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I took many shatter day naps that Saturday. What a day off.

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This is the most ridiculous terpene profiles I have seen in Nevada so far.  These numbers are insane!  15 mg of Myrcene and over 10 mg of Caryophyllene is enough to check it out yourself.  Then you hit this shit, it really puts you down. The grape aftertaste makes this a top shelf title contender.  Talk about a couch lock, I sat on the couch watching college football and dabbing on Grape Ape Shatter.  I took many shatter day naps that Saturday.  What a day off.  KABUNKY Grape Ape is just what the body needs after a long week of work.

THC: 77.45%   Myrcene: 15.3mg.  Pinene: 4.4mg   Caryophyllene: 10.9mg   Linalool: 3.1mg   Pinene: 4.4mg   

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