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Vegas Cannnabis Magazine reviews Evergreen Organix cannabis infused hard candies that are in the edible marijuana category.

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Evergreen Organix Premium Hard Candies are damned good.  As with every sucking candy, the temptation to bite down is overwhelming.  Here’s the challenge…Show some self control, and enjoy this one all the way to the end, if you can.  If you don’t like the taste of weed in your edibles, then this is not for you.  The fruity presence is an undertone, with the flavor of cannabis taking over.  It’s not sticky at all, so when you do bite it, it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.  That’s a bonus.  This hard candy is strong tasting, and packs heat.  Just eat one.

2-pack  THC: Watermelon 62mg, Pina Colada 61mg, Mango 46mg, Cherry 49mg

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