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California cannabis patient, “The Mommy Jane”, a.k.a. Jessica, emerged on Instagram this past year and has become a major influencer in a short amount of time for young mothers choosing to medicate and recreate safely with cannabis. Like many young mothers, in the past, Jessica found stress relief in a glass of wine at the [...]
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California cannabis patient, “The Mommy Jane”, a.k.a. Jessica, emerged on Instagram this past year and has become a major influencer in a short amount of time for young mothers choosing to medicate and recreate safely with cannabis.

Like many young mothers, in the past, Jessica found stress relief in a glass of wine at the end of her parenting day. Her unhealthy lifestyle caused her to gain substantial weight and over time, the alcohol stopped being a positive factor.

As a young adult, she said there wasn’t a waking moment of her day that didn’t include partaking of cannabis, stating, “before my feet hit the floor, the cold pipe was to my lips, ready to give me a good morning kiss and start my day with a pep in my step.”

But it would be 15 years before she realized the plant as a remedy for chronic anxiety and various phobias.

“My anxiety, depression, PTSD, mood swings, menstrual cramps, and a 100 pound weight loss, are all treated and attributed to cannabis and other plant-based remedies,” she shared. “To me, it’s a no-brainer that a majority of humans could benefit from daily cannabis use, in one form or another. Do I believe everyone needs to be consuming high doses of THC? No, I don’t. But I do feel that there are many other benefits to non-psychoactive parts of the plant that humans of all ages can benefit from, including children and pets.”

With her daughters in school, Jessica’s day begins before the sun comes up, giving her meditating, medicating, gym, and much needed mommy time. It’s also a time for her first live-feed of the day to her thousands of followers on Instagram, as “The Mommy Jane”.

“I initially medicate as early as 5:30 in the morning, typically with a Sativa-Indica hybrid, or a THCa Indica-heavy tincture, which takes the edge off without tickling the brain too much,” she explained. “I’m what most cannabis consumers refer to as a micro-doser – only taking a hit or two, giving me relief and calm for a couple of hours at a time.”

THCa is the compound within the plant that can cause psychoactive activity when heated, turning it into THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. Non-psychoactive tincture made in a cold-process is a good way to medicate throughout the day with no head-high.

“Because I have driving anxiety, I dose myself with a dropper full of Tonic CBD tincture before driving my daughters to school, which equals about 30 milligrams and contains CBD, MCT, and other essential oils (or terpenes) that keep me anxiety-free and ready to take on the world!” she exclaimed with confidence.

According to WebMD, medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are partially man-made fats created by processing coconut and palm kernel oils in the laboratory. In comparison, most dietary fats are “long-chain triglycerides.” MCTs are used as remedy for myriad ailments, including diarrhea, Celiac disease, gallbladder disease, AIDS, Cystic Fibrosis, seizures in children and liver disease, to name a few.

“When I return from dropping the girls off I medicate with flower or a cannabis vape pen, again, only taking one or two hits,” she continued. “I may have an additional dose of CBD oil about 30 minutes before I pick up the kids in the afternoon. This second dose is for driving, but also social anxiety, which are two of my strongest issues with drop-off and pick-up.”

Jessica said she’s proud of her responsible use of cannabis, adding that without the help of a doctor’s knowledge on the subject, it’s taken her a long time to find the proper dosing for her ailments,  as well as learning how to include these types of remedies into her lifestyle as mom and homemaker.

“By evening I taper off my use, unless we are going out, then I bring my vape pen along and use it instead of having a glass of wine or popping a Xanax,” she shared. “I’m an active parent, and because I start my day so early I want to keep as much energy at night for my children, so my last medicating moment of the day typically happens at 4:20 in the afternoon with a live chat on Instagram. Otherwise, I wait until the kids are in bed to have mommy time.”

Her menstrual cycle is another story, and as any patient dealing with chronic ailments, dosing is ramped up for specific illness or disorders.

“If I’m in my moon cycle, then I’m all about the medibles,” she said. “I have a high tolerance for ingesting, and it takes about 100 milligrams to take care of the pain, including using cannabis vaginal suppositories the first two days. Modern medicine never gave me relief from cramps, so every time I’m able to consume a natural plant-based medicine, I say a prayer and know that this is why I fight every day on social media to end the stigma, so that everyone who wants plant-based relief has the right to choose.”

Cannabis infused bath bombs are favorite go-to for relief during mommy time in the tub, among other favorite products.

“The CannaBomb makes unforgettable CBD bath bombs and salts that I use at least once a week,” she said. “Sanna Canna makes a full-flower hemp oil appropriately named ‘Avilia,’ which I love for aches and pains; and Queen Canna’s beauty line that includes a face toner spray and serum has been life-changing. Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without the topicals.”

While she’s grateful for the plethora of professional products available now in California, at the end of the day, it’s the homemade kitchen apothecary products she covets the most.

“At night I enjoy a cup of tea with homemade chamomile infused honey to take the day’s edge off, which is something I learned from the woman writing this story, Sharon Letts,” she explained. “Sharon taught me that you can infuse many products we use every day with healing herbs other than cannabis, which ultimately boost your wellness routine.”

Jessica believes that as a civilization humans need to get back to the basics of health care and prevention, and that needs to start at home, from the garden.

“Basic health care begins in the produce aisle at the market and at the nurseries selling beneficial plants. Plant-based remedies should be as common as taking daily vitamins. I believe cannabis is at the core of the movement that can lead us back to prevention with plants, and our doctors need education on this subject as much as we do. In my heart I know cannabis has helped me to be a better mom and a more loving wife to my husband.”


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