation in March.  Lance had a detention hearing on May 10th, which could have freed him until his sentencing, but despite a rally and a courtroom full of supporters, the judge denied his release, claiming he’s a flight risk.  One of the fucked up things about our judicial system, was how Vince Lombardi mentioned things that had nothing to do with evidence actually presented during the trial. One thing wrongly presented by the prosecution was how Lance was operating a “so called” medical dispensary, which wouldn’t be legal under current law, which was not the case since the hearing was in May and the law didn’t take effect until June.  During his trial, they did not prove he broke any current state laws.  His new attorney did point out the present ongoings with the 9th district and the pending decision for the prosecution of medical marijuana cases in medical states. Section 538 states, no federal funds will be used in the prosecution of medical marijuana facilities. Even this didn’t deter Prosecutor Vince Lombardi, who simply said we can revisit it then, clearly a man with no forethought with his place in history.  Lance needs your help as he is scheduled for sentencing on June 3rd at 10:30. He needs as many people as possible to come to his hearing and stand up for him in the courtroom.  Another freedom rally is scheduled before the hearing, so show up at 9:00 with your “Free Lance” signs!  He is facing 5-60 years, however, prosecutor is recommending 10.  Lance needs your support, he needs you to write a letter to Judge Leighton, asking him to be lenient on his sentence.  You can e-mail your letter or questions to  If you would like to send Lance some mail to help cheer him up, his address is:  Lance Gloor #44270-086, FDC SEATAC PO Box 13900, Seattle, WA  98198.  

Kettle Falls Five – Members of The Kettle Falls Family are still waiting to hear the outcome of their appeal. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit continued their case briefs until June 2016.  Their case is separated from other cases in the Ninth Circuit, because of Section 538, which prohibits the US Federal Government from using federal funds to prosecute those in states where marijuana is legal.  If the appeal does not work in their favor, the family will be forced to serve their prison sentences. For more updates about their case, visit their Facebook page or website at

Tennessee- Michael Brooks is a resident of a small town in Tennessee who found a cure for his life-threatening hepatitis C by using cannabis oil. Michael learned that he had hepatitis c several years ago after suffering physical issues to the point of being unable to participate in his two young sons lives most days. Michael was taking all of the traditional pharmaceuticals he could in hopes of finding some relief to no avail. Brooks was fortunate enough to not only learn about the healing benefits of cannabis oil (RSO), but to also have access to a continuous source of it. After using oil for a short time, Michael was feeling dramatically better and was able to discontinue the medications. After several months Michaels hepatitis was undetectable in lab tests. Unfortunately, a year ago Michael lost custody of his two young children to family services. One of the main conditions of Michael regaining custody of his boys is to abstain from all forms of cannabis. Michael, being a father, discontinued use of  cannabis. A year later and Michael’s health has steadily declined and his hepatitis c has returned. The next time you light a joint or take some RSO remember the people who can’t, remember that cannabis prohibition is far from over.

California – Two California residents involved in separate court proceedings facing multiple felonies involving cannabis had their charges dropped last month. Kevin Saunders of Marina had been charged with selling $300.00 of cannabis to an undercover police officer back in 2013. Kevin, an outspoken cannabis activist who has been fighting these charges for three years, said, “I was kind of expecting a trial, I wanted the information to come out and I wanted people to see how I operated,” but is nonetheless relieved for it to be over. The other defendant who had her charges dropped is Mary D who faced distribution charges for attempting to share cannabis from her collective with someone whom she thought was a legitimate California card holder, who was instead an undercover officer. Mary was only doing what she had a legal right to do under California’s medical marijuana program. After an exhaustive year of fighting her charges and turning down all plea deal offers, just days before her trial was to begin the charges against her were dropped.

New Jersey – On April 27th, NJ Weedman’s restaurant (The Joint), and cannabis church (Liberty Bell Temple) were raided by local law enforcement.  NJ Weedman (Edward Forchion) was taken into custody and released, after posting $70,000 for bail.  He has been charged with 13 counts of marijuana possession and distribution, having a fortified premises, two counts of paraphernalia possession and maintaining a narcotics nuisance.   NJ Weedman plans to take this case all the way to trial!  He is known for his advocacy for jury nullification after beating two cannabis cases.  Remember, if you are called to jury duty, you have the power to say not guilty, by judging the law, and not the defendant!  To find out more about NJ Weedman, visit




June 2016

By: Kristin Flor, Mindi Griffiths, Miggy 420, Becca Nichols & Danielle Vitale – O’Brien



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