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The Pros versus Cons of Cannabis Legalization in Nevada. This is an opinion of one patient, Chris Martin, who has been part of the movement and is pro legalization.

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The Pros versus Cons of Cannabis Legalization in Nevada. This is an opinion of one patient, Chris Martin, who has been part of the movement and is pro legalization. Chris Martin is a supporter of Vegas Cannabis Magazine and shares a passion for cannabis and the movement. This article is opinion based and does not explicit represent the views of Vegas Cannabis Magazine or it’s advertisers.

The Pros VS Cons of Cannabis Legalization by Patient Chris Martin.

The thought of cannabis legalization has been a (pipe) dream come true for many and finally appears to be on the horizon for Nevada, I can think of countless benefits that accompany legalization, but what about the negative aspects associated with cannabis legalization? Being that I myself like many, fully support and welcome what is inevitably around the corner it is easy to ponder some of the positive aspects involved with legalization:

Easier Access

No more shady meet-ups in dark parking lots picking up what may or may not be what you agreed to purchase and also being able to avoid the obstacle course that is getting your medical card (which if truth be told – has become more streamlined since it’s origination).

More Acceptance in Society

Following legalization should be the acceptance of people who don’t partake in the sacred herb that we all love. Legalization should help to remove the stigma that is associated with “stoners” and public acceptance that people who have made the decision to smoke marijuana aren’t necessarily “the unwanted members of society” that people may have previously believed.

More Research and Innovation

With the growing acceptance of cannabis over the last few years in America (and all over the world for that matter) there have been many amazing advances andi nnovations in all aspects of the cannabis industry; from new glass creations popping up almost every day, clothing, art, vaping tools, extraction methods, lighters & torches (just to name a few), have all greatly benefited from the growing acceptance of cannabis but none more valuable than the numerous medical breakthrough's that have been taking place and will only continue to multiply as time passes and more research is done.

Increase in Employment and Investment Opportunity

I truly believe that we are living in “The Green Rush”and that this period of time will be looked back upon in history. No matter how anti-cannabis someone may be there is no arguing that legalization will bring an increase in employment opportunities as well as a ton (or kilo, if you will) of new and exciting investment opportunities for all types of entrepreneurs. This is especially exciting for us Nevadans considering the fact that Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and if all goes as planned is poised to become the “Cannabis Capital of the World.”

Taxable Income

Another thing that is essentially unarguable is the tax income that legal cannabis will generate, with the figures coming out of the states that have already taken the next step as hardcore evidence.

Happier People

How many times have you thought to yourself how much better your experience with the representative who answered the phone at your mortgage company would be if that person smoked cannabis? In my 20+ years using cannabis some of my closest and most valued friendships were created in many instances over our shared love of marijuana and its wonderful effects. I have found that it is extremely rare to come across a cannabis user who is constantly bothered and hard to interact with. I can only imagine that the world will be a much happier and more positive place when each individual at least has the option to be stoned without the fear of breaking the law.

While the Pros of legalization are numerous it is equally important (if not more so) to weigh the Cons and examine some of the potential negative aspects that come with legalizing weed. While I have to admit it wasn’t very difficult to think of the pros mentioned above, I’ve found it much more challenging to create an equally compelling list of detractors.

Government Control

The fear that the government will overreach and try and control a culture that up to this point they’ve done everything in their power to discredit and destroy. Even without considering myself a big conspiracy theorist this is still a healthy concern.

Easier Access

With cannabis being legal will it become too easy to stop on the way home and score? There are concerns that people who may already have an addictive personality have the potential to become easily attracted to the idea of using cannabis. As with all potentially addicting behaviors and substances (i.e., alcohol, gambling, etc.), the responsibility falls to the individual, but it should be considered none the less.

Watered Down Products

When I first started using cannabis my friends and I would dream of the day when we could go to the gas station and buy a pack of “Weed Cigarettes” but now that times have changed and that possibility is becoming a reality I wonder if that really is such a good idea? With the potential of the government and other big corporations being involved could they perhaps determine that cannabis doesn’t need to be over a certain percentage and begin putting limitations on what can and cannot be grown, sold and consumed? Although with alcohol, people can choose to buy a 40 oz of malt liquor on the corner for $0.99 and at the same time have the option to invest in an expensive $5,000.00 bottle of wine from a vineyard, so why should purchasing your cannabis be any different?

Underage Usage

One of my only true worries is the increase in underage usage that may come with legal cannabis. If there is any truth in the statistics coming out of Colorado and other legal states there has been a major concern with an increase in underage usage. While I don’t believe that responsible cannabis consumption by adults is harmful I do not support cannabis being used by people under the age of 18, since some early research shows it may have negative long term effects. In this case it is the responsibility of the parents and of cannabis advocates to educate the public and perhaps some of the added income generated by cannabis can be applied towards addiction treatment and prevention. The goal, as with alcohol and cigarettes, should be to keep the consumption of cannabis to the proper age bracket for which it has been deemed appropriate.

While I, in no way shape or form consider myself to be an expert on this multi-dimensional topic and am sure the points mentioned above barely begin to scratch the surface on this discussion I believe when it is all said and done Cannabis Legalization will go down in history as one small toke for man, but one huge rip for mankind.

by Chris Martin

If you are a patient and would like to contribute to Vegas Cannabis Magazine, email We are always looking for patient stories, opinions and facts to share with people who are misinformed. #legalizeit


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