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YOU ARE RIPPING OFF SICK PEOPLE!!! You’re vultures and I hope you get what’s coming to you!!

 In Ruckus Rant

Hello, and welcome to another Ruckus Rant. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to write about the Nevada medical cannabis movement, but sometimes it seems I’m screaming at a wall. I really hope some changes start coming sooner rather than later.

This month I had to renew my medical card. I know how much I paid to do it myself and the price is nowhere near what most companies are charging.

I work in a dispensary so I see firsthand those who are paying for Nevada Medical Marijuana Program cards and it isn’t kids off the street looking to “get high”. It’s folks who are older, who were just given a diagnosis, or parents of a child, or folks who are alone and dealing with a disease and DON’T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO TURN.

A lot of these folks have never smoked cannabis in their lives. Time and again I hear “I saw on the news the kid it helped” or “I just have nowhere else to turn”, or better yet, “my friends or family said try it but I don’t know anything about it.”  These aren’t people looking to “get high,” these are people who just DON’T WANT TO DIE or are looking for some kind of help from something horrible like pain, seizures, cancer, or cancer treatments.

So, to the companies charging over $300 to “help” someone get their medical card, I’m flat out saying YOU ARE RIPPING OFF SICK PEOPLE!!! You’re vultures and I hope you get what’s coming to you!! I personally know of someone who was duped into spending over $800 for a child with epilepsy to get a card. Disgusting!!

Secondly, we need to get on the DMV to start treating people who come in for cards with a bit more respect. Even I felt awkward that a supervisor had to be called to process me.  Then, after a 15 minute wait, she shows up and had nothing but attitude.

Again, THESE ARE SICK PEOPLE, they need our HELP as a medical marijuana community and program. They don’t need to be fleeced and used as an ATM. We all need a bit more compassion in our lives.

And just as a side note, STILL NO RSO in our dispensaries!!  I’m working on it, but it’s still makes me sick that with all the products that are being made by the people with production licenses NOBODY is making the most medicinal use of this plant!!  All I can figure is all these medical marijuana establishments that say they are “for the patient” are actually “full of shit”!

Prove me wrong! …PLEASE

by Rob Ruckus


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