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Before the games, I used to smoke and eat a gummy bear. I always called it, the calm before the storm.

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Article By: Brian Wroblewski

Treyous Jarrells was a collegiate football player at Colorado State University and has been medicating with cannabis for years, instead of traditional painkillers, which he knows are damaging to the liver. With a tough choice on whether to go to the NFL or pursue a career in cannabis, he chose marijuana. We had a chance to dig a little deeper and understand Treyous Jarrells’ passion.

Brian Wroblewski: Tell me a little bit about how you ended up in Colorado from Sanford, FL.

Treyous Jarrells: After high school, I went to Walker College in Spartanburg, SC. I went for a semester, and decided South Carolina was just not for me. I had been using marijuana since high school and being in a southern state, I knew of their intolerance for marijuana. I knew quickly that I was going to leave after one semester and started looking for places to transfer to, where I could use cannabis and not be tested by the NCAA. I ended up transferring to San Diego for Junior College to play more football, and still use my medication. I found that in California, it was very marijuana friendly. I continued to medicate and play football, knowing that I wouldn’t be tested. My first year there, I rushed for over 1000 yards in Junior College and had offers pouring in for another transfer to Colorado State, Georgia State, Southern Miss, Southern Utah, UAB, Marshall and USF. In 2014, Colorado State seemed like a great option, because cannabis was legal and I felt I could medicate in Colorado, because a majority of people were using marijuana anyway.

Q: How did Cannabis affect your performance after smoking or eating an edible?

My QB and I used to smoke or eat a gummy bear before we played, and that’s when I ran for 15 TD’s and rushed for over 1000 yards. My QB became the top recruit in California and threw for 300 yards per game, while I rushed for 120 yards. The cannabis elevated my game to a level of extreme focus. It helped me become calm and focused. I called it “The calm before the storm.”

Q: How many collegiate football players do you estimate use cannabis for pain relief or recreationally?

I would say 60% of all college athletes as an estimate. In the offseason, there is no drug testing so we would all gather and play video games, while passing the bong. In Colorado, a survey was recently published asking: How many think marijuana should be used as an alternative medicine? 67% of Coloradans agreed that cannabis should be allowed to be used nationwide.

Q: Have you had any support from NFL cannabis advocates?

Eugene Monroe, Jake Plummer, with a handful of current players that can’t be named are lending their support. NFL, Collegiate, and Canadian Football players all have reached out to me and will be supporting the cause by wearing an advocacy t-shirt, that will be released soon.

Q: Would you have gone pro?

I could still go pro. I got heavily recruited at Colorado State. I could have made it to the NFL, but I decided to stay with my medicine. Now that I am in the cannabis industry, I always just wanted to educate people. Now we have a voice that can be heard and we can let people know that it is a better route and it is medicine. Cannabis is a defense against concussions and helps stabilize the brain, better than just a helmet. I am here to help people and advocate to ensure players know that cannabis can heal. The NCAA will follow the Olympics policy in regards to how they test for cannabis, but I know it will take a lot of voices like mine and Vegas Cannabis Magazine. We will keep scratching and clawing until cannabis can be used in the sports world.

Q: What is your favorite way to medicate?

My favorite way to consume my medication is through edibles. I forget about it and then wham, it hits you. Sixteen years of football gave me major knee pain and body aches. I have had surgery for ligaments in my knee and my back is all jacked up from too many hits. I like to take a hit of the bong and I love edibles.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your cultivation and what your cannabis brand means to you?

We grow for personal use currently, but we have a professional license. We grow some of the best product in Colorado. My company, Real Lyfas, makes an additive to support the other cultivators in Colorado. The product is called Cin-Doctors and it helps by increasing growth in the bloom phase by 10.8%, so cultivators can harvest quicker. This is an all-organic spray. We make all-organic products that are good for the human race and the environment.

We also make the Growroom Jumpsuit. We implemented the Cin-Doctor Jumpsuit with a ton of pockets and drawstrings, so one size fits all. The pockets have the real value. These pockets are for dead leaves, clippers, badges and really anything to ensure cultivators keep up with quality control and avoid cross contamination.

Q: Have you ever been to Vegas?

I came to Vegas two years ago with the football team from CSU and made it to play at the Vegas Bowl against Utah. The team got beat badly because we were out enjoying Vegas a little too much. We stayed at the Hard Rock and had a great time. I will be back in Vegas by New Years, so hopefully we will get to meet up.

Q: Do you plan on bringing your cannabis products to Nevada?

Definitely want to get in Nevada. Nevada is a great state and there are a ton of tourists. When a lot of different people ,from different places can see your product, it’s a great place to have your product exposed.

Q: Do you think that Vegas is a good home for the Raiders?

Vegas would be a great great place for the Raiders. It’s a place full of tourists, why not get a team for the people to experience Vegas. It will generate a lot of revenue and it might be the best place for them to play.

Visit Treyous Jarrells’ cannabis website here and learn more about his mission:



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